Monday, December 12, 2011


 We do like Robin Williams, yes? He was great in so many different roles, from the legendary comedy ones as in MRS. DOUBTFIRE to more serious ones as in ONE HOUR PHOTO and
INSOMNIA. It seems he is having another serious project now: according to "Filmofilia" he might take the lead role in THE ANGRIEST MAN IN BROOKLYN, which centers on a man who finds out he’s suffering from a severe case of cancer that leaves him with only an hour and a half of his life left to live. One of my favourite actors Matthew Goode (LEAP YEAR, WATCHMEN, BURNING MAN,  A SINGLE MAN) will star in BBC's series DANCING ON THE EDGE, which, set in the 1930's, follows a band of black jazz musicians as they find fame amongst the parties and performances of London’s upper class society. But when the band becomes entangled in their shadowy world, it results in a suspected murder. The five part series will also star Jacqueline Bisset and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

 One of the interesting stories from "Variety" this week mentions a Hollywood debut of Norwegian director Morten Tyldum who will helm a rather interesting sf movie WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY? which has an
extremely intriguing plot, which even ended up on famous the Black list in 2010 (the list of most promising, still not produced, scripts). The story of the film will revolve around identical septuplet brothers, who try to remain hidden in a futuristic world where each family is only allowed one child. An equally unusual script awaits us in HORNS, which just got its director in Alexandre Aja. Based on Joe Hill novel, the film will follow Shia LaBeouf as a 26-year-old man who wakes up one morning with an enormous hangover, and discovers horns are growing out of his head. He becomes convinced that the horns have something to do with the unsolved murder of his girlfriend.

A week or so ago, I've mentioned a new movie adaptation of one of Nicholas Spark's novels, and now here's the first, rather charming, trailer for THE LUCKY ONE. The film follows U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) who returns from his
third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one thing he credits with keeping him alive -a photograph he found of a woman he doesn't even know. Learning her name is Beth (Taylor Schilling) and where she lives, he shows up at her door, and ends up taking a job at her family-run local kennel. Despite her initial mistrust and the complications in her life, a romance develops between them, giving Logan hope that Beth could be much more than his good luck charm. Although I didn't like him before, I must admit I like how Zac Efron is maturing into a nice actor with a very warm charisma.


  1. Horns and What happened to Monday intrigue me also. However, i have no interest in the Lucky One. I did recently see Efron in Me & Orson Wells and he was actually good in it, and when he stars in something interesting i will look out for it. However The Lucky One is not that.

  2. Yeah still going to skip the Efron one, every time..haha. Might be a good one with Williams. But I wish he'd do something actually funny again. He hasn't done anything even half funny in the last decade.

  3. @Dirty
    WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY seems extremely unique and original, I quite like the idea, hope some nice actor will play the septuplets :)
    THE LUCKY ONE probably isn't for cinema watching, but for nice cuddly evening in front of TV with a loved one :)

  4. @Pat
    yep, I think Robin is on the crossroads, whether to remain a comedian forever or to do something more serious. I like him in both genre. He is a brilliant actor and I'd love to see him hosting Oscars again.

    I pick all three.When was the last time that happened? :0]

  6. That's a hell of a hangover, if you wake up to find horns coming out of your head. Don't think Tylenol will fix that one. :P

  7. WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY? does sound intriguing and I have to say I have a soft spot for THE LUCKY ONE

  8. Horns and Monday sound awesome!

  9. I tend to like Robin Williams' serious roles the best. His manic humor was starting to get on my nerves. Is this one going to be like Michael Douglas in Falling Down? That was a super angry man. A hyper-angry Robin Williams might be kind of funny.

    On 12/12—Blogging advice from a blogging expert (no it’s not me)
    Tossing It Out

  10. I must admit, now that I see the trailer for The Lucky One and it is clearly NOT a cutsey cheese fest like the insipid Dear John or the godawful Notebook, I might give this a chance, but not in the theater. ;)

    Horns sounds like the perfect comeuppance for useless frat boys like Shia the Beef. LOL It'll be great to see Robin onscreen again in something serious. He's great.

  11. I don't know what it is but I just don't buy into mr Efron, even though he is supposed to be a lovely chap.

    Merry Christmas Dezzy

  12. Blah, Nicolas Sparks. Sorry, I can't stand the guy. :P

    The movie about the septuplets looks interesting though.

  13. Why is it that I know absolutely nothing about these people. Is it a good thing I have terrible memory when it comes to people and their names?

  14. Wow!!! Stephen King's son is going to have movie coverage....yaiiiyyy!!! I am so happy to hear that.

    I really have to read the book before the movie is done. I have only read 1 book by him. His work is not easy to find here

  15. angriest man.. will be a good watch!! thanks for sharing this .. will wait for the movie!

  16. That Horns poster is great. Hadn't heard about that one before today.

  17. @Mary
    three? There are five movies mentioned in the post :))

    that's one of the good reasons why you should stay away from booze :) And that rum you're keeping "for cakes" in the storage :)))

    I agree with you on both points, Lyndy :)

  18. @Libby
    they do, don't they?

    and it is interesting that Robin had his anger or drinking problems of his own too. If I remember correctly his wife left him for that reason. It's strange, since we know him as a great comedian. But Charlie Chuplin was also known as a very dark, grim and tough man in his private life, and a great recluse.

    Shia a frat boy? Are you sure he went to college? :))))

  19. @Scott
    I'm not into him either, I didn't like him before at all, but I like how he is changing now, I respect that. I like that he was never a bad rebellious boy, but a good one.

    septuplets story should be really intriguing

    it's a bad, bad, bad thing!

  20. @Novia
    yep, I think nobody has published his books here in Serbia.

    glad you liked it :)

    I've mentioned it a couple of times before ever since the casting started back in Spring or something like that. I think it's some promo art or maybe a fanart, I like it too.

  21. I'm a huge jazz fan so that's at the top of my list. I do like Robing Williams in serious roles and I'd see this on DVD. What Happened to Monday has a story line that I find very intriguing, definately see that. Horns, that's the story of my life, minus the dead girlfriend. It looks interesting and I would see that one. But Sparks, I despise him. His writing is insipid, the storylines are predictable and he panders to the lowest common denominator. The power of stupid will prevail and it will be a box office hit.

  22. awww! the lucky one looks sooo cute! i might have to force my hubs into watching it with me! heeheehee!
    and robin williams is mad talented. he's definitely a favorite of mine- although some of his movies are very much not my taste...

  23. Dez I love Mathew Goode and the trailer of Lucky one!!! thanks Dez:)

  24. Your blog look so beauty and Christmassy!

  25. Wow, I love the trailer, even though it's super sappy. Perhaps it's the mood I'm in. Also, the cancer movie does look a bad sort of way.

  26. YES! I <3 Robin Williams. These movies sound interesting, even the Zac Efron one (and I also am not usually a fan). You sure know how to go after a girl's heart, Dezzy. :-)

  27. Zac Efron really does need to chose his acting roles more crefully in future if he wants a fruitful career. His 'mancandy' appeal will deminish his standing for more serious adult characters. He has done the whole romantic melodrama thing. I want to see him play a homosexual lawyer with AIDS, or perhaps a drug dealing Christian with a fetish for self-harm... just soomething to prove he can act and has some range. He shouldn't play it so safe all the time.

  28. @Anne
    and you're in Ireland, which, I guess, means you can catch BBC programmes? I watch a lot of their shows
    When it comes to Sparks :) although I won't say most of his stories have originality, I will always support films and stories which promote love and positive feelings because we live in a very wrong world in which morbid and dark films are cool and everything romantic and positive is mocked and ridiculed. HOLLYWOOD SPY is one of the main fighters against that :)

    yep, I think he had a few bad comedies, but I haven't watched those. I love that he has a child in him even though he is a very mature gent :)

  29. @Gloria
    oh, this is not a Christmas theme, this is Winter Wonderland, Christmas layout will be up next week or this weekend ;)

    that's the spirit, Clarissa :) I love the trailer too, although I have no idea who the actress is, she seems to be popular in USA since they're using her name in the trailer

  30. @LC
    He he glad you like both projects :) And, as you know, Dezzy aims to please his ladies and boys :) Unlike most other film sites I'm currently supporting all the possible romcom trailers that I can find, we need a bit of love in the festive season :)

    so you are basically saying that portraying people in love and playing roles in romantic films requires no talent or doesn't show someone's acting skills? Even though actors in romcoms, and not the ones in horrors and actions, are the ones who have saved countless lives and put billions of smiles and tones of inspiration and strength in the hearts of so many people by giving them hope, faith and warmth?

  31. @Dezzy even his father's books is much published here :(
    Then again,I am not interested with translation,I just hope more books are imported here.

  32. my publishing house is publishing King here in Serbia, but we don't have books in English at all, just the translated ones.

  33. I'm curious, do you not think that cinema in general and actors should stretch themseleves? Brad Pitt balanced his 'mancandy' appeal with starring in some seriously challenging roles. Leonardo DiCaprio did likewise.

    We're living in extraordinary times and I feel that this is the perfect moment for the public to embrace cinema that doesn't give the tired old feelings of 'hope, faith and warmth'. 20 years ago, during the last global recession, the big movies were not superficial things. It was things like THELMA & LOUISE, RESERVOIR DOGS and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

    We're going through even worse time right now yet the big movies are crap like NEW YEAR'S EVE. Warmth has it place Dez, but what about embracing a more varied cultural diet?

  34. HELL-O Matthew Goode, he kind of looks like young Gregory Peck in that pic, sooo dashing. Too bad it's a BBC show as it'll be so long before I could see it :( I hope he'll star in more prominent movies soon!

  35. you know how much I adore Matthew, Flixy :) He is one of the actors I supported for years, and I'm happy he is becoming more popular. He is my discovery alongside Luke EvanS, Karl Urban, Henry Cavill, Kate Winslet...

  36. After reading the lucky one some years ago I didn't imagine Zac Efron as Logan. I pictured a more rugged masculine character not this dainty pretty boy. Ryan Reynolds would have been perfect for this role.