Monday, September 14, 2009


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  1. I think that this will be something like Van Helsing.
    A holy warrior fighting against demons and hell spawn. Or something like that. :))

  2. This film has been in the mix for sometime now, same as Witchblade, which they never seem to make any progress on. I don't expect this to be great if it ever gets released, but I'll rent it.

  3. "Hell spawn" ha ha he he ..... :))

    Yes it is in the preproduction for quite a long time now. We've written about it for the first time sometime last year.

    I'd like it to be something like VAN HELSING, but I think it won't be :) It'll probably be some contemporary para psychological thriller with low budget. As ANSWERMVP says, it will probably be something more suitable for DVD market.

    But lets keep our fingers crossed :))

  4. There are good films in direct to DVD market. :) I'm surprised they even decided to go along with this. But until shooting starts there is still time to call the whole thing off, or delay it once more.

    It looks like Magdalena will be the first of Image (Top Cow) comics to have her own movie. Even though Fathom and Witchblade were/are much more popular. At least Fathom has Megan Fox supporting her movie. Poor Witchblade doesn't have anything, not even a script. Nevermind that people from Image Comics had some kind of promotional poster put a couple of years ago.

  5. Maybe they want to get on a TWILIGHT train, young girls in the vampire world are very IN these days :) so maybe Jenna Dewan could appeal to that kind of audiences, even though there probably isn't any romance in MAGDALENA.
    On the other hand sexy costumes from WITCHBLADE and swimming suits from FATHOM would probably appeal more to young male teenagers :))

  6. There could've been some vampires in Magdalena. I haven't read much of that comics book so I don't remember. Maybe there was even a romance.

    Magdalena also wore skin tight and revealing suits. Maybe not as revealing as Witchblade with her bikini "armor", or swimsuits Aspen (from Fathom) used to sport, but still... After all, that was the whole point of action heroines created in the mid-nineties. :)
    Magdalena also wore cape with a hood, similar to those that some monks/priests wore. Maybe the cape was also used to hide that spear (and other blades) she always packed. :)

  7. Well, yep, you can see that the costume from the picture above (in DEZMOND EXCLUSIVE) is quite revealing and sexy :) You can also see the cape and the hood ;PP And, oh,there's the spear as well :)))) along with other blades :)