Thursday, December 15, 2011


Young Irish star Saoirse Ronan didn't get a role in THE HOBBIT, but she keeps getting some other ones. Beside playing the lead
in Andrew Niccol's sf film THE HOST as a girl whose soul is invaded by an alien, giving her voice in animated flick JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHT OF VALOUR, and playing a vampire in Neil Jordan's BYZANTIUM, she will now also star in HOW I LIVE NOW. As "Variety" reports she will portray Daisy, a teenage girl from New York City who travels to England to spend the summer with family in the English countryside. When World War II breaks out and insurgents invade, Daisy and a younger girl named Piper must survive alone in the woods as they try to make it to safety. The film will be based on a novel by Meg Rosoff.
According to "Variety" yet another film to get its remake is THE STORY OF BONNIE AND CLYDE, with young and hot
Sean Faris (LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) and Lindsay Pulsipher (TRUE BLOOD) taking the roles originally played by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. The new film aims to explore many aspects of the lives of the Depression era bank robbers that have never been seen on the big screen before. As you've probably noticed financial crises is all around us, and Hollywood isn't immune to it either. Many projects are suffering cutbacks in their budgets or are being put on hold (ARTHUR & LANCELOT epic and sf AKIRA are the latest to be postponed) and Vin Diesel's RIDDICK is also having similar problems. He is really straining his muscles to find enough financing for the third part in his famous sf saga which
will again star Karl Urban and himself, and he keeps releasing concept art pics in order to raise the interest. The latest one is a really scary concept art of the jackal, one of the beasts Riddick will have to fight against.

After yesterday's trailermania, the only new clip I have for you today is the second trailer for unusual apocalyptic romantic
drama and thriller, everything in the mix, PERFECT SENSE in which brilliant Ewan McGregor is, unfortunately, matched with always one-dimensional Eva Green in the story about two strangers who form a desperate romantic connection and fall in love with each other while their city is facing an apocalyptic epidemic of sensory loss in which people lose sight, smell, hearing... one by one. Will they lose love too, without their senses? The film is directed by David Mackenzie who worked previously with Ewan on YOUNG ADAM, a film mostly remembered for Ewan sporting his naked willy in at least half of the scenes :)


  1. yay for ronan! she'll do great, for sure!!!
    my husband is related to bonnie and clyde somehow... i think an ancestor was a cousin or something, i don't know. i'm more impressed by his relation to quanah parker. still though, i'm not too interested in the movie. blech. crime.

  2. Man that Riddick one has been trying to get off the ground for like a decade now...haha..Vin sure has a hard on for it. Not overly sure why. Another remake and it will be another stinker.

  3. Ronana is Irish and it's a war movie, so I'm seeing it. The Bonnie and Clyde movie better be done right because I loved the original. Ewan, well that's easy, he's a Scotsman, he's hot and the film looks great. That leaves Riddick. Not so much. That picture of the Jackal is seriously messing with my head. I'm gonna have to put this bowl down and skip the whiskey altogether tonight, 'cause if I don't I'm gonna have some baaad dreams.

  4. That picture of Saoirse Ronan is amazing and How I Live Now sounds terrific.

  5. Really, that picture of Saoirse is crazy cool.

    And I've been kind of anti-remake, but I wouldn't mind seeing a new Bonnie and Clyde film.

  6. Sean Faris and Lindsey Pulsipher may do a pretty good job. I'm so glad they are over the Hilary Duff as Bonnie thing they had going a year or so ago. I think Faye actually criticized that casting choice. I am a huge fan of the original, but who knows? I love the Depression era gangster stories.

    Saoirse is going to be amazing as always and I so hope Riddick gets made.

  7. mmmmmm Eva Green

    But isn't that film old? I am pretty sure it is coming to DVD soon

  8. Another Riddick movie? Just when I thought this series was dead...

  9. "How I Live Now" sounds great and a little like Operation Sealion happens....

  10. @Vics
    he he I knew you were involved with the crime world, you old gangster :))
    Who is Quanah Parker?

    "Vin sure has a hard on ..."
    mmmmm let me enjoy that mental image for an hour or so :))

  11. @Anne
    a bowl? You mean a glass of whiskey isn't enough for you so you need a whole bowl? :PPPPP
    You know, I had a poll for best Irish star recently here :) It was very successful, Jonathan Rhys Meyers won with hundreds of votes.

    glad you like the pic :) She doesn't have a lot of photo shoots so it isn't easy finding a nice pic of her

  12. @Luanne
    that pic is from her December Vogue photo shoot :) I have another two photos from it, and they are so mindblowingly good that I can't wait to find a new opportunity to post them :) In one of them she is a fairy queen and in the other she is Queen Elizabeth :) One of the best photo sesssions ever. I've used this one today because I needed a bit of red and blue in the post :)

    Sean Faris is such a hot boy :) I watched a number of shows back in the days, just for him :) I do love Hilary Duff, but I agree that she shouldn't go crime. She should be a romcom star, she is too cute and cudly for other genre. And speaking of Faye someone needs to bring her back, where is she? We need her revival, she is such an unusual and unique lady, I adored her as Milady De Winter in Musketeers

  13. @Scott
    maybe in UK, not in US :) And 90% of my readers are Americans :)

    nope, its alive and healthy

    I reckon it's your genre :) and plus it's Irish :) Heaven :)

  14. Good to hear Ronan has great movie coming up :)
    Not interested in The Host, but Neil Jordan's movie and How I look Now look like a pair of great movies.

  15. How I look Now has peaked my interest, but I think I'll need to see a trailer for Bonnie and Clyde before i start getting excited.

  16. I love the trailer of perfect sense Dez!:)

  17. I'd watch Riddick, but whenever I read something, it doesn't ever sound like it'll happen

  18. Perfect Sense sounds it could be a interesting combination of sci-fi and romance

  19. Not sure why there needs to be a BONNIE & CLYDE remake.

  20. @Novia
    yep, she's quite busy.

    ah, the trailer won't be any time soon :) since these are early stages of preproduction :)

    glad you like it, Gloria :)

  21. @Kelley
    it's true, but the main photography has finished shooting, so it might be a good sign :)

    it could be interesting

    that's an eternal question :)

  22. I like to see the variety of casting in these movies, and not the same ole, same ole actors.

  23. For some reason, ole actors are all coming back, don't ask me why, it's a horrid crises in Hollywood :( A crises in creativity, talents and ideas

  24. I agree with you. Hilary is rom com or family drama, not crime. I just could not see that sweet face as psycho Bonnie. And yes, Faye needs to come back. I adore her. :)

  25. Hello Dezzy! WOW, Ewan is EVERYWHERE these days. Not that I'm complaining. Saiorse is just an impressive talent, too bad she won't be in The Hobbit but I don't think she needs to worry about that as like you said, she continues to get good roles.

  26. One dimensional!?! For shame. For shame. I think your thinking of Scarlet Johannson.

  27. @Melsy
    I haven't seen Faye in a long long time

    And I'm posting a trailer for another new film of Ewan's later on tonight :) I think I would never forgive myself if I was an actor and lost a role in THE HOBBIT or LOTR. It would eat me alive.

    I knew I just have to trash her a bit for you to come out of the shadows, :)))))