Monday, July 19, 2010


If you expected that Kenneth Branagh's "Thor" will have a stunning visual design as some of his previous movies ("Hamlet"), you were right: judging from the new image from "Thor" the sets will be larger than life. The latest pic published by "LA Times" shows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) kneeling in front of Odin (Anthony Hopkins). The pic also shows Frigga (Rene Russo), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Hogun (Tadanobu Asano) and Fandral (Joshua Dallas).

While Andy Whitfield recovers from cancer, Starz is preparing "Spartacus" prequel which will be called "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" and it seems they already have some new cast members: Dustin Clare will play Gannicus, the champion gladiator in the House of Batiatus before Spartacus.Jaime Murray ("Dexter") will take the role of a Capua social climber while Marisa Ramirez ("General Hospital") will be a slave girl. Andy Whitfield will have just a brief appearance in the six-part prequel. The second season of "Blood and Sand" will start shooting after "Gods of the Arena" and will be aired sometime later in 2011.

And Breck Eisner has talked to "MovieWeb" about his adaptation of "Flash Gordon" saying that the 80's sf classic was campy with bad special effects and that his version will not be a remake since it will go back to strips from the '30s bringing an updated version in the form of an action and adventure sci-fi film. Eisner also said that it will be an origins story for Flash who will go to Mongo to save the planet kinda like a superhero. New "Flash Gordon" could be turned into a franchise if the film proves successful.


  1. I think Alexander Skarsgaard would have made a good Thor! :)

  2. he would, but Chris Hemsworth is amazing as well, you will see :)

  3. I'm just waiting to see how Thor, Loki and the others will be like in action.

  4. that will be interesting to see as well, Jaccsy ;)

  5. All of this looks pretty cool, but that Thor set looks the best!

    I have to agree with Kelly too, considering he's Norse already.

  6. Hey Dezmond - Happy Monday! The set for Thor looks way cool. I'm kind of excited about Flash Gordon too. What can I say? Yay!!!

  7. That Thor set looks like something out of a musical from the 1930s. I would expect to see some Busby Berkeley style dance numbers.

    I'd like to have a slave girl like Marisa Ramirez to serve my every need.

    Tossing It Out

  8. @Alex
    it's very glamorous, isn't it?

    I'm also hoping that Alexander will get some lead movie role in the near future.

    oh, yes, I'm uber excited about Flash myself :))

    yep, and the costumes could go well in a musical too :)))
    And your slave girl wish could be fulfilled immediately if we transport you back through time down to Ancient Rome ;)

  9. Once again you give me news that I need to hear before anyone else does. I loved 'Spartacus, Blood and Sand' and I am glad that we will have something new to watch until they get back to showing us what happened after the fall of the House of Batiatus.

  10. @Cal
    I've written many times this year both about BLOOD AND SAND and the prequel, since I'm a huge fan ;) And the fall of the house of Batiatus was really quite some fall, wasn't it? :)))

    which part? :)))

    @Powdered Toast Man
    glad to make you excited ;)

  11. I liked that campy Flash Gordon. :) You could see European influence in costumes and make-up, even if special effects were bad. Which I'm not sure is true.
    But I think Flash with this new direction could be even better.

    It's a good thing producers of Spartacus didn't
    forget about many fans of that series. (Even with Andy's unfortunate illness.) I don't watch this series, but anything is better than another CSI.

    Thor set and costumes do look glamorous. :) But too glamorous for my tastes. Norse Gods are supposed to be grittier and less splendid (less extravagant) than their Greek and Egyptian counterparts. Especially their halls shouldn't look so... ...bright and polished :). But it a minor complaint.

  12. yep, campy Gordon was great :)) I'm afraid this new one will just be a sf action and won't have glamour nor dazzle we loved so much in the 80's movie.
    Oh, don't mention darn CSIs :)

  13. I'm getting less and less interested in THOR sadly... the two trailers didn't wow me at all, if anything the opposite is true. Ah well...

    As for Flash Gordon, well it's just a matter of time they're gonna remake that one. The 80s movie is pure guilty pleasure for me as Dalton was at the top of his game... Byron was sooooo hunky! I'd love to see someone like Henry Cavill or Matthew Goode in the role of Byron, or even Aaron Johnson, basically a dark-haired Brit who can act :D As for Flash, well I always thought the original actor kinda look like Ashton Kutcher but I sure hope they won't go with him, ugh!