Thursday, December 22, 2011


Well, it seems all of the kid stars in Hollywood will appear in the movie adaptation of bestselling book ENDER'S GAME, one of the possible future sf franchises for young audience beside THE HUNGER GAMES and MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. After little Asa Butterfield (HUGO, BBC's MERLIN) got the lead role of a young computer game wizard who is recruited by the futuristic army to fight back some insect like invaders on Earth, two new young stars who have joined the cast of the sf movie are Abigal Breslin (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE), as Ender's sister, and
Hailee Steinfeld, as Ender's ally. According to "Variety" Harrison Ford has also been officially confirmed as the general who runs the facility in which these kids are trained for fighting back the alien attack. As "MovieWeb" reports, David Yates (HARRY PLOPPER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS) will helm an unusual psychological drama YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD, a film adaptation of Emma Forrest's memoirs, which chronicles her suicidal tendencies and quest to become a better person by visiting a psychiatrist. She faces psychological breakdown after her therapist suddenly passes away.
And here it is, as promised the last big trailer for this week (although it's possible Hollywood might surprise us tomorrow with something
new too), the long awaited clip for Ridley Scott's sf thriller PROMETHEUS. The trailer itself is rather strange, it has some really bad music and features glimpses into a lot of dynamic scenes from the epic movie. It also has quite an irritating title slowly building in the middle of the screen while the trailer is going on. However, it does seem epic and huge.   Hitting cinemas next June, this highly anticipated movie features quite a strong cast including Patrick Wilson, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Idris Elba. When it comes to the story, this is a prequel to famous ALIEN, which follows a team of explorers who discover a clue to the origins of mankind on
Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race. As you probably remember from HOLLYWOOD SPY's reports throughout last two years, a lot of big stars and also the younger ones
were competing for the roles in the film, and some of the stars who were, at some point, in the run, include Angelina Jolie, James Franco, Gemma Arterton, Olivia Wilde, Anne Hathaway, Ben Foster and even Michelle Yeoh.
PS It seems Christmas holidays have brought you all in front of your computers since HOLLYWOOD SPY had amazing 4,500 visitors yesterday, I'm guessing you were excited to see THE HOBBIT trailer :) Today's number is also very high, with 3,000 visitors already registered. HOLLYWOOD SPY loves you, people :)


  1. 3000 hits already today and yet I'm the first one to leave a comment? How is that so? Give Dezmond some luuuuv, people!

  2. I wasn't wowed by the Prometheus trailer. Felt more like a teaser than a trailer to me. Yates new project does sound like it could be interesting tho

  3. Prometheus looks like a great movie! Sweet!

  4. @Debs
    because I posted this post ten minutes ago, darling :) I'm posting earlier than usual to give people exclusive trailers

  5. @Dirty
    I wasn't vowed either

    hope we shall get a longer trailer soon

  6. I keep trying to unplug from blogger for the holidays, and you keep showing these incredible movie trailers, luring me back in. I'm looking SO forward to Prometheus. :D

  7. well, you left me home alone and I'm now doing mischief :)
    I'm preparing some nice new trailers on our favourite epic shows probably Monday and something very naughty (Even steamy) for Christmas Sunday ;)

  8. Prometheus.... to be honest, I'm not sure I want to go and see this movie. Alien ranks high in my top ten, but I just don't want to be disappointed. A strong cast, yeah, sure, but what matters is that you don't find yourself thinking, 'Wow, Charlize Theron is great.' You know what I mean? But Ridley always gets the benefit of the doubt, so I know I'll buy that ticket and hope for the best. Did you see The Thing 2? Well, that's all that movie was... a thing.

  9. he he... I probably wait to see it after it finishes its cinema life too :) I do think Charlize is great, although she doesn't always have a good choice of roles, she still needs a big one, but it's the same with Angelina Jolie.

  10. What's with all the awesome trailers? Lots of great films coming up.

  11. I absolutely cannot wait for Prometheus. It harkens back to the first two Alien films, both of which are faves of mine. And of course it has Charlize and Fass My Benders, so that right there makes it awesome.

    I have been loving your trailers, dear. This has been my first stop when I get home from work. Sorry, I've been so discombobulated with the comments. I read right away, but sometimes I'm so tired I can't think and I'd rather wait write when I'm conscious. Otherwise you'd have this on your page zzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeee.....:)

  12. sound good, BTW happy holiday dezmond

  13. hahaha The Thing 2 all was, was a thing..hahaha love it.

    I hope Prometheus is good too, but have my reservations, especailly after that garbage Alien 4. And 3000 damn! Such a bragger, you know MC Hammer wouldn't like that.

  14. Dezzy - 4500 visitors!! That's awesome and so well deserved. You are amazing.

    I love Abigail Breslin. And the Ender's Game is going to be fantastic.

  15. Prometheus looks awesome.

  16. Whoah that was quite a preview; I'm craving popcorn now! Congrats on all the visitors, so exciting! I've been at the North Pole, a mountain of cookie dough fell on me and I had to shovel my way out. I did beat Mrs. Santa in the Iron Chef(cookie) bake off, so all is well ;D

  17. Oooh! Prometheus looks great! Happy Holidays, my dear Dezzy! :D

  18. @Clarissa
    it's Christmas week, so all the studios are using the opportunity to swamp us with new trailers :)

    no worries, darling, I myself usually don't know how I find the energy to do all my fun work around the Internet after 10 hours of my regular work and taking care of the house

  19. @Peeps
    thanks, happy holidays to you as well :)

    ah, I was hoping you would proclaim me Vanilla Ice so that we could record a rapping duo :)))

    thanks my dear, how is your moving moving on :)))) Are you in Boston already?

  20. @Pesos
    it does :)

    ah, you should've called me to help you with cookie baking :) I'm baking tomorrow, today I decorated the house and yesterday I put out lights outside the house and on my balconies :)

    thanks, darling, happy holidays to you too, which continent are you celebrating them on? :))) I know you don't, but maybe you celebrate just for the atmosphere like me?

  21. ooh! besides the music, i thought that trailer looked pretty darn nifty! :)

  22. I'd have to say the trailer was both good and bad. I agree with you about the "unfolding title". Not a good way to do things IMHO. I am excited to see the movie nonetheless.

    I'm going to be unplugged the rest of the year Dez, so I just wanted to wish you and yours warm Holidays filled with love and cheer. Take care and I hope to see more good stuff from you next year.

  23. Dez I come to whish you a really happy and nice Christmas:))

  24. Trailer looks great, though they all do, to be honest.

  25. I didn't realize Abigail Breslin was going to play Valentine. That's spectacular. Can't wait to get home to watch the PROMETHEUS trailer, too.

  26. @Vics
    Oooh, I love the word "nifty" :)

    Yep, that unfolding title was a bad move, if you ask me, we all know the title so it wasn't even suspenseful but just annoying ;)
    Thanks for the nice wishes, and I wish the same to you and your family

  27. @Gloria
    thanks, Gloria, sending my best Christmas wishes down to Chile :)

    glad you like it :)

    I think she will play his older sister, don't know if that's Valentine. Haven't read the book :)

  28. Prometheus is my most anticipated film for a VERY long time. Can't wait.

    ...Merry Christmas Dezzy! :)

  29. I bet you are a Ridley Scott fan then, Dan :) Oh, that really rhymes :)
    Merry Christmas to you as well, and to whole Britain, except your prime minister :)

  30. Argh!!! that trailer is killing me!!! I want more. So many great movies in 2012

  31. yep, 2012 will definitely be much better in cinemas than 2011