Sunday, July 25, 2010


Now, since Mark Ruffalo officially got the role of Hulk and Jeremy Runner will be Hawkeye in "The Avengers", the world needs a new superhero movie casting mystery. So, here's a charming one: talented comedian Zachary Levi from "Chuck" has openly admitted he would like to be the lead star of the new "Superman" reboot. As you may already know Jonathan Nolan (the brother of the inglorious director) has apparently been attached to direct the new Superman film possibly entitled "The Man of Steel". According to some sites, the pre-production has already begun and Zachary Levi has reportedly even auditioned for the movie.

Yesterday, ComicCon has organized a panel for the medieval action "Ironclad" and the first exclusive footage from the film was also released showing James Purefoy and Paul Giamatti in a battle for a castle. "Ironclad" is set in 13th century England and tells the story of a formidable Knight Templar (James Purefoy) and his "Magnificent Seven" who defended historic Rochester Castle against the tyrant, King John (Paul Giamatti), and his mercenary army. Other cast members include Richard Attenborough, Robert Carlyle, Bob Hoskins, Pete Postlethwaite, Brian Cox, William Moseley, Jason Flemyng, Mackenzie Crook, Kate Mara ...


  1. Ironclad sounds awesome.
    And wasn't the Superman movie a couple years ago considered a reboot?

  2. yep, the new one will probably be a reboot of a reboot :) Hollywood likes to recycle :)

  3. Ironclad looks so good!
    AND THAT POSTER FOR IT!!! totally the most beautiful thing on your blog! (sorry ladies!)
    ("Hollywood likes to recycle"... *snickers*)

  4. I have a mad crush on Mr. Levi but I've never gotten into the superman thing...but for him, I would.

  5. I have a man crush on Levi, but I wonder if he is really the right choice.

  6. Ironclad is going to be great, but I am not so sure about "Chuck Kent" as Superman. Somehow, he just seems more typecast as a bumbler than a superhero? Sorry Levi? W.C.C.

  7. I see him as too goofy. Alvin and the Chipmunks and Chuck....not Superman!!

  8. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to see it!

  9. mmh, I think Zac Levi can could pull it off; but I can't quite see, it! Paul G. Is so great at whatever he does...great character actor!

  10. @Aspiring X
    I guess you're into James Purefoy then )

    we all would, we all would :)

    we all have it, we all have it :)

  11. @W.C.Camp
    hey, Camp, welcome to Hollywood Spy, hope we'll be seeing you here often ;)

    maybe he could bring something fresh into Superman with his charming goofiness :)

    hey, Sadako, glad you like it, and welcome to Hollywood Spy ;)

    yep, he can sure pull it off :)

  12. I'm with Jaccstev, I can see Levi as Clark Kent, but not Superman. It's really a tough balancing act, and only Christopher Reeve could do both really well. I think they should just give Brandon Routh another shot, he's really not bad as Supes, just the SR script needs a lot of work!

  13. I honestly don't know that they will ever find someone to do a "good" version of Superman, but I'm biased. Nobody can beat Christopher Reeve IMHO. Ironclad however, is one I will definitely watch. I have enjoyed pretty much every Paul Giamatti movie he's ever done. He's just that good. Thanks for letting me know about this one.

  14. @Flixy
    well, I've always thought that Superman was kinda an unappealing role because it was portrayed by actors who looked like plastic mannequins and didn't really seem to have any emotions in them. This is why it might be good for Zachary to get this role, because he could give it a more human aspect, something likable and charming, so that Superman wouldn't seem distant.

    yep, IRONCLAD seems as great fun, and it is quite an unexpected role for Giamatti.

  15. I like Zachary, but he doesn't stand a chance of getting that role (imo). He would be too far out of "comfort zone" for producers, fans, and most likely general audience. Superman is an icon, and there are only a few little deviations that can be excepted. Until Zachary changes some things about him, he can't become Superman.
    Try this for reasoning... If Nicholas "I-can-play-anyone" Cage couldn't get that role, than nobody (who doesn't fit Superman's description) can. :)

    Ironclad looks good. Too bad that story is so familiar. I like Purefoy. I liked his Solomon Kane. That movie was very well done (for its budget). It only needed some humor. At least a little. :( But just like in Solomon Kane, I think Ironclad wont have any humor in it. That's a little unnatural for me, and it makes such movies a bit unrealistic (for me at least).

  16. I guess it's the same situation as when John Krasinski was lobbying to get the role of Captain America :)
    The Nicolas Cage reasoning is a hilarious one, Bels :PPP

    I think that seeing Giamatti with a crown is humorous enough for me :)))

  17. Plastic mannequin, ha! Yeah I see your point, though I didn't ever feel that way about Christopher Reeve's portrayal, I think he was able to bring the humanity aspect out, which is challenging.

    Btw, I've never heard of IronClad before, but I'll check out the trailer since James Purefoy is in it :D

  18. ah, Flixy, my dear, then you should read HOLLYWOOD SPY every day - I've written about IRONCLAD many times in last year or two :))

  19. Wait, what was wrong with the last guy that played Superman?!?!?! I was under the impression that was going to be the first of several with that cast... that's disappointing they are recasting already.

  20. well, the Superman with Brandon Routh wasn't really successful at the box office and people found him quite plastic and cold. They will try to do the same thing they did to HULK which wasn't successful with Eric Bana so they gave the role to Norton few years after that.

  21. what a good news, well.. this is what i'm thinking..
    we know that no one could take Christopher Reeve'S place for Superman..let's get over it. :)

    Since i've got a rumor about Bryan Singer willing to direct New Superman (Brandon Routh) i've searched every news, i've been a lil doubted him that it would be so great as he think.. everytime i see that S-costume i said 'err!' it's so gay stuff! but it has to be someone else to make a change for superman, i agree. i wish i were on aboard taking part to make this movie great and successful at that time, i wish.. :)

    good luck, for Superman reboot.
    remember one thing.. Superman is a Kryptonian, far away from earth, not only just he has a Super strength beyond human,,there must be something else that particularly physically different compare to human on earth. so there are many possibilities to explore the character on movie, he isn't cartoon alike no more.

    Dezmond said "..because it was portrayed by actors who looked like plastic mannequins and didn't really seem to have any emotions in them."

    i know what it means, but he doesn't have to be really like that. how can it will be great it he has no emotion? it's a correction for Superman returns too. been Years in Smallville thought by his loving and caring 'parents'..i mean come on, Dez.. :) his villains can see that he helps people, as his 'weakness'as well as kryptonite that they could use it to beat him. Christopher Reeve has and making a smart joke for Lois.

    Good luck Dezmond, Good luck Zach Levi!
    warm regards, from Indonesia.

  22. thanks for dropping by, Thor.
    Unfortunately, this is old news. THE SUPERMAN reboot is now being directed by Zack Snyder (300, WATCHMEN, GUARDIANS OF GA HOOLE) and it won't star Zachary Levi, even though he would be nice in the role.

    Greetings to Indonesia ;)

  23. and thank you for some nice respond,
    Dez, excuse me cause i found your blog was like 'coincidence' .. :)

    i thought James Cameron would direct the movie,
    knowing on Batman he did.. i closed my eyes, but i did not for Mr.Freeze character (Arnold Schwarzenegger) he was cool, like ice! as always. :))

    Lot of people says..Do we need Superman? while so..many new superheroes with their similar super strength has born.
    I love Superman.. but now there is a risk to whosoever direct for the movie.
    Now, i see it's like 'a death-match' project for their career.

    Lookin at Zack Snyder works was really did awesome on directing 300, WATCHMEN and Guardians of Ga Hoole.

    I hope Zack could do something better and different on this project, making it and roll it on the right way for Man of Steel - Superman.

    So, :) what d'ya think about Zack Snyder would direct for Man of Steel, Dez. would it be great? :)

    Greetings accepted,
    greeting back for you and your country
    from Indonesia.


  24. correction Dez..
    Batman Forever direct by Joel Schumacher, i meant.
    heee... :))