Monday, July 26, 2010


During the ComicCon yesterday, Legendary Pictures (a studio which made movies such as "300", "Watchmen", "Dark Knight") has revealed the first image of how the famous monster Godzilla will look like in a new version of the famous movie which is supposed to come to cinemas sometime in 2012. Check out the green cutie in the first exclusive picture :)

Now if you like to watch music talent shows, this might interest you: you already know that two possible candidates to replace Simon Cowell in "American Idol" jury are two good guys Harry Connick Jr and Chris Isaak, but it seems that another (but a bad) one is lobbying for this role as well: believe it or not it's Donald Trump himself. Meanwhile, over in the UK, Simon Cowell has to find someone to replace Cheryl Cole (a British pop singer better known as a footballer's wife who can't really sing), who is recovering from malaria, in the jury for "X Factor". It seems that her place will be taken by the super stunning beauty and amazing singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Something that might excite my boys and I just had to show it to them is the exclusive new poster for the upcoming CW show "Nikita" (a reboot of the old show with Peta Wilson), which shows the main actress Maggie Q all sexy and steamy, which is why the tag-line for the show is "Looks Do Kill". Starting this September with Maggie Q and Shane West, "Nikita" will follow the adventures of a girl which was in her teen years rescued from death row by Division, who faked her execution and told her she was being given a second chance to start a new life and serve her country. Little did she know that she was being trained as a spy and assassin. Check out the teaser for the show as well:


  1. trump? ugh. :(
    why is godzilla's head so small?!?! shouldn't he have a big ole mouth with which he can swallow screaming citizens whole?

  2. well,I'm not sure but I think Godzy always had a small head and huge body :) And why do you call it a he? I think Godzy is usually a lady :)

  3. Hey Dezmond - it took me for-e-ver to find it, but Nikita totally reminded me of a movie entitled Point of No Return (1993). Same plot summary. At the time I really like the movie - thought it was a cool idea. We'll see how this goes. Shane West stole my heart back in A Walk to Remember (2002).

  4. well, there's also the original movie version of Nikita back from the 90's by Luc Besson, it was the source for the Peta Wilson show.

    Shane was also great in THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN :)

  5. I saw the trailer the other day for NIKITA and I must say Maggie Q can kick some ass and still looks sultry! I never watch the Peta Wilson version so I can't compare the two, but it's nice to see an Asian actress in the lead of a major tv show for a change.

  6. Well, Peta really was amazing, she was a Lucy Lawless type of female fighter, so Maggie Q really isn't a match for her, but I agree with you about Asian actresses getting some lead roles.

  7. I vote for Harry Connick. At least he can actually sing!

    And Nikita looks good. I was just wondering what happened to Shane West! Looks like my CW Thursday will be complete with Vampire Diaries too!

  8. Either of the musicians would be a strong addition to the judges panel, but Trump would be bad news.

    Tossing It Out

  9. @Kristin
    Harry is really great, and would fit in nicely.

    Trump is always a bad news :)

  10. Oh Dez... you're saying Cheryl Cole can't sing and then saying Nicole Scherzinger is an amazing singer... what am I to do with you. You have have it mixed up there, it's the other way around.

  11. well, when it comes to Nicole, everyone knows she is considered one of the best female vocals in the world since she has a very powerful voice and is a great in performing songs (not to mention she's a great dancer as well and a great person). When it comes to Cheryl, since you live over the ocean, you don't listen to her often and don't know that here in Europe she is considered a sweet girl, but with absolutely no voice whatsoever, which is an obvious fact not just my own taste.

    The proof that Nicole is one of the top ten best female vocals today:

    PROOF2: (especially the part from 3:20)

    The proof that Cheryl can't sing:

  12. Maybe in Serbia and the UK Nicole Scherzinger is considered one of the best female vocals but not over here, so the whole best in the world is pushing it. Only thing she's known for over here is the Pussy Cat Dolls and they aren't regarded as talented singers. If you asked people on the street here who Nicole Scherzinger was they probably wouldn't know and if they did the words "great singer" wouldn't come to mind, they wouldn't know Cheryl Cole either, but my point being is if you're the best in the world you'd be big here. So maybe the best singer in Europe but not in the world, because those of us on the other side of the world beg to differ.

  13. ahahaha, Answer, I love how you deliberately mix Nicole and PCD even though we were talking about Nicole's vocal talent not about the whole group. I also love how you think that Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa aren't considered "world" without America. Since I will be brave enough to say that I know the showbiz situation in America better than you, I do know that Nicole is popular there as well and that everybody knows who she is. As a matter of fact whenever I mentioned her here in HOLLYWOOD SPY the biggest number of positive comments was from my dear American readers.
    On the other hand, regarding your last sentence, you have a lot of huge worldwide music stars who are big around the world but not that much in USA - Anastacia, Shakira, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Enrique Iglesias ... and they are also rightfully called best stars in the world even though they are not that big in USA.