Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Jude Law has just revealed to "Empire Online" that "Sherlock Holmes II" will start shooting sooner than expected - this October with him as Dr. Wattson and Robert Downey Jr as Holmes. Jude is also working on Steven Soderbergh's "Contagion" a sf action which takes place over four continents, and revolves around the threat posed by a deadly disease with the stunning cast including also Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon and Marion Cottilard. Jude Law will also appear in Martin Scorsese's "Hugo Cabret" playing the father of a 12-year-old orphan who lives in the walls of a Paris train station in 1930 and the film follows a mystery involving the boy, his late father and a robot.

And it seems we can say goodbye to "James Bond 23", because the latest rumors claim that the new Bond movie, which was supposed to be directed by Sam Mendes, has been canceled thanks to MGM being in a bad financial situation. It could be years before the secret agent with a license to kill is back on the big screen. This also means that Daniel Craig could be replaced by a younger actor when a new installment finally gets the green light.

Although the viewers and the critics weren't amazed by yet another of his work, M. Night Shyamalan, is optimistic about the possible sequel to "The Last Airbender" which grossed around $50 million last weekend. He said that the second part will be darker and richer and it will follow a less important character from the first film which will be more prominent in the second movie and will also focus on Kyoshi Warriors who were omitted from "The Last Airbender".


  1. The poor business decisions of MGM execs have messed up the company so badly that fans are now feeling the pinch.
    I won’t waste my money again on another Shyamalan's Airbender. The movie was the stupidest and most horrible adaptation I've ever watched. It was truly nothing compared to the tv series.

  2. ugh, the Bond news hurts.
    and maybe Shymalan, instead of discussing how the second movie will be darker, should focus on the writing and the showing instead of telling. that would make me happier

  3. @Jaccsy
    I must admit I haven't read anything positive on THE LAST AIRBENDER around the Net so far. It seems it really is a bad bad movie.

    ah, I didn't know you were into James Bond or currently James Blond :))

  4. I can't believe Bond won't be back! It may take time, but he will return...

  5. it's still not official, Alan, maybe Judy Dench will use her powers in the secret service to speed up the production ;) After all, it is one of the most lucrative movie franchises ever.

  6. Odds of Airbender 2 being made I'd say are at around 5%. They spent an insane amount making it, twice that insane amount producing it, and are currently 1/5th of the way there with nothing but bad word of mouth ahead. I don't doubt it'll make money (once international profits come in), but not enough strong publicity for them to spend that kind of money again.

    Sad to hear about the next Bond, it's a real shame.

  7. as you've just said it, Univarn, THE LAST AIRBENDER might make it much better around the world as many other movies did before even though they didn't score success in the USA (and vice versa).

  8. Glad to see Jude Law is going back to being the ubiquitous actor he used to be (though Sherlock Holmes doesn't interest me). But Cantagion just sounds scintillating.

  9. Crappy news about the Bond movie. Thought Daniel Craig made a great Bond, too.

    If there's a sequel to the Last Airbender, the writers who work on the actual show need to write it. That seems to be a big complaint of the fans.

  10. This Bond news is upsetting to me....
    I look forward to each new 007 movie.

  11. @Andrew Encore
    oh, Andrew, I'm so glad to find another person beside me who doesn't really care much for SHERLOCK HOLMES film :)) And yes, I also love my Jude versatile :)

    @Alex and Andrew Green
    ah, boys, sorry to make you sad, but if it's any consolation the news about Bond are not yet official.

  12. Count me in for the camp that's hoping the Daniel Craig Bond lives on!

  13. There have been gaps in the Bond saga before: between Man With the Golden Gun and Spy Who Loved Me, and especially between Dalton and Brosnan... but after Quantum of Solace, I can't help thinking the time may have come to pension the old boy off.
    Is he even relevant any more? (Don't kill me: I'm only wondering aloud...)

  14. That's a lovely photo of Mr. Law there, Dez, thank you :) Wow, Contagion has an awesome cast indeed, but too bad about the Bond news. Looks like Craig has the same fate as Dalton after all.

  15. @j.m.neeb
    you must visit church every Sunday and pray hard for Daniel Craig ;)))

    you mean pension Bond or pension Craig as Bond?

    oh, be welcome, Flixy, you know I always search for the best pics, and this one is from Jude Law's DUNHILL promo photo shoot. DUNHILL always has the best gents and the best pics in their promo campaigns. Yours and mine favourite Henry Cavill has also been their model.

  16. YAY FOR SHERLOCK HOLMES 2!!!! Love me some RDJ! ...and Jude.. come to think of it! :)

  17. ah, Kristin, Jude should be in your first place :)

  18. I meant Mr Bond himself. (I think Craig's okay in the role, actually.)

  19. Well, he could really use a nice break, gather up his Bond girls and just enjoy the rest of his life on some tropical beach with a martini in his hand ;)

  20. Oh sheesh, I wish I could work for Dunhill with the kind of models they picked! I didn't know Jude was a model for them, too. Whoever their 'casting' manager is definitely got great taste! (as do we, right Dez?)

  21. oh, yes, Flixy, Jude and Henry for DUNHILL and Wentworth Miller for CITY are probably the best celebrity adds I've ever seen.
    Off course we have great taste. You've proved it with sporting a mithril tank top, while I proved it with my refined blog :)))))

  22. Heck, Bond has a daughter floating around; Why
    can't we take a different path here and up grade!
    Daddy n' Daughter team...come on Hollywood, grow up!

    I think M.Night needs to review the formula that worked before, the stunning shocking! His first
    film the pacing, the tone, it was great....
    I always see his flicks, but it saddens me, he caught top of 1st flick!

    Sorry, I'm into Tall, Dark and Handsome for Bond... My Dad and I fought and I told him
    Pierce Bronsman was the pick. Most likely a
    New Bond will appear...a rugged unknown most likely!

    I still want daughter and daddy, he finds her tirades appealing and then head trauma, when he finds out she is his daughter. Bond's daughter has daddy's charms and appeal...which worries him!

    Hey Jude...good for you; sounds interesting!

  23. well, I could go with the idea of a female Bond :) Catherine Zeta Jones has just the right amount of elegance, intelligence, charm and sexiness for the role :) And she's British.

    I also liked Pierce best as Bond.

  24. I think Catherina Zeta Jones would be great; We
    need Sean Connery to make a come back! They were a great pairing in that thief movie...
    "Entrapment". This would work! Daddy passing the baton off to daughter, with cameo appearance in each flick to remind us of her roots. Bond's hand in helping her perfect her technique and learn his skills! Hollywood listen up...

  25. ah, yes, if only Tinseltown would listen to us :)))