Friday, September 18, 2009


According to Tim Pocock who played the young Cyclops in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", he might reprise his role in "X-Men: First Class" which might start shooting next year. The new installment in the franchise will probably bring a next generation of heroes into the popular series. The studio wants to use the younger heroes from previous films in the future project, all those teenagers with super powers who were students at Xavier's Institute. This means that the movie might have characters such are Iceman, Rogue, Colossus and Shadowcat.
I'm not sure whether I like this teenage craze going around Hollywood these days. Some time ago we had a lot of 40 and 50 year old actors saying they were out of job since the film industry prefers younger workers, but it seems that soon pimples and dipers will be the main criteria to get a role :)


  1. I like the X-Men films but they're about 3-4 installments from just getting sad and running out of ideas.

  2. I also liked X-Men films, even though I did not like a lot of things about their scripts and stories. But being comic book reader that was to be expected.
    I would like the see new movie/s with X-Men. Maybe even one such as this. I just don't like the way it's all handled.
    I'm tired of never-ending need for remakes and hipper/younger versions of the same movies and characters in Hollywood nowadays. I wouldn't mind it if it was done less forcefully, and with different, more honest, pretences. All because of producer's greed and trying to fix things that aren't broken.
    I understand that they want to attract younger and new audiences. Well good luck with that! Let us see how you plan to compete with video games, reality shows, and interactivity of internet and its social networks like facebook and twitter. That's what the kids like these days. I can't replace those interests with movies. You can only try to build your own place in their minds.
    Also you cannot attract new audiences (not necessarily young) with remakes so soon. Maybe they didn't want to see your previous films, but they still remember them. You had your chance with those people just a few short years ago. If they weren't interested then, they most likely won't be after so short a time.

    I also heard they want to remake Fantastic Four. Soon.
    I know the fans, and the critics, were not so thrilled with first two films. But at least those films made money. They were not failures in most important manner (for studios and producers). Do they really think they could do better so easy, and so soon? They are either terribly greedy, or they have very high opinion of themselves.

  3. What can I say, I'm one of those rare people who think that BATMAN didn't need a remake, I liked the versions from the 90's, and hated (and still do) these new ones done by Nollan.

    I guess Hollywood is, just like most people, afraid of new things, and likes to play it safe. But I'm not sure if art and master pieces can be created if you don't boldly go where no one has gone before :)

  4. ovaj cover je crtao nas covek ako se nevaram :)

    slazem se u potpunosti, bilo bi sjajno da seprica filmska x men prica nastavi u buducnosti (iako mi se treci film uopste nije dopao) ali niko sem hali beri nije tako nesto ni spekulisao....

  5. ozbiljno? Pa lepo ga je nacrtao :)