Saturday, December 31, 2011


The last trailer I have for you, my little freaks, in this year, is the latest international trailer for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN
which hits cinemas in June next year, about two months after Tarsem's rival project MIRROR MIRROR robs US box offices. The new Russian trailer bellow offers some scenes we haven't seen in the first official trailer earlier this year. It also promises some really mind blowing scenes,  spectacular visuals and awe-striking sets. The film might be really good, off course if you can stand Kristen Stewart, as most people can't, and if you can swallow the ridiculous part which defies all laws of logic and nature in which mirror says to Charlize Theron that Stewart is prettier than her :) Yep, and me is prettier than Chris Hemsworth :)
The story of the SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN will bring a gritty new take on the legendary fairy tale in which the Huntsman (played by Thor himself Chris Hemsworth) has an expanded role from the one in the classic fairy tale. In the original story, he is ordered to take Snow White into the woods, kill her and bring her heart to the Evil Queen Ravenna (here played by Charlize Theron who looks rather magnificent in the costume), but instead lets her go. But in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN the two will be chained together for part of the movie as they make their escape. But this doesn't mean that the Huntsman is Snow White's love interest,
because the prince is still in the story (prince Charmant is played by super charismatic Sam Claflin from PILLARS OF THE EARTH and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN). The huntsman here has a task of being Snow White's mentor, teaching the teen girl to fight and survive and teaching her how to fight back the Evil Queen. The cast also includes Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Lily Cole and Toby Jones.
All seven dwarves in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN carry the names of famous Roman emperors which means that Ian McShane appears as Caesar, Eddie Izzard as Tiberius, Bob Hoskins as Constantine, Toby Jones as Claudius, Eddie Marsan as Hadrian, Stephen Graham as Nero, Ray Winstone as Trajan and Nick Frost as Gus (short from Augustus).
The idea of the studio is to make this one into a trilogy of films. It is interesting that both MIRROR MIRROR and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN are more focusing on the Evil Queens and the strong charisma's of Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts than on Snow Whites.
Before Chris Hemsworth got the role of the Huntsman, the strong contenders were Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy and at one point even Johnny Depp, but for a long time Viggo Mortensen was almost
locked for the role, but he decided to leave the project which wasn't promising at all at the time after which Hugh Jackman was the second huge star to refuse the role.
The first choice for the Evil Queen was Angelina Jolie, while Saoirse Ronan and Emily Browning competed for the Snow White role, and even Lily Collins, who got the role in MIRROR MIRROR, auditioned for this one.
Director of the film, Rupert Sanders, has never helmed a film before this one. The brilliant costumes were designed by famous Colleen Atwood who won Oscars for ALICE IN WONDERLAND, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA and CHICAGO.


  1. This is certainly a darker, more violent take on Snow White. I think I'll see it for Hemsworth and Theron, I think I can stomach K-Stew for that long. LOL. Great spotlight!

  2. Ah twists on similar storylines sometimes they turn out well.

  3. yep,Melsy, Hemsworth and Charlize are so brilliant that I will forever feel sorrow for them not being in MIRROR MIRROR :)

  4. @Baur
    sometimes yes, sometimes not :)

  5. Happy New Year, my friend (a few days early!). I need to bake something chocolaty tomorrow for a NYD party.

    PS..doubt we'll have any takers for this one, but I love reading your descriptions :)

  6. Thanks, Lizzy, Happy Next Year too :))
    Oooh, you could bake my famous BOMBANANA chocolate cake, you have it at Face :) It's extremely easy to make, and it is still my bestselling cake :)

    Yep, but at least the pics are nice and the costumes :)

  7. I think it looks awesome. I like a darker version of Snow White. I think I told you before I was writing a Snow White story of my own awhile back and it was quite dark. With all the new movies coming out though, my little story will probably get morphed into something else.

    Ooh, and I watched Sigourney Weaver in a version of Snow White the other night. She was fantastic as the evil queen, though the movie was just sort of meh overall.

  8. @Luanne
    I think I remember you saying something about it :) Oh, and I remember that horrid version with Sigourney, it was a TV project and I remember it was a huge flop. Can't even remember anymore who played the Snow White in it :)

  9. The other commenters are right, it's very dark and different. I'll probably see it for Hemworth.

  10. Definitely a more darker take. That's where dumb hollywood thinks it always has to go now a days, not sure if it will be good or not.

  11. Out of the 2 Snow White movies coming out this one interests me a lot more. I don't hate Kristen like a lot of people, but i would have liked to see someone else in the lead role.

  12. You are cracking me UP. "My little freaks" hahaha.

    Yeah, I'm not sure many people are prettier than Charlize. And does Kristen Stewart even talk in this movie? Every trailer I've seen hardly even shows her (not that I'm complaining, just sayin).

    And it's surprising that they're calling Mirror, Mirror and this Huntsman version rivals. Mirror, Mirror looks like a straight up comedy. They'll probably both do well. I know I'll go see both of them.

  13. Oh yes, a definate must see. The visuals are stunning on this. Charlize looks fabulous and I want all those dresses. (Yeah, I'll wear dresses, but only if they're brutal like these ones). Hey, you're only 1 follower away from 500. Have a Happy New Year!!

  14. Hi Dezzy - Hope you have a very happy new year. 2012's going to be fabulous!

    As for this movie, I'm excited to see it. I think Chris will make a great Huntsman, Charlize is perfect as the wicked Queen, and I even like little Bella as Snow White.

  15. Hemsworth was a great choice. Not sure about Stewart. Poor choice.

  16. I can't wait for this movie! Looks fantastic!

  17. Ehhh... I think I'll pass. I'm kind of anti-Stewart.

  18. Charlize is Stunning.... even now I still would

  19. Yup, looks good - and totally agree, Dez, that mirror has NO taste. Theron - YUM. Stewart - meh, you see prettier girls walking down the street.

  20. @Clarissa
    totally agreed, Clarissa!

    you have no idea, Pats, how my heart hurts from all the darkness we are surrounded with in films, books and TV today :( I'm extremely afraid of how the current young generation will grow up in such darkness.

    thanks for stopping by, Dirty

  21. @Kristin
    just for the record, I've been calling you "my little freaks" much longer before Gaga started calling her fans "little monsters" :)
    Yep, we couldn't find a lot of people in the world prettier than Charlize!

    I wonder what kind of dresses :)) I bet it's some 30's style or something retro, definitely not something glittery or sparkly :) And definitely something with a deep cleavage :) Happy New Year to Ireland as well! Ireland and Serbia will be boozing a lot tonight :)

  22. @Shells
    thanks, Shells, hope next year will bring us lots of success and happiness. And yes, both Chris and Charlize are marvelous

    exactly, a great choice and a horrid choice

    glad you think so, Leigh, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY :)If you hurry up you might be our 500th follower :)

  23. @Dwei
    HOLLYWOOD SPY is mega anti-Stewart too :)

    she is fairest of them all :)

    yep, such a nice mirror (that gold liquid thing is the mirror) and such poor taste in ladies :)

  24. I still have nightmares. I mean watching the original Snow White as a five year old... That witch was scary! So I'm not sure I'm man enough to go and watch this one... Oh and the spotlights also on you now, Dez.... Where? Here:

  25. @RCB
    heh that witch really was scary :) I'm popping over :)

    Happy New Year, Gloria! :)

    1. RCB... I remember those days. When Big Brother was watching me hahaha. And then I kicked somebody's ass... (Don't ask.)

    2. dear Lord, Blue, it took you two years to answer the comment :) What do I get for waiting so long? Box of expensive chocolates? A condo at Bora Bora?

  26. Oooh, I love other takes on a well known story. Disney's Snow White is far too, well simple. I lack a word for it.

  27. Rgers, it has to be simple since fairy tales are made to be read to kids not to adults.

  28. Great spotlight, Dez. I love Charlize so I'm up for this one, plus it's got Hemsworth looking all rugged, if only there had been someone else besides Kristen as Snow White though.

  29. glad you liked the spotlight, Flixy! I think Charlize will finally have her year, with the critical praise for YOUNG ADULT and PROMETHEUS and SNOW WHITE hitting cinemas next summer, hope she will finally become a profitable star as well!

  30. hahaha I was laughing so loud to your comment on how could the mirror said K-Stew is more beautiful than Theron.
    I like Theron and Frost, and the movie sounds like a darker version of mirror mirror...but why K-Stew?? I really can't stand her and I have only seen 2movies by her.

  31. K-Stew is a nice name for that wench, she is tasteless like a stew :)