Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok, so here's a real treat for the usual boring Monday: straight from the ComicCon I have for you the first official posters for the upcoming super hero flick "Green Lantern". The four unusual character posters show Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, gorgeous Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Mark Strong as Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond. When connected these posters also reveal the amazing main tagline - In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight! As you know, "Green Lantern" comes out June 2011. How do you like the posters?


  1. Love it! Ryan Reynolds as another superhero! Does it get any better! I'm a huge Reynolds fan, so this is officially on my must see list. Thanks Dez!


  2. @Alex
    it is, although I see most people around the Net think these posters could have been of better quality because they look as if they were Photoshopped by a fan :) I still like them.

    hey, Bryan, welcome to Hollywood Spy, hope I'll be seeing you here often, I write about sf almost every day :)

  3. These look like teaser posters, but that could be expected. Not much to see here, except that tagline. That tagline is Green Lantern oath btw. At least first half of it. Most comic book fans know it by heart, or at least know of it. :)

  4. yes, I know the line is from the comic :) Yes, these are teaser posters since the premiere is still far ahead.

  5. This is going to be so awesome. The pick for Sinestro is a good choice. I'm not a fan of making Carol Ferris a major role (since she really wasn't there much in the comic book), but I understand the need for a "heart-wrenching love story". Still, all-in-all it looks awesome.

  6. These are great! So looking forward to next summer now! My son and I were talking about the movie and he asked me what GL's weakness was. I told him it was the color yellow.

    "No, dad. Seriously, what is it really."

    I know.

  7. I like the posters.
    But for 1 quick second I thought that Ryan Reynolds was Stephen Seagal! I thought that maybe it was a flashback to his first movie or something, then I took a closer look. :)

    P.S. Yes, it's Monday!

  8. I am torn about this movie. I may have to go without my wife as she will be oogling Ryan Reynolds the entire night.

  9. I'm not impressed with the posters. And I always get confused: Who is the Green Lantern? Was Kato the sidekick for him or the Green Hornet?

    Tossing It Out

  10. I don't know who the Green Lantern is either (except that he's a superhero), but I certainly do know who Ryan Reynolds is! :)

  11. @Eric
    yep, it wouldn't be a good movie without a great (meaning sexy) female character :)

    Seriously, what is his weakness??? :)

    glad you like them, Avalon :)

  12. @Lisa
    now, don't give me nightmares with Seagal :)

    it's hard not to oogle over Ryan :)

    KAto is with Hornet (who isn't really a super hero, since he has a very lame costume and will be played by Seth Rogen in a movie). Lantern is a super hero with green spandex suit :)

    off course you do :P

  13. I can't wait!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!