Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well, since pretty much everything is getting a remake in Hollywood, why not STARSHIP TROOPERS too? According to "NY Magazine", the writers of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS have been hired to pen the script for the remake of Paul Verhoeven's sf classic
from the 90's. As you probably remember, the original film was quite a successful satire on the militarism and colonialism in modern society based on the books by Robert Heinlein. The book itself was rather controversial describing a futuristic society in which the only way to reach a privileged citizen status is to join the army and go fighting some alien bugs around the universe. Unlike the book, which also had traces of fascism and racism, the film was more successful in ridiculing and mocking modern society's tendency to take wars and killings for granted. The image in the post is the cover of the Serbian edition which yours truly translated last winter.

According to "The Hollywood Reporter" famous director Chris Columbus has bought the rights for the film adaptation of novel HOW TO LIVE SAFELY IN A SCIENCE FICTIONAL UNIVERSE by Charles Yu. The story in this book revolves
around Charles Yu, a time travel machine repairman who has spent the past ten years spanning the decades in search of his father. When he falls into a potentially disastrous time loop, he must find a way to save the entire universe. I've recently mentioned that Ralph Fiennes is preparing THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, but it's not what you think :) It's a story of Charles Dickens' mistress who will now be played by Felicity Jones. Based on the book by Claire Tomalin, the film will depict the secret affair between Charles Dickens and Nelly Ternan. Ralph Fiennes will take the lead role and will also direct the period movie.

The first trailer for new sf film LOCKOUT has been released today. As you remember from HOLLYWOOD SPY's previous reports, the film produced by famous Luc Besson was shot last winter in Serbia and the story is set in outer space with Guy Pearce playing a man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. He is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president's daughter (Maggie Grace) who is held hostage in an
outer space prison that orbits 50 miles above the earth and is home to 500 of the most dangerous violent criminals on the planet who have taken it over. The film has two directors - Stephen St. Leger and James Mather, and is produced by Besson's "Europa Corp" studio, while their partner in Serbia is "Work In Progress" company which has worked on Ralph Fiennes' movie CORIOLANUS and THE BROTHERS BLOOM with Rachel Weisz and Adrien Brody which were also shot in Serbia. The budget of the film was around $30 million.

I had thought I wouldn't run for the second year in TheMovie411BlogAwards, which attracted hundreds of blogs last year, because I wanted to leave the arena for other fighters, but they've informed me people have still been voting for me this year too, so please be charming as you are and pop over there and vote for HOLLYWOOD SPY in Best Gossip and Gold Blog categories :) You can vote till December 18th! Thank you, dear people!


  1. Aarrggh, not a Starship Troopers remake!

  2. it was bound to happen, Ricks, it was bound to happen :)

  3. Ooh, I've got a documentary about Dicken's life in my Netflix queue. I might like The Invisible Woman.

    And I voted for you...twice! ;)

  4. haha never surprises me any more. No remake is needed what so ever, but there goes Hollywood with their great originality again. Pathetic.

    Tried to vote but the stupid thing won't let me, will try again in a bit. Just keeps loading the homepage and that's it. I blame error 503..haha

  5. it seems he had an interesting one :) And keep on voting, Luanne dearest, Dezzy loves ya!

  6. @Pat
    ah, would you think the same about GARFIELD remake, Pat the Cat?:P
    Damn, Error 503, it's even worse than Error 501 :)

  7. Lockout doesn't look like anything special to me.

  8. Hmm...I'm not so sure I can handle a starship troopers re-make!

  9. Ahhhh Starship Troopers. My brother made me watch it over and over and over...in other words, I'm not up for a remake, lol.

    We've got your back at the blog awards. Just voted! ^_^

  10. "The Invisible Woman" will really highlight Victorian hypocrisy, I'm sure.

  11. You must have been totally stoked to get that translating job. How cool is it to contribute to your language in such a way? You been holding out on me my brother - you are a bigger deal that I thought possible.

    I too hate movie and TV remakes. They are so rarely sucessful. You would think that in a age where there are so many NEW stories to tell they would give us something fresh.

    Before one piece of film is shot the movie is already handicapped by our often fond memories of the original film.

    One of the rare exceptional remakes for me were 'Death Race' and 'Death Race 2' - both are good action movies and nothing like the original 'Deathrace 2000'.

  12. Hey Dezz - Ho, Ho, Ho - I like the festive holiday theme here at Hollywood Spy - and you look so cute in your matching outfit.

    Re the post - I'll be looking forward to Lockout - love all that SF stuff!

    As always...informative and fun!

    Cheers, Jenny

  13. Personally I love the idea of How to live safely in a science fiction universe... that is a freekin great idea for a movie. Can we somehow get Bill Murray to be the repair guy?

  14. I've heard decent things about the original Starship Troopers. Hopefully the remake will be just as good if not better.

  15. Lockout looks good but Starship Troopers...was I the only one who thought it was just OK?

  16. A remake of starship troopers? Wow. I wonder if it's going for cheese this time? I hope not.

  17. I am liking LOCK-OUT... Looks like one for me...

    My vote is cast Dezzy, that is a given!!

    Tell me how do I get my site in these awards? I haven't got a clue

  18. ooh! your starship troopers cover is supercool!

  19. Thanks for the news, and I'm on my way to vote...

  20. I love the idea of the Dickens' mistress story...and what a great preview for Pearce's movie! He is a fav of mine.

    Hi, my long-lost Dez! I have been absent, but yours is one of the first blogs I returned to today on my re-introduction to blogging. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  21. @Erin
    not a fan of remakes? :)

    hope you watched it all, because the action starts in last 20 seconds :)

    thanks for watching my back and I swear I won't make you watch TROOPERS :)(although I might make you sing me SUPER TROOPER from ABBA) :)

  22. @Debs
    Victorian age really was crazy, wasn't it?

    actually I hated the book :) It's full of fascism, militarism, racism and many other evil ideas. I didn't know it was so evil when I accepted it, and my publisher didn't either, so to cover up the situation they even published a sf book which is against militarism at the same time as TROOPERS were published.

    ah, I'm glad you like my new outfit, me is pretty, isn't me? :)))

  23. @Steve
    we all need that guide :)

    yep, it wasn't a bad film, since it had a very good satire in it

    the film was OK, but not everybody got it, I think that most people just wanted action and special effects and they didn't get the satire wrapped up in the cheesiness of the film

  24. Dez I would like to see the "Invisible woman" I love Charles Dickens:)

  25. @Libby
    I hope yes :) You need the cheesy to emphasize the satire of the modern American society

    the nominations usually start in November when people nominate whomever they want and TOP 5 is announced in December and then the voting starts for the final winner. I won a lot of awards last year and didn't want to compete this one, but apparently people have still been voting for me, so I guess I mustn't disappoint them

  26. @Vics
    thanks, it good nice reactions here too :)

    thanks Suzy :)

    oh, where have you been, woman? Haven't seen you in centuries, I almost teared up a bit from nostalgia when I saw your name here :)

  27. @Gloria
    glad you liked that piece of news, Gloria, it should be a nice film :)

  28. Ah OK, No one will ever love FRC enough to get me into any awards..... I am off to cry

  29. oh, please, Scottie :) Just follow the Movie411 Blog and you will know when the nominations start next year....
    If I voted this year, you know I would've voted for my fave British hunk!

  30. I'd think even less of a garfield remake, that be just ewww..haha. Tried again and still won't let me leave the friggin homepage of it.

  31. Oooh, I want to see Lockout! Guy Pierce never disappoints~ I recognize the bad guy, he was in Prison Break series, Peter Stormare.

    Off to vote :D

  32. Oh, the Dicken's movie looks great. I like the trailer but my internet was flaky so it came in bursts. I'll try to watch it later.

  33. @Pat
    what are you clicking, Pat? You should click the red letters link in the post above or the voting banner in the left sidebar. There is no homepage, those links take you to the voting page directly :)

    it's interesting isn't it? :)

    is that the Mexican internet? :)

  34. Lockout looks relatively interesting especially since I love futuristic sci-fi flicks, but Guy Pearce's character seems to be an extremely cliche and uninteresting bad a** type. We'll have to wait and see I suppose.

  35. Besson's characters are often like that :) It's not an overly ambitious film, just an ordinary little sf flick.

  36. Okay, so I'm very late this time. I thought Starship Troopers was a hilariously earnest film that played like one long military ad campaign. They did a great job bringing the mockery to life. Don't know why they are going to remake it, but I hope Caspar Van Dien comes back. I like him. Neil Patrick Harris was in the original as well.

    Lockout looks quite intriguing and I must say that Fiennes will make Mr. Dickens look very handsome. ;)

  37. hahahaha ummmm it will help if I scrolled down on the page right?...hahahaha oopsy...voted though!

  38. Glad to hear guy Pearce been getting some movies lately. I have just bought don't be afraid of The Dark,tho I don't like Holmes but at least the male role is Pearce.

    Good luck with the vote Dezzy :)

  39. @Melsy
    it was a great satire on American militarism and invasions all around the world, which not many of the ordinary film watchers noticed :(
    Caspar is quite nice. He is married to that Catherine Oxenburg, daughter of a Serbian princess. She keeps presenting herself as a princess although she isn't :) Her grandfather was a brother of a Serbian king

    thanks, vote again when you can :)

    Pearce is usually very nice :)
    And thanks :)

  40. Oh, Dez. I guess I'll be happy with "almost." :P I am so happy to be back! You KNOW your blog was my very first stop!!!!


  41. I'm not a crying one, so "almost" is a big thing :)

  42. You had me at Guy Pearce. And we could use a new STARSHIP TROOPERS.