Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ah, here she is again. Anne Hathaway might join James McAvoy in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES according to "MovieWeb". Anne would play Elizabeth Bennett and McAvoy would be Mister Darcy :) As you know, the film will be based on the book by Seth Grahame Smith who wrote a new version of  Jane Austen's famous classic, pitting Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy against the living dead in the mix of romance, horror and comedy.

Here's an interesting project with not so interesting cast: Josh Hartnett will star in SINGULARITY,  an epic drama set between the years 1778 and 2015, and he will play two characters, a present-day archeologist who slips into a coma and a British captain stationed in colonial India. Neve Campbell will play his modern-day wife, and also an archeologist who is trapped in a sunken ship while trying to retrieve a ring. The project is said to revolve around the ring and the intertwining souls who are connected to it.

Colin Firth, who is currently enjoying critical acclaim for his role in THE KING'S SPEECH, is going action in the future. He will star in GAMBIT playing a cat burglar who is trying to steal a millionaire's statue. He brings on a waitress, who bears a striking resemblance to the millionaire's dead wife, to help pull off the caper. The film will be a remake of the 60's film with Michael Caine and Shirley McLaine.

HOLLYWOOD SPY has informed you before that both Relativity Media and Universal are preparing their own SNOW WHITE projects.
It seems they have both found their Evil Queens. Visual genius Tarsem Singh who is directing THE BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE, which will stick more closely to the fairy tale, apparently wants Julia Roberts as the evil stepmother. On the other side, Universal wants Charlize Theron in their SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN in which the Huntsman, sent by the Evil Queen to kill Snow White, decides not to do it and becomes her mentor, as they train to get revenge on the Queen.


  1. I love Tarsem Sing! The movie the Fall was amazing, a colorful explosion of delights! I also love Charlize, not so crazy about Hartnett, LOVE Colin Firth, and on the fence with McAvoy. As if any of them care what I think!

  2. I pretty much agree with everything you've just said, Samantha :) TARSEM is genious, CHARLIZE is magnetic, HARTNETT can be seductive but nothing too special, FIRTH can sometimes give great performances. MCAVOY is one of my favourites!

  3. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES! Wow. That's going to be one great movie.

    Charlize Theron is one of my favorite actresses, so of course I think she's a great pick for the evil queen.

  4. yep it will either be great or silly as hell :) Charlize will be great in that role, because she's talented, while Julia will be great in it because she seems a bit evil privately as well.

  5. Anything having to do with Charlize Theron is all right by me.

  6. heeheehee! roberts does seem a bit evil privately! i love that!!!!

    also love Love LOVE mcavoy! i think he and hathaway did an excellent job in BECOMING JANE. but it would feel kinda redundant to have them paired in P&P&Z... i'd still watch it though...

    firth can be genius. but i'm pretty indifferent to the plot of this movie.

  7. I don't see how P & P & Zombies could be great, but it should be fun entertainment.

    I'm on board for Singularity.

    Tossing It Out

  8. Damnit, Dez, you got me all excited with the mention of Gambit! I'd be more inclined to see it if it were an X-Men adaptation :P

    Singularity sounds really good; time travel and archaeology are two pluses in my book!

  9. James McAvoy will be fine in that role but is Anne's agent just connecting her to ANY big script/project?

    I think Colin Firth could sit on a toilet for 2 hours & his legion of fans would pay to see it. But I'm sure that Gambit has a lot more action & he's a natural for the role.

  10. That would be absolutely hilarious if McAvoy did the zombie Pride and Prejudice....
    Hathaway is a good choice, but you know who I really want. That's right -- Keira Knightley. What an excellent reunion that would be.

  11. Is it just me or do movies always come in pairs?

  12. @Matt
    ah, I know you're not difficult to please :)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that about Roberts :) Me loves McAvoy too :)

    it could be great exactly in that way - in the entertainment department :)

  13. @Dark Blue Jeans
    ah, there was one even yummier pic from that photo shoot :)) I posted it a few times before since my boys like golden Charlize :)

    ah ahaha it wasn't my intention, but I can see the tricky side of the tittle :) Alas, it's not a super hero flick. It would be odd watching Firth as a superhero.

    yep, Firth does have his fangirls, that's for sure. I blame it all on BRIDGET JONES diaries and Jane Austen :)

    I wouldn't mind watching Keira being eaten by zombies :PPP

    that seems to be a new trend in Tinseltown.

  14. DEZMOND - Did you see the movie WANTED? Every time I see James McAvoy, I think of the scene where he gets "scooped" into the car Anglina's character is driving. Anyway, I loved that film. Still haven't read PRIDE, PREDUJICE AND ZOMBIES. I love MCAVOY as an actor though.

  15. Indeed I have, RaShelle, but alas I didn't like it as much as you did. I don't like my British thespians being americanized :) and that's what almost happened to McAvoy in WANTED.

  16. I kinda like the idea surrounding Singlarity, though I know many don't rate Hartnetts performances, I really do like Neve Campbell. Could surprise. Thanks for the post Dezzy

  17. Cool! I love McAvoy and Firth!


  18. Despite my love for anything Austen, I didn't love Becoming Jane, mostly because of Hathaway's so-so performance. Suffice to say I'm not excited for her reteaming w/ McAvoy again. This P&P&Zombie project has been on and off for quite a while, is this one finally for real? Well I certainly love McAvoy in anything and he'd make a good Mr. Darcy.

  19. Oh, that GAMBIT movie sounds great... Firth definitely can fill Michael Caine's shoes and the premise reminds me of To Catch a Thief a bit. Curious who they'll cast opposite him.

    Is Josh Hartnett even relevant anymore? That guy hasn't been in any hit for as long as I can remember.

    Tarsem & Charlize sounds like an excellent combo... but what I really want to see is IMMORTAL. Please Tarsem, give us a trailer soon! :D

  20. Great stuff as always Dez! Those two Snow White films: one sounds dreadful the other sounds entertaining. I think the Brother's Grimm one will be a better flick, as Snow White and The Huntsmen just sounds bad.

  21. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Anne and James CAN'T do another Austen type movie together... NO NO NO!!!!!! ACK GAG NO NO NO MAKE IT STOP DEZZ!!!!

  22. Pride and Prejudice seems to be everywhere. I've got to read the original soon. Interesting takes on Snow White too.

    Thoughts in Progress

  23. @Agent Sanders
    I agree on SINGULARITY, it really does sound like an interesting plot and interesting mix of genres.

    all the ladies love McAvoy and Firth :)

    it's interesting than both will be action packed as far as I understood since in the first one, Tarsem's Snow White will try to overthrow the Evil Queen, while in the second one she will train with the Huntsman :)

  24. @Flixy
    hate to disappoint you, but unfortunately Charlize will be in the second project, while Tarsem wants Julia Roberts :((( But on the bright side, in the second project it seems that Charlize might play with Michael Fassbender who was apparently offered the role of the Huntsman.

    I shall make it stop! Somebody has to stop that Hathaway :)

    ah, you didn't miss much, Masy, Austen's books are boring as British jokes :)

  25. Ah, that IS indeed a bright side. Theron & Fassbender... oh wow, there can't be a more attractive couple. Fassbender is scorching hot these days, I heard his reps are becoming demanding for more money though, I guess I can't blame 'em. Why not take advantage of it while you can? I just hope he continues to choose more interesting projects.

    P.S. Glad you feel the same way about Hathaway... no offense but seriously, she's not the only pretty brunette in Hollywood!

  26. yes, but the bad thing is that Fass-my-Benders will try to kill Charlize-me-Theron in the film :(((( Fassbender deserves more money if you ask me. I'm shocked how some of the best and most talented actors get just around one million dollar, while mediocre stars score tens of millions :(

  27. Lots of films coming up that interest me... it will be interesting to see the different adaptations of Snow White. I'm not sure I like the idea of Roberts or Theron being in either one, to be honest, though.