Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The second part of BEST AGE DEFYING ACTRESSES is finished after three weeks of voting, and the absolute winner this time is Helen Mirren who took amazing 48% of your votes, leaving behind her Michelle Yeoh (15%) and Julianne Moore (14%).
Now, I know you love British legend Helen Mirren both for her charming  acting talent and for her trade mark naughtiness. As you remember, back in her youth, she was one of the actresses who didn't have a problem with taking their clothes off in front of the camera, and everybody still remembers the famous or infamous CALIGULA from 1979 which is the first and the last of the mainstream films to try to mix epic and erotic or even pornographic in one film. Among hundreds of nude people in that film we've seen Helen Mirren too. But the mature age didn't make her become shy, so she still thrills her fans from time to time with nude pics of her 66 years old body. After CALIGULA, one of her best roles was in equally unusual epic EXCALIBUR from 1981 in which she played Morgana. Continuing her royal roles, after that we saw her in THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE, and she was even using her voice to play queens in animated flicks SNOW QUEEN and THE PRINCE OF EGYPT,
and then she was queen again in marvelous TV mini series ELISABETH I next to Hugh Dancy and Jeremy Irons. After that came her most famous role, for which she won an Oscar, again playing Elisabeth but the Second one in THE QUEEN. If you ask me personally, I loved her best in amazing film THE ROMAN SPRING OF MRS. STONE a deeply passionate drama in which she seduced or was seduced by extremely younger hunks Olivier Martinez and Rodrigo Santoro. In more recent years we've seen her in a lot of really bad films, rather unfitting for her talent from INKHEART, NATIONAL TREASURE, THE DEBT and STATE OF PLAY, to THE TEMPEST and ARTHUR. But she did give great performances in THE LAST STATION as the
wife of Leo Tolstoy and as madame in LOVE RANCH which was directed by her real life husband Taylor Hackford. As you know, in the future we shall see her next to Anthony Hopkins in ALFRED HITCHCOCK AND THE MAKING OF PSYCHO.
Most people don't know that she is of Russian origin and her real name is Ilyena Lydia Vasilievna Mironoff. She received the title of Dame from the Queen in 2003. She is one of the very few people to receive two acting Golden Globes in the same year and she got them for playing Elisabeth I and Elisabeth II. Believe it or not, she has just one Oscar, but was nominated four times.

Now let us move to our next poll: next three weeks we shall be choosing 2011 BREAKTHROUGH STAR. There were a number
of actors and actresses who had great roles this year and who won media attention and love of the fans securing themselves a lot of great future projects. So, who is the best among them: Henry Cavill (IMMORTALS, THE MAN OF STEEL, THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY), Luke Evans (IMMORTALS, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, THE RAVEN, THE HOBBIT), (X-MEN FIRST CLASS, SHAME, A DANGEROUS METHOD), Michael FassbenderChris Hemsworth (THOR, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN), Jennifer Lawrence (X MEN FIRST CLASS, THE HUNGER GAMES), Tom Hiddleston (THOR, DEEP BLUE SEA), Melissa McCarthy (BRIDESMAIDS).


  1. Totally agree about Helen and voted for Melissa.......

  2. I love this actor. She's amazing. Loved her from when I first saw her in Prime Suspect.

  3. After seeing her bikini picture I have to agree 100%. She looks amazing at 60!

  4. @Lurk
    she won very convincingly :)

    ah, yes, she acted in that crime show too.

    you have her nude pic too in one of the red letter links in the post above :)

  5. Helen Mirren is of Russian background? Holy moly, did not know that. I love her in any film!

  6. yay for ms. mirren!!!
    gotta go with jennifer lawrence in this new one- strictly based off winter's bone. that was just... wow. what a performance- by like everyone in that movie. so real.
    although i really like just about everyone in this poll. you ornery dezz you! always making choices so hard! :)

  7. Hmph my pick got third, but I'd never flip Mirren the bird. She has made some good ones, so deserves a win too.

  8. She's a hottie, for sure.

  9. Hail miss Mirren!! Yes, she definitely is the BEST AGE DEFYING ACTRESS! Your readers sure have great taste, Dezzy.

  10. I agree completely with the voters; she certainly is age-defying.

  11. @Vics
    she is Russian, but apparently she doesn't speak Russian at all, her grandfathers and great-grandfathers were great generals and warriors of the Russian empire, some even in Napoleonic wars

    you know I always try hard to make the choice difficult :) I haven't seen WINTERS BONE but I do think she has talent and charms

  12. @Pat
    cats have always loved birds :)

    she is :)

    glad you agree :)

  13. @Flixy
    hope they will have great taste in the new one :) I'm surprised you didn't comment on the sidebar pics of the gents :)

  14. cool channel and merry Christmas!!!

  15. @Baur
    thanks, Merry Christmas to you as well :)

    thanks for voting Mexico :)

  16. Yay for Helen, she was my pick and my hubbies pick. I'm not going to say who I just voted for in the new poll, but right now he's winning. Did you post at a different time today Dez? Earlier than usual?

  17. awww, you voted for our dearest Welshman on the world,Luke Evans :) Did you know that he loves and reads HOLLYWOOD SPY? You haven't been here when I published a number of posts on him :) Adore the guy!
    I post these poll announcing posts every third Tuesday at 1PM your time since that is when the polls end :)

  18. Who doesn't love Helen Mirren? Loved her in The Queen and The Station Agent. I want very much to see The Debt, too. It's coming out on DVD soon.

    And how could I not vote for Mr. Fass My Benders. I've loved every performance of his. Just watched him in Fish Tank the other night. Even when he plays a creep, I love him. :)

  19. Luanne, you really must watch her in THE ROMAN SPRING OF MRS STONE, I'm convinced you would love it, just like I want you to watch THE LION IN WINTER with Glenn Close and Patrick Stewart, trust your Dezzy :)
    Fass My Benders was amazingly talented and hot in FISH TANK :)

  20. I'll put them in the queue right now. :)

  21. And tell me what you think after you watch them :)

  22. I adore Helen and voted for her. She is just spectacular.

    Now I love Luke, but had to vote for Fass My Benders. Though I may change my mind and go for Luke. Arrgh!! This is a very hard poll Dez. ;) And didn't I just make a naughty double entendre. LOL

  23. Helen Mirren is a classic beauty.
    I voted Melissa for up and comer. I like funny.

  24. @Melsy
    You know I gotta love Fass My Benders having in mind that I came up with that lovely nickname which everybody is using now around the net :)) Me is sooo proud :) If you ask me this is the toughest poll ever, I'd marry all of them from the list :))))

    she is funny and sweet!