Saturday, July 31, 2010


It seems that super charming Henry Cavill, duke Charles Brandon of Suffolk from the cult TV series "The Tudors" is going ahead with his movie career after the finish of the popular historical saga. You already know that he will be the lead actor in "Immortals", a mythological tale set in war-torn ancient Greece where the young warrior, Theseus, leads his men into battle with the immortal Greek Gods to defeat evil and the powerful elder gods the Titans in order to save mankind (click to see pics). After this epic premieres in 2011, you can expect Henry in "The Cold Light of Day". Directed by Mabrouk El Mechri this action thriller will see Henry Cavill as an arrogant Wall Street stockbroker who gives into his family's wishes and takes a vacation in Spain, where his family gets kidnapped and he becomes entangled with government conspiracies and must uncover his father's deepest secret to return his family to safety.

J.J.Abrams, the man who managed to resurrect "Star Trek" saga, will produce the movie adaptation of graphic novel "Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel". Created by Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett "Boilerplate" is a hybrid of a graphic novel and a picture book and tells the tale of history's first robot who fought alongside Teddy Rooosevelt, traveled to the South Pole and was even involved in the silent film business in a story that spans the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


  1. Impressive robot, indeed. And with Abrams on board, I have no doubt that this will be something interesting to watch.

  2. That movie looks just sounds awesome. Huge fan of Ancient Greece, thanks for the tip Dez!


  3. Saw the Boilerplate news on Blastr last night. Could be a really fun movie.

  4. @Jaccsy and Alex
    yep, if done right, this movie could be quite fun.

    especially since it is directed by Tarsem who already proved with THE CELL and THE FALL that he is probably the most talented director ever when it comes to stunning visuals and fantasy.

  5. I think I must beg the question, does this dude ever NOT have his shirt off?

  6. Boilerplate sounds weird enough that I might like it.

    Tossing It Out

  7. How have I not heard of this guy??? Sometimes I think I must live under a very narrow rock. Thanks for the info. =D

  8. Henry Cavill, in my opinion, fits historical films well; I think he has that classic medieval look about him.

  9. @Cheeseboy
    well, actually, this is the only photo session in which you can see Henry in a sexy edition, and it was taken back when he was much younger. As far as I've noticed he is now quite shy and serious, and doesn't do shirtless photos, although we will see quite a lot of his skin in IMMORTALS, but that's only because situation requires it.

    would you believe that many people who read the graphic novel thought the robot really existed, and that created a whole buzz around it attracting film studios to buy the rights for adaptation :)

  10. @Shells
    you haven't heard of him??? Well, I do mention him often since he's one of my favourites, so keep on following and reading your spy and these unforgivable mistakes will not happen again :)))))

    that's because he seems very noble and has that almost knightly presence of his. But he also has a very contemporary feel to him, so I think he's a very versatile actor.

  11. Hip hip hurray for Henry!! This is awesome news indeed, I quite like the concept, I hope the movie will get a wide release.

    Hey Dez, in regard to the 'shirtless' comment, I'm sure glad Henry's not fond of being photographed that way, makes me respect him more.

  12. I don't know, if you ask me personally, I respect both people who have sexy pics and those without them. If you love a movie for being beautiful visually, if you would love a visually beautiful meal, if you would enjoy a beautiful painting, why wouldn't we enjoy a sight of a beautiful body? At the same time, it's also fine with me when somebody doesn't want to do revealing pics because of the possible aspect of superficiality which might impact his or her career.

    If I personally had a stunning body, I'd pose scantily clad all the time :)))

  13. Henry Cavill is gorgeous--I'll watch any of those! As to the pics, I think it's up to the person and how they want to portray themselves, their comfort level. It takes all kinds, and that's a good thing! (And so would I, Dez-ha!)

    Gothic Lit today at SouthernCityMysteries

  14. Well I appreciate God's given physical beauty as any woman, but I prefer actors who don't capitalize on their sex appeal too much. '...possible aspect of superficiality which might impact his or her career' You said it Dez, if they use 'em too often, it's inevitable it'll affect their reputation (just look at Matthew McCaugnahey or however the heck you spell his name). In any case, if we're talking about models, now that's a different story, looking good is what they get paid to do.

  15. @Michele
    yes, the comfort level and self-esteem are the key factors here. ;)

    I agree, but I must add that there actors who have a lot of sexy pics but are still considered quality drama actors: Jude Law, Matthew Goode, Ewan McGregor ... even Kate Winslet and Charlize Theron not to mention our dear Helen Mirren who just took a photo session exposing her boobs... all of them have a lot of extremely steamy pics and have shown all of their body parts in front of camera but are still critically acclaimed and some are even Oscar winners.
    I love when Kate Winslet or Helen Mirren pose nude and are not afraid that they might be considered superficial.