Monday, December 6, 2010


Heh, it seems that beside WONDER WOMAN, we shall get another female superhero in a television series. CW is planning a RAVEN TV show based on DC Comics' super heroine who is a half-demon and is best known on earth as Rachel Roth.
According to "MovieWeb" the new show will follow Raven, the daughter of a human and a demon born with the ability to read people's emotions and learn their innermost secrets. She can also teleport herself, and enter the mind of others, often using her super powers to keep bad guys in check. RAVEN will replace SMALLVILLE if the pilot episode proves successful.

In another super hero news the 2012 Marvel film project THE AVENGERS which will have all their biggest super heroes in one movie (Robert Downey Jr as IronMan, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Chris Evans as Captain America and Chris
as Thor) will also have Baron Helmut Zemo as a supporting character and it seems that Robin Atkin Downes will lend him his voice if the producers decide to make it a CGI character. Atkin Downes has already given his voice to the purple masked villain in the animated THE AVENGERS series.


  1. Raven sounds totally like a female version of Hellboy. Of course with less red horns and more smooth thigh ;)))

  2. yep, I'm guessing she will be sporting lots of tight costumes and showing lots of naked thighs and legs.

  3. HaHa! When I first saw the name Raven-- I thought of that Cosby girl and her show I'm so Raven. Errr, not quite. Hope you had a stellar weekend.

  4. The AVENGERS sounds intriguing, although it makes me remember that British duo from the 60's. Cool show.

  5. I love superhero shows! I'm glad there are a few coming out. Have a great week, Dez!

  6. i think there must be a superhero (or superheroine) for just about everything by now... :)

  7. Nice of Robin to lend his voice but I personally would rather see him! :)

  8. supercool. That Raven sounds creepy... And I meant to say last time, I like the snowy blog! :D

  9. Sorry to disappoint, but there (almost certainly) wouldn't be any costume with naked thighs or legs. :) Not that type of show, for prime TV (not even cable). At best we could see really tight leather pants, but that also only with a condition they don't use a high-school Raven. A they probably will. So, tough luck. :)

    By the way, Raven was never that interesting character to me. Even though she's a part of one of my most favorite comic book team(s) (Teen Titans or Titans). I would prefer any other team member for TV show before her, be it male or female.

    I understand reasons behind decision to make a show about Raven, or better said about someone Raven-like. It won't be the same Raven as seen in comics. Even Clark in Smallville would seem like a regular Superman from comics compared to new "Raven".
    Still, it will be a cheep, simple show to make and produce. In a genre all to well known to TV producers. It's a blunt attempt from our dear CW to keep most of Smallville/comic_book fans, and add to those their favorite teenage_girls/young_women demographic. Mixed with horror/paranormal/mystery lovers. It could succeed.

  10. It's about time we get a new sexy female superhero show....

  11. @Samantha
    it was a usual peaceful weekend for me, hope your was more glamorous :))

    zynthos to you too, buddy!

    yep, I used to confuse them earlier too :)

    thanks, Clarissa, you too!

  12. @Vics
    just about :))) But I'm still waiting for WONDER WOMAN or THE FLASH

    glad you like it

    yep, he does seem quite dashing :)

    glad you like the snow LEIGH :)

  13. @Bels
    yep, Bels, I'm with you on this one. I'm almost sure it will be another cheep show like BUFFY or NIKITA.Nothing overly stunning, original or special. Let's hope that WONDER WOMAN will be a better class.

    they are taking the leftovers from vampires and zombies.

    hope they will choose a sexy actress!

  14. WOW, I'd definitely be first in line for Avengers just to see the cast.

    @Liz, yep I used to think that too. Have you seen the film version? It's not as good as I had hoped despite having Sean Connery and Ralph Fiennes!

  15. yep, I agree with you, Flixy, on the old AVENGERS, boring as Hell :)

  16. I'm not so sure about Raven. Normally that kinda thing would interest me. Depends how they handle it I guess. The Avengers however should be good. Looking forward to that one.

  17. quite looking forward to both, especially Avengers even though I think its a shame Edward Norton is not doing Hulk, but Mar Buffalo could be a good replacment we will have to see.

  18. @Lynda
    yep, it will definitely depend on how they handle it, Lyndylove.

    @Agent Sanders
    ah, yes, there's a whole mess around the Hulk character. Never was so popular, but yet has tones of actors playing him :)

  19. he he, still love the agent sanders name, sounds like something out of a novel lol

  20. ah, well since you don't like when I call you Dempsy,I had to come up with something. I wanted a warmer nickname, but couldn't invent any :( So now you are just my private agent :)

  21. For those who don't know much about Raven just watch Teen Titans. From Alex k.