Thursday, September 10, 2009


The first look of the upcoming historical/fantasy/adventure/horror "Solomon Kane" is finally here. Unfortunately only a Russian trailer is available currently, but you can still watch it just to see what to expect from it visually over at my official YouTube channel:
James Purefoy is a 17th century Puritan who roams the world trying to destroy the evil in all its shapes and forms. He is joined by Jason Flemyng, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Max von Sydov...


  1. This look pretty much as I expected. Good thing I'm not some elitist that I need big production for everything. :) This will do just fine. :))

    Now, I wonder when will I be able to see this?

  2. as soon as I translate it from Russian into Serbian :))))))

    You know that I speak Russian, yes? :))

  3. I wouldn't put it past you. :)
    But I understood almost everything in that trailer. Even though I'm deeply ashamed of my knowledge of Russian language. Ten years of Russian at school, and I can't remember ten Russian words at hand. Pathetic. :(((

  4. But it is still so strange whenever I see a synchronized movie, I'll never get used to it, and I can't understand why would anyone choose that instead of the simple subtitles.

    So, English isn't even your first foreign lg???

  5. No. English is my "second" foreign language. When I was at elementary school first foreign language had been german/french/russian (usually only one per school), starting at third grade. Later at fifth grade we all started with English as our second language. This was practice with majority of elementary schools in Belgrade.

    The only way I could explain synchronized movies (instead on subtitled ones) in with what's commonly known as "acquired taste". :)) People get used to, even get to like many things that are not naturally "likable". Take smoking or carbonated drinks as an example. Give one of those to a child first time and it will spit it out. :))

  6. I didn't spit out my COCTA the first time they gave it to me :)))))

  7. Maybe you have a tongue/throat tolerance of a rhinoceros? :)))

  8. ma ne, :)) nego sam od malih nogu bio izvrsni registar zdravih stvari. KOKTA je jedno od retkih gaziranih pica koje nije nesto opasno po zdravlje jer za razliku od stranih KOLA pica nema one (mislim da je ortofosforna) kiseline u sebi, a pri tom sadrzi shipak (najveci izvor C vitamina u prirodi domacoj, mada kontam da malo od toga zavrsi u samom picu) i zbog mesavine shipka i karamele ima izuzetno prijatan ukus, koji vole i stari i mladi :))

    Eh, vala bas sam nasao temu za jedan filmski blog :)) Mozda mi Kolinska opali neko sponzorstvo he he ...