Friday, December 10, 2010


Now this is amazing. First of my three favourite characters from LORD OF THE RINGS, Galadriel, has been added to THE HOBBIT cast earlier this week, and now there are rumors that the second one will join them
as well: according to "Deadline" Orlando Bloom is in talks to return to the Middle Earth as the Elven archer Legolas! Now, wouldn't that be just amazing! Apparently he is about to sign the deal with Peter Jackson!

Universal is moving on with their 47 RONIN action adventure to be shot in 3D. But if you thought the tittle was strange, the lead actor is even more strange given the plot of the film: Keanu Reeves is the star of the story about a group of 18th Century samurai swordsmen who band
together and seek out those responsible for the murder of their master. I can't possibly imagine Keanu's horrible accent in this one!

And here's the amazing first trailer for Hugh Jackman's robot action REAL STEEL which is coming out October 2011 and is set in the near-future, where the sport of boxing has gone hi-tech. Hugh Jackman is Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When
Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.


  1. Technically, Legolas was in the Hobbit. He's the son of the Elf King who lives in Mirkwood, who takes the Dwarves and Bilbo captive when they are captured in the dark forest. Presumably, Legolas was in the King's court when the Dwarves were sentenced and then he would also appear during the Battle of the Five armies after Smaug is killed.

  2. First I've heard about Real Steel. Looks awesome!

  3. Is that a dog on Orlando's lap? I see eyes... (LOL) BTW, those pics on your sidebar are inspiring me to get to the gym. Zeta Jones' red dress is hot...

  4. @MJ
    great, so Legolas will have every right to appear in THE HOBBIT, it will not be just a marketing act. I wish Eomer could get into THE HOBBIT somehow as well :)

    I've written many times about it this year :) The trailer is great!

    it is a doggy :) Oh, If you only saw the lower part of that dress, you would go even more crazy :) it's very long, tight and has a long train at the bottom :)

  5. Dez: No way! I read all your posts, no lie. I comment on most of them! How did I miss Real Steel?

    Look, sad face :(

  6. :)) I have no idea, Stephanie, but I do post hundreds of posts every year, so it's easy to miss out on a few of them :)

  7. How can they ruin a movie by putting Keanu Reeves in it!? You're right, his accent will be horrid.

  8. Orlando gives me a 2nd reason to watch the Hobbit.
    Cute photo of Orlando, I like men who are kind to dogs (all animals).

  9. Real Steel looks like a cool, sit back, relax and enjoy the escapism kind of movie.

  10. That trailer is awesome! I'm REALLY looking forward to The Hobbit. I'm so glad all these actors are coming back to play their characters. I hate it when movies keep the characters but can't keep the same people who played them.

  11. Nothing interests me here today. Think I'll pull out some old classic movies and watch those intstead.

    Tossing It Out

  12. rock-em'- sock-em' goes high tech!
    gotta say those graphics in the robot flick look really cool!
    and more HOBBIT! :)

  13. argh, if only KR didn't seem so wooden when he acted... And OB should totally do Hobbit. I mean, what else is he doing? ;p <3

  14. Interesting premise for Real Steel. And I hope in the middle of 47 Ronin, Reeves doesn't say "Whoa!"

  15. Okay, while technically Legolas could be "involved", in truth he wasn't ever mentioned, referred to, or even actually involved in any part of the story. Since this is Orlando Bloom, I highly doubt they will make him a secondary character with one line or one scene, which means they are already beginning to ruin what could be a great film. As for the 47 Ronin travesty, I'll just say this is why I have avoided entering a movie theater in quite some time. Casting Western actors for Eastern films is something we did back when we were telling stories about the railroad going through America or something similar. You'd think by now we could get past our own prejudice and start casting the right type of people if we're going to tell a particular tale (I'm looking at you, The Last Airbender). Still, Real Steel does look interesting so I guess there's at least one plus.

  16. @Clarissa
    I generally like Keanu, he's kinda charming, but his accent is really terrible. In any movie, not just a historical one.

    when I saw that pic for the first time I knew you would like it a lot :)

    it really does!

    yep, LOTR actors deserve to appear in THE HOBBIT as well :)

  17. @Arlee
    just go ahead, Lee, and save some popcorn for me ;)

    yep, Vics, REAL STEEL is going to be real fun :)

    Orlando is currently shooting THE THREE MUSKETEERS :) and he also has some sf projects ahead of him.

  18. Ahah, I echo your comment about Keanu's terrible accent job. But he's a likable guy with decent screen presence that it doesn't seem to hurt his career.

    @Eric – well at least Keanu is at least partly Asian. But yeah, I agree with your sentiment.

    Still haven't seen Reel Steel trailer, I'll do that tomorrow. Generally I'm not too excited about that film, yes, despite Hugh Jackman.

  19. @Flixy
    yep, I said it above as well, I do like him generally, he seems like a nice person, but he does seem odd in most of his roles, even in his biggest role in MATRIX :) But him in Kenneth Branagh's Shakespeare film was one of the craziest things I've ever seen related to casting choices.

  20. Dezmond,
    You made me laugh w/ that remark about Keanu's horrible accent. Also, while he looks mega hot in that picture, I wonder how recent it is?

  21. @Alex
    hearing WHOA would indeed be something interesting in the middle of the samurai world.

    You have MJ's possible explanation for Legolas in the comments above :) I've never really read THE HOBBIT. And, yes, the problem with casting wrong people in culture related stories really is becoming quite serious in Hollywood.

    glad I made you laugh :) and no, the pic, isn't recent :)

  22. I hope to see Orlando Bloom return....
    I'm one of his few non-teen girl fans, I think.

  23. Real Steel looks like a bit of awesomeness. Robots thumping on each other is win.

  24. @Andrew
    I kinda like him too :) Although I still think Legolas was his biggest role so far.

    wonder if the story from the film will become reality one day?

  25. Real Steal sounds totally my kind of movie. And love that hobbit looks to be having Orlando back in. Here's hoping a few more LOTR stars join the cast but having never read the hobbit i'm not sure what characters are in that book that were in the LOTR movies.

  26. DEZMOND - Doing a happy clap for Orlando Bloom in the Hobbit. I'd love that. Red Steel sounds great as well.

    I love your Christmas avatar, too. =D

  27. You know, I read somewhere that some of the LOTR characters who will be reprising their role in The Hobbit did not even appear in the book...

    And I'm not too terribly familiar with Keanu (only seen him in The Matrix and A Scanner Darkly, maybe a couple others I can't remember) but I thought he did a good job in The Matrix so I've got nothing against him. 47 Ronin sounds cool. ;]

  28. I am not in favor of adding LOTR characters to the Hobbit if they weren't in the book... as much as I adore LOTR, both the book AND film versions, I don't want another 'Elves at the Battle of Helm's Deep' incident... *sigh*

  29. @Agent Sanders
    I'm with you, I've never read THE HOBBIT myself, but I don't mind some of my favourite LOTR characters appearing in the film.

    thaks, darling, I really do have the most stylish christmasy outfit on me, don't I? :)))

    ah, I know you're into samurais :)

    ah, don't you know it's forbidden to speak against Elven people around here, since I'm one of them? :))))

  30. Orlando = awesome
    Keanu's bad accent = NO!
    Real Steel seemed pretty amusing; basically Rock 'Em Sock 'em Robots: the movie :P Not sure what I think of it yet.

  31. that would be my answers as well, JAmie :)

  32. Yeah, Legolas does have some call to be in the movie.

    And, yes, I wish the Rohirrim could get in the movie, as well, since I was always a fan of them, though I think Eomer would be just a boy at the time of the events in the Hobbit. :D