Thursday, December 2, 2010


After many rumors, it's finally official - Channing Tatum will be a cop. He will take the lead role in the movie adaptation of 21 JUMP STREET alongside Jonah Hill. If you remember, the original with Johnny Depp has
focused on young cops with youthful appearances who work undercover in high schools and colleges.

Although the show scored a huge success and has already been renewed for the second season, Frank Darabont has fired all the writers of his THE WALKING DEAD series.  This isn't so surprising when you come to think about it. Darabont himself wrote the pilot and the second episode, which were the best in the whole series, while the rest of the much weaker episodes were written by the fired staff. His plan is to assign scripts to freelancers for the 2nd season.

It seems that Bryan Singer has started searching for the actors in his new fantasy project JACK THE GIANT KILLER, and according to current rumors the main contenders for the lead role of the young farmer who leads a rescue mission to save a princess from the giants' land are young actors and top models Aaron
and Nicholas Hoult. Lilly Collins or Juno Temple might play the princess. According to "Heat Vision"  actors will be asked to sign eight or nine-month hold deals, which is quite a long time  even for a huge fantasy tale.

Now this sounds charming. According to "MovieWeb", the production has just begun on THE CLOCKWORK GIRL, the first in a series of animated films based on graphic novels published by Arcana Studios. It is a coming of age story of Tesla (she obviously got her name from Nikola Tesla, the famous Serbian scientist who basically gave the world electricity, remote control, radar and computer science), a robot girl, and Huxley, a monster boy, who embark on a journey to save their world from destruction. The stars which will give their voices to the characters in the film include Jesse McCartney, Carrie-Anne Moss, Alexa Vega...


  1. not sure how I feel about the walking dead news.

    The Clockwork Girl sounds interesting.

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about them remaking 21 Jump Street. The Clockwork Girl sounds pretty cool.

    And, wow, could I have a more identical post to Budd? *head-smack*

  3. Channing Tatum is no Johnny Depp but he'll do.
    I think that is interesting that they are making a big screen movie about Jack!! I'm assuming this is the beanstalk Jack?

  4. Never watched 21 Jump Street (too young, I think), but I like Tatum. To look at, anyway.

    Jack the Giant Killer sounds good! I really like Bryan Singer's films.

    And The Clockwork Girl! Cute. :) Though hopefully it won't be as disappointing as 9.

  5. Where do I apply for the writing job openings on The Walking Dead

    Tossing It Out

  6. the first two WALKING DEAD were def the best! i hope he has some better luck for next season!
    hoult is so talented- i hope he gets the part!
    and the CLOCKWORK GIRL looks very cute! (love the Serbian pride!) :)

  7. wow, that Tesla "cartoon" sounds cool--and it's a girl. But a writers strike? Rut roh~

  8. Carrie-Anne Moss doing Tesla's voice?
    We'll see what happens with season two of The Walking Dead. Hope it was a good move.

  9. @Budd
    I'm guessing we shall have to wait and see, but we will wait a long time since the second season has be announced only for Autumn 2011.

    I'm sure Budd won't mind :) Nice to see you again, Rosie.

    yep, it's the same Jack :)

  10. @Summer
    I think I was too young as well. And Singer occasionally really does have good films.

    the job post is in Atlanta, if the city is still holding against the armies of Zombies.

    yep, the first two were the best ones. And I like how you've noticed the Serbian (or Vojvodinian) pride :)

  11. @Leigh
    it's not a strike, they were fired :)))
    And Tesla does looks and sound cute :)

    no, I think Alexa Vega will voice the Tesla character. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for THE WALKING DEAD. I liked the more humane stories in the show, and we've seen them mostly in the first two episodes.

  12. 21 Jump Street? I feel old.
    Ooo..Clockwork girl looks good! (Im a sucker for animation)

  13. Ah, Lyndylove, now you reminded me that I don't know how old you are and what you do for living :) I just know that you have a hubs and that you live Down Under :)

  14. I'll only watch 21 Jump Street if Johnny Depp has a role, I used to watch that show when I was younger. But with Channing involved, not a chance.

    Nicholas, Aaron and Andrew Garfield should star in a movie together... talk about the best of the young Brits! :)

  15. ah, Flixy, I know you don't like Mr. Tatum :)
    And yes, Aaron and Nicholas should make a movie together, but I'm not sure about Garfield.

  16. I'm interested to see how hiring freelancers to write next season will fare for the series. Having different writers on board for different episodes worked for Doctor Who, so a similar idea might work for Walking Dead.

  17. Am really curious to see Season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD as it's 1 of the few shows I'm watching this season. I did think the last episode was a little dragged out at times, so maybe next season that'll change.

  18. @Jamie
    yes, it's true, freelance writers are a usual thing over in UK, but it might cause problems in a much more conservative USA, where writers guilds might go against that method.

    it's true, the last few episodes were good but dragged out and had less substance than the first two episodes. I hope the last one this weekend will bring us a thought provoking and profound ending.

  19. Garfield was excellent in Social Network. He almost stole the thunder for me from Aaron's amazing performance in Nowhere Boy.

  20. @Rosie

    ah, I guess he still needs to convince me to start loving him :)

  21. I used to love 21 Jump Street, they have been going on about a movie for years, glad to see it finally going ahead, and Channing will do a good job i'm sure

  22. yep, the rumors about the film were circling around for years, and now it seems Channing will score the role.

  23. I don't think this particular situation with (missing) writers will pose much of a problem for Walking Dead. The original material is already there (in comics), and they only need someone to adapt it, and with such material it is an easy task. Anyone could do it.

    I think I'll like Clockwork Girl. I haven't read the comic, but it looks interesting.

  24. according to the latest news, this story about writers isn't true. Just one writer left them in order to start his own project.

  25. Ha my older sisters used to watch 21 Jump Street, I do not remember it but the plot sounds cool and Channing fits the role. My thing was New york Undercover.