Monday, September 14, 2009


Click on the image to read the story. You can also check out the exclusive trailer for Disney's upcoming "Christmas Carol" over at my official YouTube channel:


  1. I watched the trailer. It seems Zemeckis is getting better with his motion capture animated films. Still, animation and movements from Avatar trailer seem to be more fluid than this.

    It's not hard to spot Jim Carrey's performance in this trailer. :) To bad the story is so well known to me (and many others). I don't think there will be many surprises.

    On a different but related note, I've seen Ghosts of Girlfriends past. It is a twist/variation of a Christmas Ghosts story. Even though end was totally predictable, there where a few surprised along the way. Surprises we likely wont have with this new Disney remake.

  2. Yes, I've thought the very same thing: he's getting better.
    It's a classic tale, so I don't expect surprises, other than Carrey's stupid grimaces and faces :)))

    I must admit I'm not a fan of Jennifer Garner. She's in GHOST OF GFS' PAST yes?

  3. Yes, Jennifer Garner is in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. She's the female lead. Typical and easy role to perform. There are several other roles, but most of the spotlight is on Matthew McConaughey.

    I will see new Christmas Carol when I get a hold of some HDrip. I'll enjoy the level of details in high resolution, if nothing else. :)

  4. Did you know that in our language we have a word for "Christmas carol" but I bet it will be translated as "Bozicna pesma" or something like that. Our term for a song which children and people sing in the festive Christmas atmosphere is "koleda" and the singing groups are "koledari". :)

  5. Yeah... They definitely wont use the term "koleda". I've heard of it, but didn't know it was used specifically for Christmas festivities. I don't think they use "pesma" either. If I remember popular choices were "bajka" and "prica".

    So, Disney has both Princess and the Frog and Christmas Carol in the coming months. And they will take ownership of Marvel Entertainment (for $4 billion). Busy fall for them. :)

  6. Ah, although I don't watch many animated movies, I'll just have to watch THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG since that alligator playing a trumpet character is soooo irresistibly cute :))

    And I think I'll check out UP, but that's not from Disney.

  7. I collect almost all of animated movies that come out in theatres. I don't watch them all, but I collect them anyway. :)

    I've just recently seen Battle for Terra and Monsters vs Aliens. I'm waiting for Planet 51, Astroboy, and Princess and the Frog. Maybe I'll also see Ice Age 3, Up, and 9.

  8. Is BATTLE FOR TERRA worth watching? Or is it too philosophical? And what about DELGO?
    I've seen ICE AGE III, it's not as good as the first part, but it's better than the second one. Although it's hilarious at moments, it doesn't have the warmth and depth of the first installment. It is still fun to watch and is currently the third on the list of most watched movies around the world (which to my joy always makes DARK KNIGHT fanatics extremely angry :))))

  9. Is Battle for Terra worth watching? I don't know... But I can tell for sure it is not too philosophical. On the contrary, its story is as straightforward as it can be. It's short, concise, and quite predictable in some parts, which is not necessarily bad. Animation and visuals are not as complex and glamorous as in some other high-end animated movies. But it's still good. My main trouble with animation style was right there from the first images and trailer. I just feel that such smooth and placid visual style doesn't suit a movie with such a serious story. It would be best if this was live-action, or some mix like Cameron is doing with Avatar.
    Voice cast had some eight actors known to me, but as always I could distinguish only one or two of them. I guess I'm not good at voice recognition.
    All in all, Terra certainly didn't deserve such a awful reception upon its release in theatres. (Just like I suspect was the case with Delgo.)

    I just took a look at list of highest grossing movies (all-time) in World excluding USA. And you're right Dez. Ice Age 3 is third on that list. First superhero movie is Spiderman 3 at 13th place. Dark Knight is second on 24th position (not so popular around the world :) ).
    But that is expected. After all, superhero comics are primarily American pastime, and even there they have very limited readership base.
    This list also confirmed one more thing to me. SF movies are not that popular outside USA. Top SF movies on this list are Independence Day and Star Wars episode 1 (on 19th and 20th place).

    And on a list of this year's top films (worldwide including USA), Ice Age 3 holds second place. Below the latest Harry Potter, but above Transformers 2.

  10. Yep, I've read a disgusted comment of one blogger who was appalled that ICE AGE III did better around the world than TRANSFORMERS, TERMINATOR ... and was even so lame to conclude that the rest of the world is superficial, empty headed and stupid if they would prefer ICE AGE to other American movies.
    Off course people soon put him in the right place by saying that people around the world often prefer warm family movies with positive energy and messages to shallow action films with violent plots and egocentric morals.

    The laughs and smiles of your kids watching cute squirrels and other animals will always be more important to the rest of the world than some dark knights, evil jokers, destructive robots and army propaganda.