Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here's the first poster for next year's action packed fantasy film I AM NUMBER FOUR which stars a bunch of super gorgeous young people including Alex Pettyfer, Diana Agron, Teresa Palmer ... Premiering next February,
this film follows a human-like alien from another planet who blends into a high school on Earth to escape from a rival species looking to destroy his race. As your remember, HOLLYWOOD SPY has shown you the super exciting and surprisingly thrilling teaser for the film earlier this year. Timothy Olyphant and Kevin Durand will also join the group of nine earthbound alien teens who escaped their home planet just before it was destroyed by a hostile species. While the high school-aged kids assimilate, one of them discovers that he is being hunted by the enemy that blew up his planet.

The pre-awards season is about to begin, and the stars are starting their campaigns. According to rumors, music super star Justin Timberlake has his eye on the Best Supporting Actor Oscar next year for his critically acclaimed role in THE SOCIAL NETWORK. The charming singer/actor has apparently consulted with Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey asking for some campaigning advice. HOLLYWOOD SPY would love to see him nominated alongside Geoffrey Rush for THE KING'S SPEECH and Christian Bale for THE FIGHTER.

Super popular historical show MERLIN from BBC is finishing its successful third season this weekend with the final episode. In the exciting finale Morgana has been crowned Queen of Camelot,
and brings about its downfall. Meanwhile, Arthur forms a resistance against the new monarchy, while Merlin believes he'll struggle and goes to retrieve Excalibur. Can the new monarchy be stopped? Lead actor, charming Colin Morgan has revealed to DIGITAL SPY that  we will also see the formation of the knights of the round table and the whole kingdom being taken over by a dark force. The viewers in USA will be able to watch MERLIN on SyFy from January. And the show has been confirmed for the 4th season as well.

John Cusack has arrived to Serbia on Saturday, and the shooting of his new film THE RAVEN continues every night at the streets of
Belgrade. In a few weeks the crew should move to Serbia's PFI studios as soon as Luc Besson's sf project LOCK OUT with Guy Pearce finishes its production there. As you know, directed by James McTeigue,  THE RAVEN  will feature Luke Evans as a detective who partners with Edgar Allan Poe (played by John Cusack) to search for a serial killer who has kidnapped the author's fiancee (Alice Eve) and has gone on a murder spree that mimics the author's work. Serbian capital city Belgrade is acting as 19th century Baltimore in the film. 


  1. MERLIN!!! <3
    and Poe! ((cusack looks very poe-ish in that pic!))
    great news today dezz! :)

  2. Somberlake wants an Oscar? Wake up man! your acting was inconsistent and boring to watch.

  3. @Vics
    MERLIN, MERLIN, MERLIN :) And, Cusack really does look very Poeish in the pic :)

    now, now, Jaccsy, no need to be jealous of Justy's beauty and stunning acting skills :PPP

  4. I haven't seen the social network, but I can't stand JT.

  5. ah, yes, I know you don't Matthew :) But Justin gets enough love and support from HOLLYWOOD SPY :p

  6. Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised by the Cusack picture. I've been trying to get my head around him as Poe, but I can see it now. Can't wait!

  7. Great photo of Justin:) Hope he receives his Oscar. I think Justin has plenty support.

    Merlin; very excited but I will missed the show. Well done as the photo you chose to post on Hollywood Spy of Arthur and his knights is pleasantly epic.

  8. ooo... that Merlin and Poe look awesome... And I so want to see TSN. The small children = rationing our moviegoing, which I HATE! :D maybe I'll sneak off~

  9. Everytime I hear about "I am #4" I want to ask who is #1 (prisoner reference). Then I read the synopsis and think of Animorphs.

  10. Am really looking forward to seeing The Raven. You're right, John does look a lot like the author. Then again, he's no stranger to playing 'em, but I think this is his 1st historical author.

  11. Another Besson film and with Pierce? That holds promise.
    I read the backstory on the book I Am Number Four - what a shame all the teenage writers for that publisher only get $500 a story and no credit.

  12. I Am Number Four sounds fascinating . . . I haven't read the book. The only thing I don't like about the whole thing is the $500 deal Alex mentioned--it just seems like the writer doesn't get enough credit.

  13. @Summer
    well, he does look physically similar to Poe as well. And I'm sure he will portray his spirit as well

    I knew you would gonna like that Justin's pic :)and while I was choosing the MERLIN pic I was sure it was the right one because I knew you would like Arthur, Merlin and the knights (especially LAncelot:)

    yes, yes, I vote for sneaking off :)

    I'm not really sure, because I really haven't read the book, but I think Number 1,2 and 3 were killed :) and he might be the next one :)


  14. @Lisa
    yes, he does seem kinda natural in this kind of role.


    it's not another, it's the one you read about in HOLLYWOOD SPY a month or so ago.

    @Alex and Eagle
    what $500 deal? Please tell us!

  15. I am no. 4 looks pretty exciting, though maybe more of a DVD movie for me.

    YAY MERLIN! What a cliffhanger last week's episode was! I've heard that they've almost definitely commissioned a fifth season, which is a surprise considering the lack of funding in the BBC and the high production values Merlin has. I'm really looking forward to this week's finale.

  16. John Cusack looks great as Poe there.

    Not too fussed with Merlin, mind. I'm more looking forward to A Game of Thrones for my fantasy kick.

  17. I AM NUMBER FOUR looks like a rental for me... I'd have been more interested in it had Sharlto Copley still involved. Hey, nice to have more Hollywood filming in your neck of the woods, eh Dez? I have yet to see Luke Evans' work but glad he's getting more work. He's going to be in Immortals with our boy Henry Cavill right? Man, I love Tarsem's casting ;)

  18. @Jamie
    well, I'm guessing BBC has find its pot of gold and they are keeping it :) To our luck as well.

    hey, Ian, we kinda missed you around here, you should visit more often :) Yep, GAME OF THRONES will be amazing.

    yes, Luke will be in IMMORTALS with our dear Henry, and he also played a God in CLASH OF THE TITANS.

  19. I actually quite liked Justins acting in Social Network, although not sure its quite upto the bench mark of best supporting actor but who knows?
    I am number 4 looks good

  20. I am excited about all of these, especially I am Number 4 and Merlin~ Can't wait!

  21. Timberlake was a lot better than I expected. I scoffed at the casting at first.

  22. @Agent Sanders
    I like Justin's acting in all of the films he did so far :) And in all of his videos ... and in Saturday Night Live

    those two are my favourite as well :)

    yep, he surprised all of you showing you what some of us already knew about him - that's he's amazingly talented in all fields :)

  23. I didn't know about "I am Number Four," but it looks amazing. Hopefully will be more Spider-Man than Twilight.

  24. yep, you have some older posts on I AM NUMBER FOUR here as well, just use the SEARCH button in the sidebar if you wanna find out more about it.