Thursday, September 17, 2009


"Movieweb" reports that J.J. Abrams has started planning the new part in the "Star Trek" franchise. In interviews for "LA Times" and "Sci Fi Wire" he said he wants to make a movie that is worthy of the audience, and not just another movie in the series. Since they managed to set up the characters in the first film, now they will have a very different mission. Abrams said he wants to create allegories in the script just like Gene Roddenberry always did, telling a story which has a connection to something that is familiar and relevant to people. He still wants movie to be spectacular, moving and entertaining, but not pretentious. Abrams hopes he'll menage to get everybody from the first cast. He is currently discussing the script with the writers from the first part.


  1. Basically, we still don't know anything. :))
    We all expect sequel to be in 2010 (probably summer), but aside from that we still don't have any indication of what will be in the script.
    Any maybe it is too soon to know such things, but some (most?) of us can't help being curious.

  2. Yes, we basically don't know anything :)beside the fact that the talks have started which is a small step for humanity but a huge step for Trekkers :))

  3. As long as there's a significant amount of Zachary Quinto..

  4. Hope they will make it better than the first one which already become one of my favorite films of this year.

  5. Hey Emily and Jaccstev, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, hope to see you here often :)

    Yes, a significant amount of Zachary and Karl Urban :) and yes, let us hope that the new project will be even better than this year's one.

  6. It doesn't have to be better than first one. I would be content if it has the same mix of quality an entertainment first one had. :)

    There are a lot of actors in the cast that I like. And there is always possibility of an interesting guest star.

    About Karl Urban... And Dez's regard of him...
    I knew him from few movies I watched, and he seemed totally OK, but that was all. I didn't know anything about him outside of the roles he played. Why did Dez have such a high opinion of him?
    And then I saw a video interview with him. It was a short clip, maybe 5 minutes. Shared with his fellow actress Zoe Saldana, discussing their characters in the Star Trek movie. I was captivated with Karl from the moment he first spoke. Great voice, intonation, proficient use of simple words and sentences, and all accompanied with a great body talk and natural posture. You can fell his presence and charisma even in that shot discussion.
    I cant believe he's not one of the "kings" of Hollywood, like some of his colleagues.

  7. evo zanimljiv link o zaradama filma, nije se bas proslavio kod nas :( sta reci ja sam ga gledao u praznom koloseumu a planirao sam da ga pogledam ponovo u valjevu, ali nije ni dosao u bioskop

  8. pa kad nit imamo bioskopa, nit ima reklame na TV, nit imamo filmske casopise, nit filmskih rubrika po popularnim magazinima itd...