Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Are you excited, are you excited? :) The premiere of the second season of one of the most popular epic TV shows SPARTACUS:
VENGEANCE is just around the corner, ready to air at Starz on January 27th. After SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND, which has already become a cult show bringing revolutionary visual changes to television programmes, and the dramatic prequel SPARTACUS GODS OF ARENA, all is set for young Liam McIntyre to take over the lead role and shine in VENGEANCE. Check out the exciting clip bellow which presents the first three opening minutes of the first episode. Throughout the post you can also check out beautiful character pictures and posters for the exciting new season!

On the heels of the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus that concluded SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND, the gladiator rebellion continues and begins to strike fear into the heart of the Roman Republic in SPARTACUS VENGEANCE. Gaius Claudius Glaber (Craig Parker) and his Roman troops are sent to Capua
to crush the growing band of freed slaves that Spartacus (Liam McIntyre) leads before it can inflict further damage. Spartacus is presented the choice of satisfying his personal need for vengeance against the man that condemned his wife to slavery and eventual death or making the larger sacrifices necessary to keep his budding army from breaking apart.
Containing all of the blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, and villainy and heroism that has come to distinguish the series, the tale of Spartacus resumes in epic fashion at the beginning of 2012.
The second season will have ten episodes like the first one. Beside Liam McIntyre, who is replacing Andy Withfield, who died earlier this summer from cancer, and Craig Parker, one of New Zealand's best actors whom we also watched in LORD OF THERINGS
as the Elven general and in LEGEND OF THE SEEKER as Darken Rahl, the second season also brings back brilliant and spectacular Lucy Lawless as ambitious Lucretia, who has managed to survive the shocking bloodbath finale in the ludus in which she lost her husband and her baby, so now she is seeking revenge, not only from Spartacus and her lover Crixus who tried to kill her, but also
from Glaber's flimsy wife Ilithyia (Viva Bianca) who had left her locked in the House of Batiatus to die. Dustin Clare returns as Gannicus after his successful lead role in GODS OF ARENA, Peter Mensah returns as Oenomaus, Manu Bennett as Crixus trying to find his beloved Naevia, Daniel Feuerriegel as Agron, Nick Tarabay as Ashur, Katrina Law as Mira who is still faithful to
Spartacus. Liam has apparently gained 20 kilos in muscle in preparations for the role. Aidan Turner, Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller were all in the run for the lead role. The third season has already been ordered by Starz even before the start of the second season next year. This is their first original show to survive and get its second season.


  1. I hope they dedicate the season to Andy Whitfield. I'll have to try to give this a chance. I wasn't sure I wanted to after Andy's death. I'll admit, the new cast does look promising. The strange thing is that my MIL at age 65 beat stage 4 Non-H Lymphoma. I remember thinking, hey, if she beat it he'll be fine.

  2. Yes, I'm excited! Can't wait. This show is a master of twists and turns. There's a lot of unresolved revenge out there. :)

  3. @Ciara
    yes, it was so horrible and sad when Andy passed away earlier this year :( But since he never really was the focus of the show and the story was more centred around Lucretia and Batiatus, I think Liam will manage to carry on the show.

    oh, I can't can't can't wait to see Lucretia's face when she says HI, DID YOU MISS ME, I'M BACK :) I have a pic of her grand entrance and the look on her face is priceless :) Check it out:

  4. Ha! That's great. Lucy Lawless really shines as Lucretia. I only wish they had saved Batiatus too. Together, they were priceless.

  5. she's back big time :) Yes, it's sad Batiatus has gone to Hades, especially after he tried so hard to become the most successful lanista :( But I'm glad my dear Craig Parker is returning to the show!

  6. I'm going to have to make something blueberry soon...my hubby loves a good blueberry pie :) Hope you've had a great Monday!

  7. I haven't seen it. But it looks pretty cool. I'll have to see if it is rentable.

  8. I wondered if they were going to bring Gannicus back from the prequel, that's awesome that they are doing that too. Can't wait for the season, should be fun.

  9. Lucy Lawless... *snort* That's actually very cool. When I was a little kid, I remember thinking Spartacus was very inspiring. :D Yep. I wasn't allowed to watch much TV... :D <3

  10. Didn't watch the first season, didn't really interest me so I think I'll pass on the second one too.

  11. OMG. OMG. OMG. The calendar is MARKED!!! I was excited before - but now that I know that Craig Parker is in this season, I'm over the moon!!! :D

  12. What a bloody delicious treat this going to be. I so cannot wait to see Lucretia. I saw the link you posted for Luanne and went there. God, Lucy looks crazy amazing!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this, my darling. ;) All hail Spartacus!

  13. I still have not watched a single episode of this show.... Am I naughty?

  14. Good stuff but a nasty message, looking forward to this....

  15. @Southpaw
    I always tell writers that they might check it since it has great twists and plots and is very inspiring in that way :)

    oooh, thanks, Lizzy, blueberries are my favourite beside raspberries and mulberry :)

    ah, he must be back, he's the first champion of Capua and of Batiatus' ludus :)

  16. @Leigh
    what? You mean SPARTACUS wasn't inspiring? I'm sure Kevin Sorbo's pecs have inspired a lot of nocturnal mischief in your youth, sister :)

    sorry to hear that, DWei

  17. @Sammy
    nice to see you back, darling, how was your trip? :) And we really mustn't miss Craig Parker, the biggest of them all :)

    isn't Lucy utterly crazy :) I liked her as Xena, but Lucretia is the role of her life. I wish they would make a spin-off one day just with her character :) And she looks even prettier in this season, love her style :)

  18. @Scott
    you are so naughty that I'm going to send Lucretia to spank you!

    we shall have a lovely winter with SPARTACUS and then the spring with GAME OF THRONES :)

  19. A friend told me there are a lot of nudity and gratuitous sex in Spartacus, is it true? Because if it is,I am going to pass this movie

  20. Wow - I've never seen that, but it looks fantastic!

  21. Dez sounds nice, but I was remember you know the "old spartacus movie" with Kirk Douglas:) when I was a little child of course:))

  22. @Novia
    the show has total nudity ;) Which means naked willies and boobs in tones :) But it's nothing to be ashamed off, we all have it, it's beautiful, we are all beautiful, there's nothing prettier than human body :)

  23. @Suzie
    it's a fantastic show, Suzie, one of the best ones ever

    yep, that one was old school :) This one is more modern in effects and presentation :)

  24. wow. very visually dynamic, but more graphic than i can stomach. my husband enjoys the show though, i'll have to tell him that it's coming back.

  25. hahaha nice of you to say that Dezz!! But it's not my kind of series then.

  26. All Hail Spartacus! Gloriously over the top. Love it.

  27. @Vic
    it does have some of the most graphic scenes ever, but in this case it is a depiction of historical events and brutality of that era, so I guess it's justified in a way. You should watch it for all the hunks, Vics :)

    he he yep, we are of totally different religions - yours is cover the body religion, and I'm all for show your bodies, show your bodies ;))

  28. @Dirty
    a bit more than a month of waiting :)

    gloriously indeed :)

  29. Believe it or not, we don't own a telly. Got rid of it 3 years ago. I think this is on Amazon instant. I'll have to check. I'm sorry I'm late getting to you today but my power went out and my computer router went with it.
    I've added your blog to my blogroll by the way. I hope that's okay with you.

  30. Definitely looking forward to it--for the story, of course...cough, and the rippling muscles...cough ;)

  31. @Anne
    really? After my initial shock :) I think I would be OK without TV too, since I mostly watch shows from the Net :) but it would be a bit hard for me without musical channels.
    I will add you to my blogroll too, thanks ;)

    and I believe we've seen all possible muscles in this show, including the most important one on men :)))