Saturday, September 12, 2009


One of the breakthrough stars of "Britain's Got Talent", middle aged Susan Boyle a housewife with angelic voice and some less angelic looks, has apparently won the attention of Hollywood as well. After Catherine Zeta Jones had said that she would like to produce a biopic about Boyle, the new update is that Robin Williams was presented with the idea to play the lead role.
This is what he said: "I've been asked to play Susan in the movie. I think she's incredible. That clip of her singing on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT was extraordinary. So inspiring. She's got a really great voice."
Williams has reportedly already learned to mimic Boyle's voice from her audition performance when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream".
Well, if nothing else, we must admit, there really is some strong physical resemblance between Susan and Robin. Just look at the pictures. And Robin has an experience in playing characters of another gender :)
Actually, when I come to think about it, I'd watch a movie about her only with Williams in the main role :)


  1. I've seen/heard of Ms Boyle several months ago. I didn't even hear about show Britain's Got Talent before that. A friend of mine insisted that I watch/search for her on youtube. She's insanely popular, and she's got an angelic voice, were some comments if I remember correctly. And so I searched and I watched her performance.
    She is indeed talented singer and has a great singing voice. But I've seen and heard performers just as good on other similar shows. I think the bulk of her popularity stems from the fact that some viewers find it hard to believe that someone who looks like that can sing so magnificently.
    Yes, I know. Some people are superficial. :))

    I've watched a few other popular clips from the same show. I must say I liked some dance performance the most. Several, maybe dozen young men, dancing as a synchronized group. I can't remember their name. Maybe I'm a visual type, but I can't put a single song performance in a same league with a group dance. The latter takes much more work and planning, and it is also far less ordinary then a "simple" singing.

  2. That dance group is called DIVERSITY and they won the show in a surprising ending when Susan was left second against all media expectations. I also liked them better.
    What made her world wide famous are those five seconds after she had come out onto the stage looking rather horrible, and had been laughed at by the crowd and the jury, and then she just opened her mouth and the music came out. The rest is history :)
    I'm not a fan, I must admit. But I like her story. It, off course, doesn't mean her fame will last for long even though her upcoming album has already been sold in hundreds of thousands of copies. Remember Paul Potts, who did the very same thing a few years before her? Haven't heard about him ever since.

    And to reveal you a little "something something" :) next month with the beginning of Serbia's Got Talent over at Pink, we'll have the exact same dance groups performing stunning choreographies in the show.

  3. Oh, no. Pink TV. :(
    We should get ready for sparkly and over-decorated scene/stage (like Christmas tree). Presenters and hosts of the show will probably be with no sense of humor. Normal humor, not some twisted Pink kind of humor.

    I won't watch this on TV. Maybe I'll catch highlights later on youtube.

  4. Ah, Belsy, then brace yourself: the jury will consist of Ivan Tasovac, the manager of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Danica Maximovic, the respected actress (not if you ask me, but generally speaking), and Mili, the most successful music producer (the author of Ceca's hits :)))

    The first part of the show is shot in one of the Belgrade theaters, where you watch the auditions, and only the last, final, part will be in a spectacular studio.

    And since we are talking trash and Stink now :) the sets for the new season of GRAND show (I just love how I found an opportunity to mention this here) are being designed in Japan, Danmark and Switzerland and will consist of some movable parts which means that the stage will be in motion during the broadcast :))))
    But you don't watch GRAND, so I don't know why I'd mentioned this here :)))