Friday, December 17, 2010


Here's something nice: your HOLLYWOOD SPY is hosting a giveaway this weekend. The free gift is a great new book NAME THAT MOVIE!: A PAINLESS VOCABULARY BUILDER by Brian Leaf. His books are both educational and entertaining,
so I'm sure many of you would enjoy them, especially my dear writers. So, leave a comment on this post, and after the weekend I will randomly choose two of you, who will get a free copy of the book!

Can students really learn the high-level vocabulary words umbrage, imperious, innocuous, categorical, and mawkish from the HARRY POTTER movies? Did Captain Jack Sparrow use the words macabre, belligerent, and superfluous in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies? The answer is “Yes!”
In his new NAME THAT MOVIE! books (Wiley, December 2010, $9.99), test-prep author Brian Leaf merges his readers' passion for movies with their need to learn standardized-test vocabulary words.
The two books (one a comedy/action edition and the other, a romantic comedy/drama edition) provide quotes from popular movies. Readers attempt to name the movies and define the boldfaced vocabulary words in each quote.
The books are half movie trivia and half vocabulary instruction, with 1,000 vocabulary words in each. Words are taken from "Harry Potter", "Step Brothers", "Juno", "Knocked Up", "300", "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", "Iron Man", "Mean Girls", "The Notebook", "Wedding Crashers", "Pride & Prejudice", "Miss Congeniality", "Shrek" and more.
The books hit the stores this week, just in time for Christmas. Learn more about NAME THAT MOVIE! and check out a free sample chapter at


  1. What a cool idea for a book, Dezmond!

  2. That book looks like so much fun! My family quotes movies ALL the time. A little too much, maybe.

    Congratulations on your Movie 411 awards! I found out on Alex's blog. Awesome job!

  3. Ooo, I like the sound of those. If the giveaway extends to the UK then count me in :D

  4. Cool idea.

    Book releases are usually on Tuesdays, in case anyone was looking for last minute presents and couldn't find these.

  5. As one who ain't too good at wordin', I could sure use that there book....

  6. Haha! That sounds like two awesome books! I would love a copy of that comedy/action one. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun to read.

  7. I love movies. I love books. I love words.

    Sounds like the perfect thing for me!

  8. What a cool idea for a book. And hey, congrats on your recent award. Very well deserved.

  9. @Lisa
    glad you like the books, Lisa :)

    he he we all love quoting films :) And thanks on the congratulations ;)

    message noted, darling :)

    I believe the giveaway is for my readers all over the world ;) But I will have to check it out again.

  10. @MJ
    you mean you still didn't get me a Xmas present??? :)

    yep, a bit of vocabulary upgrade can't hurt anyone ;)

    it does sound fun!

    it's a perfect combination isn't it? :)

    thanks, Cheeseboy ;)

  11. DEZMOND - Sweet idea. What a wonderful way to bring vocab and movie fun to our younger generations. =D

  12. Worthy book I can't wait to get my hands on it, Brian is sending me a copy for me to review, I did a brief post about it on Wednesday. Its definately up my street. Good of you to hold a giveaway Dez, excellent idea

  13. @RaShelle
    yep, kids could benefit from this book!

    @Agent Sanders
    I've seen it at your place as well. When Brian contacted me I asked for a giveaway so that my little freaks (AKA readers) could get some copies too :)

  14. very nice of you agent 007 Dezmond. Its a really cool idea for a giveaway, Brians a nice guy, and your the best dude to pull a giveaway off for him.

  15. Oooh, I hope I win Dezzy... those are cool books that are fun AND useful for movie bloggers :D :D

  16. @Agent Sanders
    you can pull it too, just ask him :) It's good for him and for you, since there's no better marketing for a book than the one throughout the blogosphere :)

    keep your fingers crossed, darling :)

  17. I'm giving some love to Dezzy and expecting to be randomly chosen for the book :)

    Guess who (hint: Jaffa) :)))

  18. very true Agent D, though I'm not the best one on books, plus I think my blog needs a break from contest for a while ha ha. He's in good hands with you, I'll review his book when I have read it though to show him some support. Oh actually I need to e-mail you tommorrow, got a proposel, secret agent know lol

  19. This sounds like a fun book to have and give!
    Thanks Dezz and Congrats on your win! We really do need a party! ;-D

  20. @Anonymous
    I've no idea who you might be :)) Jaffa, someone from the Middle East? :P

    @Agent Sanders
    got the e-mail, will answer it ASAP :)

    thanks, Ella! :)

  21. dezz! i've never heard of these books, but i think they're a brilliant idea. i remember when my mom was an aspiring writer and she was shopping her children's book around and the houses kept telling her that kids don't read books with big words... she would always get irritated and ask how in the world were people supposed to increase their vocabularies if noone will expose them to new words as kids!

  22. ah, the worst thing is when you're doing something thoughtfully and with an aim and then some mediocre people who have no vision put walls in front of you :(

  23. @Emily and Kelly
    glad you like the book, ladies :)