Monday, December 19, 2011


Why oh, why, do you hate me Hollywood? It seems that Tinseltown has decided to put one of my least favourite actresses in one of my most anticipated future projects: "Heat Vision" reported
this weekend that one dimensional, blank, frigid and highly unappealing Eva Green has been offered a role in 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA, the prequel to the legendary Spartan epic with Gerard Butler. She will apparently play Artemisia, a wicked goddess who persuades Xerxes to assemble his army and lead them into battle against the Greeks. I really hope it doesn't happen, since the casting efforts have been horrid so far, especially with the idea to give the lead role to Joel Edgerton, but thankfully that didn't happen. Thus, the role of Greek general Themistokles who will give resistance to Xerxes is still open (do you hear me, Karl Urban and Luke Evans?) .

As I've  mentioned a few times before probably the most anticipated trailer this year, the one for Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT should arrive this Tuesday with the premiere of
Steven Spielberg's THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, although there are some rumors that it might be released online later tonight. It will be an exciting wait :) Some of the lucky ones who managed to see the trailer in top secret, say it presents the characters rather than give action and that it has some huge legendary scenes from the book. However, although the trailer will bring us some joy this Christmas,  we shall have to wait for the film itself more than a year, since THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY premieres December 2012 starring Cate Blachett, Luke Evans, Lee Pace, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Evangeline Lilly... Don't forget to check out HOLLYWOOD SPY's extensive spotlight on characters  we shall watch in the film.

To fight back all of those who had horror blogfests, and who get thrills for dark knights, dragon tattooed loonies and other morbid nonsense, I'm continuing my series of heartwarming trailers in the Christmas week which I've started with SALMON FISHING
this weekend, and will continue with THE HOBBIT and some other trailers this week, but today here's something really dazzling and magical: it's a quite a breathtaking clip for THE FLYING MACHINE, the first film ever to combine 3D, stop -motion animation and live action, united by the stunning music of Frédéric Chopin. The film's live action segment is set in present day London, where career focused single parent (Heather Graham) juggles her professional life with parenting. Overworked and inattentive to the needs of her two children, she has a chance meeting with Lang Lang and his
flying-piano contraption, which prompts her to reevaluate her life and priorities as she's hurled skyward. In a wordless stop-motion segment, we are introduced to young Anna, who is separated from her beloved father because of his work. Heartbroken, she and her cousin attempt to reunite with him by traversing the globe on the flying machine. What began as a short film project celebrating the two-hundredth anniversary of Chopin's birth has blossomed into one of the most dazzling marriages of animation and classical music.


  1. "The Flying Machine" looks intriguing . . . .

  2. The Flying Machine a 3D live action animation family feature film animation tells a story of Anna, this is interesting.

  3. I don't know if it looks magical or terrible. It really matters how all these elements come together in the final product. I might give it a look. I appreciate you giving some play to these lesser known films. Well lesser known by me anyways.

  4. glad you like it , ladies, it is a very unusual film and very heartwarming, which is not something we see often in these dark times

  5. I don't think I realized we were going to have to wait another year until The Hobbit. Sigh. That's gonna be a long wait.

    Cute movie trailer. :)

  6. i share in your disappointment with the casting of eva green. hopefully the movie survives this.

  7. Trailer makes the movie look good just might check it out!

  8. Ugh, Eva Green. :-(

    That 2nd trailer looks right up my alley. Full of whimsy! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  9. @Luanne
    yep, a whole year, and there was even a very evil gossip that they might postpone the whole film for a year, but thankfully it wasn't true!

    glad you agree, the casting isn't official, she is just negotiating, so there is hope :)

  10. @Tamezis
    glad you think so :)

    I believe the film is finished, and I think it was already shown at some festivals, it's possible it will get on DVD or something

  11. Still have to wait two years for the full hobbit story. Since they got greedy and split it up into two films. But I'm sure they'll be good.

  12. I love Freeman and I think he'd make a perfect hobbit. Can't wait for the trailer.

  13. oh! the flying machine might be really cute! will have to see it! and hobbit hobbit hobbit! WHOO!!! :)

  14. I really hope it happens, we need more Eva! She needs to start doing more mainstream stuff (even though I do quite enjoy her more independent material.) Love Eva in bad girl roles. She was the best thing about Camelot. Can't wait for Dark Shadows next year as she's playing the sexy witch!

  15. I don't know about Eva, but I love Gerard Butler. As long as I get to look at him, I'll watch the movie. And the Hobbit, can't wait for it The Flying Machine looks good too. Hey Dez, as far as suffering goes, your country has it worse than us and has had it bad for a long, long time. Yet you manage to be happy, enjoy your families and keep living. May peace be unto you and yours this season.

  16. The Hobbit is gonna be huge! I cant wait.... That makes three huge sequels I want to see this year.... with The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises!

  17. The Hobbit coming out will mean all my online friends will start messaging me again about how much they want to visit NZ again soon.

  18. I just finished reading The Hobbit, it's great a movie is coming out. :P

  19. I love Eva Green.... End of!

    Happy Monday Dezzy!!

  20. Looking forward to some Hobbit eye candy and you're right about 300......

  21. @Pat
    but it's better this way, Pat, we get two films and get to enjoy the saga two years in a row :)

    I hope it will come tomorrow or Wednesday, depends on the time zone difference :)

    it is a cute film, I'm sorry people don't get it :( It's a film for kids, promoting love for classical music and imagination. It's not about special effects and quality of animation, but about the message.

  22. @Answer
    as you know I can't stand that woman, but you probably remember that I had agreed with you earlier this year, that she was the best of the cast in CAMELOT, but only because the rest of them were utterly horrid, especially Fiennes and that wimpy Arthur guy who made me stop watching it after third episode

    thanks for nice wishes, my Irish sister :) Hope Ireland and Serbia will find some peace and better times soon, we really did our share of historical suffering enough for a whole millenium :(
    It's not yet clear whether Gerard might appear in a short scene in some special way, but since it is a prequel he will not have any important role.

  23. @Steve
    THE HOBBIT is going to be the biggest of them all. Next Spring will be really interesting in cinemas. My most anticipated ones are THE HOBBIT, JOHN CARTER and MIRROR MIRROR

    I've always been in love with your country, and I'm known as one of the biggest supporters of Kiwi stars around the Net, so I reckon your president should give some kind of special citizen status :))) My love for Karl Urban, Craig Parker, Kyle Pryor is limitless :)

  24. @Rgers
    it's super great

    happy Monday to you as well

    always glad when you agree with me, Lurk :)

  25. I personally don't have a problem with Eva. And i look forward to the Hobbit.

    And i will proudly anticipate Dark Knight Rises :P

  26. About time I heard some news about The Hobbit. I was getting worried that the movie had died or something.

  27. My anticipation for the Hobbit trailer has no comparison... I just might have a Joy-Induced Heart Attack...

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  29. Wow! I haven't seen Heather Graham in ages! Looks like a cute film. But LOL at you! Least favorite actress in most anticipated film. But at least she's playing someone wicked. That helps, right? ;p <3

  30. @Dirty
    nice to hear you like THE HOBBIT

    the trailer is scheduled for tomorrow, hope it will be marvelous

    I hear you, brother, I hear you :)

  31. @Admin
    glad you liked the post :) I will pop over ASAP :)

    yep, she's been missing in action. She got horrid reviews of her acting in this one too, but the film is so cute and positive that not even her acting can ruin it :)

  32. The FLying Machine sounds and looks wonderful!

    Looking forward to the Hobbit (of course). It's a long wait though.

  33. glad you liked the trailer, Lyndy. I'm posting two epic trailers for two huge films, one tonight and second tomorrow, but after that I'm posting another heartwarming one :)

  34. Tuesday's release of THE HOBBIT trailer cannot come fast enough!!!

  35. I can't believe they offered Eva Green a role this epic, either. She is so bland.

    Cannot wait for the Hobbit trailer. I hope we can see it online as I do not want to endure Tintin to see it.

    Love the trailer. I have not heard of this film before so thank you for bringing it to my attention. I adore Heather Graham and think she looks amazing here.

  36. @Josh
    it's today or tomorrow, it's confusing with the time difference :)

    utterly bland
    I'm not seeing TINTIN either. Especially since the fanboys have been giving it good marks.
    Glad you liked the trailer :)

  37. I know you don't like Eva Dezzy, but I think she'd be good in something like 300. Oh I'd love to see Karl Urban in it, I mean there's a possibility Gerry Berry will have a cameo so to see BOTH of those on screen would be divine!

  38. Whats wrong with eva green shes %&$^$ Hot!