Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Over at my official YouTube channel you can watch the trailer for the upcoming Chinese historical saga "Confucius":
Chow Yun Fat stars as the famous Chinese philosopher in a film which is dedicated to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China later this year. Apparently it is also Confucius' 2,560 birthday.
The trailer looks nice, and has some visually beautiful scenes, but of course it is not an action Asian movie. Congratulations to our brothers and sisters in the friendly land of China!


  1. This looks like true epic. Like most of these Eastern movies (especially Chinese). In comparison with one such movie every 5 years in Western cinematography, they make 2-3 per year in East. All of them the quality of Braveheart, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven. Some even better. But I've talked about this before.

    Too bad this film lacks in female roles. It could be a slight problem to me. But we have Yun-Fat Chow as Confucious himself. :) He's one of my favorite actors, and he great in everything he does. Even in silly movies like Dragonball Evolution. Chow is especially good if you need someone to play cool/calm character. Man simply radiates serenity when he wishes so. :))

  2. And do you think that the Chinese get bored by so many epics and historical actions?
    I think there is a female role in the movie, and it was given to some of their diva actresses :) but I forgot her name.

  3. I didn't say there were no female roles here. I just would've liked if there where more of them.

    I don't think they Asians get bored with "so many" epics. Would you be bored? :)

    I can always chose to pick specific film (or films) out of that lot. You don't have to watch all of them. But it's nice to have that choice.

  4. Well, I guess those philosophical and religious types weren't spending much time around women :)

    Actually, I probably would :)
    There's a new one called A WARRIOR AND A WOLF, I saw the teaser recently but I didn't put it here not to make this an Asian movie blog :))