Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Probably inspired by the enormous success of Starz TV show, GK Films is going to make a SPARTACUS live action epic movie. Michael Gordon, who penned famous 300, will write a script which will be based on real historical facts and will follow SPARTACUS as the leader of 70,000 warriors and 50,000 freed slaves as they fought against the Roman empire between 73 and 71 B.C. Of course if they get the financing and move on with this epic project, we shall probably enjoy following the casting process and the search for the male star who will take this lucrative epic role. 
So after they kicked Charlie Sheen out of the show, are you now ready to watch the new TWO AND A HALF MEN in season 9 which starts this September? To celebrate Ashton Kutcher
as their new cast member they've even released a witty poster which reveals almost everything :) Well, if Americans can get a film on their CAPTAIN AMERICA why wouldn't their Northern neighbors get CAPTAIN CANUCK film. The comic book hero created back in the 70's will get its own movie sometime in the near future. According to "Variety" Helena Bonham Carter could join Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in LONE RANGER movie adaptation as a brothel owner :) According to "MovieWeb", Warner Bros. has
acquired rights for THE RED STAR comic book set in an alternate Russia which touts highly advanced technology along with magical elements. The story centers around a Russian soldier and his wife who get caught in the middle of a war between his country and a former Russian leader. The comic book has sold millions of copies around the world so far. According to "Variety" the writers of G.I.JOE will help Disney write the script for GARGOYLES, a film which will follow the famous scary dragon faced roof statues which come to life in order to defend their city. Disney wants to make this a multi platform project with TV shows and different merchandise goods as well.
After the success of the first season and the avalanche of Emmy nominations GAME OF THRONES continues with the fresh
casting for the second season, and the latest casting additions are lovely Carice van Houten and Stephen Dillane. Dillane will play Stannis Baratheon, brother of the late King Robert, who is vying for the throne. Carice will on the other hand, play Melisandre, a powerful sorceress who advises him in his quest for power. She is described as a powerful woman and a seductive force possessing prophetic powers who is willing to impose her religion on the world by any means necessary. We've previously seen this Dutch beauty in VALKYRIE and in REPO MEN. And Irish star Liam Cunningham will play Davos, a resourceful man who helps Stannis seize the Iron Throne from King Joffrey.


  1. This is exciting about Red Star. I can't wait to see who they cast.

  2. yep, that comic really looks beautiful, I've just seen a number of its covers and they were all amazing

  3. Red Star sounds very cool. And I remember the cartoon version of Gargoyles. It's still runs on The Cartoon Network here. It's from the late 80's or early 90's.

    Carice looks like she will make a wicked gorgeous Melisandre. And that is very exciting news about Spartacus.

  4. they said the GARGOYLE film won't be connected with the Cartoon Network animated show. I'd love to have a gargoyle on my roof :)

    I believe this is the hottest pic Carice has ever made :) She is pretty but not as spicy as in this particular photo :)

  5. I haven't read about Melisandre yet. Haven't moved on to book two of the Fire and Ice series yet. Soon. And YES to a Spartacus movie -- if they keep it in the 300 style.

  6. I wouldn't mind if everything was made in 300 style :))

  7. And if everything like 300 had Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender and Rodrigo Santoro in the cast :)

  8. Spartacus seems interesting. I would like to see the new 2 1/2 men unveiled. I hope it keeps with the original.

  9. we wouldn't mind seeing them unveiled either :)

  10. The Red Star sounds great. And it's always good to hear more about the Game of Thrones. Exciting!

  11. I will see anything will Helena Bonham Carter. Yay! Um... on Spartucs... can was assume that there will be no homoerotic undertones?

  12. Carice's chest is rather...noticeable

    And that is all i will say to prevent myself from going full perv mode

  13. "And Irish star Liam Cunningham will play Davos, a resourceful man who helps Stannis seize the Iron Throne from King Joffrey."

    Apparently, they're rewriting the story. Big time. :D

    I don't understand the Clash of Kings casting. Melisandre has red hair, but they cast a blonde. Cersei has blonde hair, but they cast a brunette. Margaery has brown hair, and yet they cast a blonde.

    I think I'm going to start investing in hair coloring companies.

  14. dah!!!! i should've just skipped the part about the second game of thrones!!! i haven't finished the first book quite yet... robert dies!?!?!?! i guess i should've seen that coming, huh? :)

  15. Whoo! Game of thrones!! Red Star sounds quite awesome too, but I'm not so sure about the success of Captain Canuck...

  16. Any Game of Thrones News is good for me!! and that Carice is very lovely on the eye.

    Are you OK Dezz, I didn't see you over at my house yesterday, have I upset you?

  17. Two and a half men without Charlie should be interesting and a Spartacus movie, Sword of Lies I know nothing about but it sounds interesting.

  18. carice will be a powerfull melisandre!

  19. 2nd film looks amazing!! haha thanks for always sharing this fabulous ones!!! About Andrei Amado, don't worry, all the fur is false :)


  20. @Lyndy
    yep, GAME OF THRONES news just keep on coming these days :)

    and what's wrong with homoerotic undertones? Homoerotic vibes and love were actually a normal thing among ancient warriors, especially Spartans who believed the only real love was love between two warriors.

    I believe she was going for noticeable in that pic :)

  21. @Debra
    peace to you sister as well :)

    hold your horses, MJ. Carice actually is a brunette but I've chosen this blond pic for two obvious reasons, Lenna Headey is a natural brunette but they did dye her hair blond and it looked nice, and I must admit I don't know who Margaery is :)

    I was also shocked when they decapitated him in episode 9, I thought they were just joking with us :(

  22. @Jamie
    yep, Captain Canuck probably ain't gonna have much success ...

    she IS lovely!
    Everything is fine, why wouldn't it be? I just didn't know what to write about Harry Plopper, you know I can't stand those three little pests :)

    we do love us some epic films, don't we? :)

  23. @Daniel
    indeed she will! :)

    @Sick by Trend
    ah, glad to hear that, I hate people who use and wear real fur! I'd take them all to see for themselves how foxes are skinned alive in the most brutal and shocking of ways :( Only a person of pure evil would wear fur after that.

    she will rock it big time :)

  24. powerful and seductive, I can see that.

  25. I knew you would see it, Budd 8)

  26. Margaery the character is the Knight of Flowers' sister. She becomes important in the second book...she might have been mentioned a couple of times in the first season.

    Here's a link to the casting for Margaery Tyrell:

    Sorry I didn't hyperlink it. It looked like it was not going to work the way I had it coded in.

    As for Carice...she's supposed to have "fiery red hair", but she's also supposed to have red eyes, so the make up department is going to work overtime on Melisandre. :D

  27. I am very excited about LONE RANGER and THE RED STAR, although Johnny Depp in just about anything is okay with me. ;-)

  28. Note to self: Add "The Red Star" toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Sorry, I...uh...was distracted by a...

    It looks like she got all the looks in the Van Houten family. Poor Milhouse.

  29. @MJ
    Ah, I haven't read the books, just watched the show. What I didn't like about the show was the total lack of fantasy. I thought the book was rich in such things. There weren't any big scenes either, everything was low-key which kinda disappointed my expectations.

    ladies love Depp :)

    breathe, Josh, breathe ;)

  30. HELLO..Carice Van Houten! :)

  31. Hi Dez, just voted in your best tv epic poll and looked for an appropriate place to comment - this thread seems to be it.

    How could you do it to me Dez - making me decide between Game of Thrones and The Tudors. Woe is me! Very difficult decision. I've enjoyed both series tremendously. Finally decided my vote would have to go to The Tudors due to the fact I'm more of a history buff than a fantasy fan. Tudors was a feast for the eyes as well as teaching fascinating historical facts. Mostly my eyes could not take themselves away from oggling Henry Cavill as Chas Brandon...yum,yum,yum:)

  32. yes, I would agree with you :) THE TUDORS were a drama of a much deeper quality than GOT. The acting, the sets and the costumes were also better in THE TUDORS. THE TUDORS basically created a way for other epic shows to appear on TV after many years and that's why it will remain a classic show even though it was of high quality only in first two seasons, and the last season was rather weak.
    And it did give us Henry Cavill, which is a gift on immeasurable value :)

  33. I tried to get into Game of Thrones panel but the line was 3 miles long! There was no way I could get in, bummer, it'd have been nice to see the cast even though Sean Bean wasn't there.

  34. I can imagine how many people wanted to get into that one! I'd personally behave like a rhino in order to get into IMMORTALS panel or into THE RAVEN panel just to see Luke Evans :) And I'd probably turn into a hippo in order to see a panel with Henry Cavill. That's your lesson, Flixy, next time take me with you and Dezzy will secure you a way into any panel you want :)

  35. Uuh that's not carice. It's her sister Jelka van houten8

  36. Thats right!This is not Carice Dezmond...Carice has darker hair... greetings free spirit mom :)

    1. I know, but I can't make myself to change the pic now, it's too perdy :)