Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It seems that Warner Bros. is planning a remake of "A Star is Born", since they hired Will Fetters to draft a screenplay. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be a story set in the record business, and will focus on a showbiz ingenue who falls in love with a well known male music star, but then their careers move in opposite directions. Although nothing is official, the name of world's biggest music star Beyonce has been appearing in the gossips in connection with the lead role. The studio thinks that the modern era of celebrities who are followed by the media 24 hours a day makes it the perfect time for this project.
So will Beyonce portray Barbra Streisand's role from the 1976 classic? This year was tremendously successful for her since she had an amazing number of six world wide smash hits "If I Were a Boy", "Halo", "Single Ladies", "Sweet Dreams", "Diva" and now "Broken Hearted Girl", so maybe it's time to jump into a movie again for a change?


  1. I'm not sure if I would call Beyonce world's biggest music star. Her popularity is not so great outside of USA, same as her music is not interesting to those who don't like that "genre". I for one couldn't care less about her songs and her music career. Same as with Timberlake's music. I can see the charisma both of them have, but even that wouldn't get me any closer to caring about their music.
    To be worldwide music star you need something neither Beyonce nor Timberlake have. Or better said, neither of them (so far) presents with their music to worldwide (diverse) audiences.
    You need to attract people who don't particularly like (or care about) your music style. You aslo need for people to take notice at your songs even when they're not you targeted audience. And I don't mean people who like different styles, but people of different coultures, and different ages. Your songs may be intended for younger audiences, but you know you're really a star when their parents, maybe even grandparents take notice of you. That diversity of audiences is what constitutes a world's music star, imo.
    Imo, world's biggest music stars (soloists) are/were Julio Iglesias, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Madona, Ricky Martin and some others. These last several years those would be Robbie Williams and Shakira. Not Britney Spears, not Timberlake, and not Beyonce.
    Number of records sold... earnings and wealth... frequency and duration of TV appearances and shows about you... even number of internet quarries...
    None of these can make you world's greatest music star. Not unless you make someone take notice of you, and more importantly - your music/songs. Someone who isn't, let us say "preordained", to like your music style.
    Of course, this is my definition of world's music star. Other people may have other definitions.

    And speaking of Beyonce's film career, I think she did really well this year with her movie Obsessed. It did really well, considering its budget and "star power". And this was not the first successful movie for her. She may even become a bigger movie star in future.

  2. Really Marko? I think B really diversified herself with this album it had techno, funk, rock, hip hop, r&b, soul, pop. I think she has potential as an actress. It has not been fulfilled but I am a fan...and I hope it goes well for her.

  3. I'm not sure on what kind of data your sentence that "she is not so popular outside USA" is based upon, but it's totally wrong. I'd say it is even a scandalous remark. She is beloved by all generations, thanks to her true talent and her amazing voice, not thanks to cheap hits for one season. Worldwide star is someone who attracts people all around the world, and she's the best in that. From USA to Europe to Africa and Australia, over to Asia and Australia. And she made it all through her talent only and her charisma, not through gossips and scandals.
    Another point in which you made a grave mistake is saying that people who listen to other genre do not listen to her and Justin. Quite the opposite, the two of them are the only two singers of the current generation who always appear in the playlists of the fans of very different genres. The only two who appear in the playlists of both rockers and techno freaks, classic music fans and jazz lovers. And why is that? Because they present the true singing talent, they have the most amazing music production, and they always stick to music not to scandals.

    I am more than convinced that this comment of yours was the result of never actually listening any of her songs more closely, and never actually seeing her perform in any of her concerts.
    If you wanted to stick Beyonce and Justin in the same category with Britney, Christina or Lady Gaga, then you, my friend, are just not at all informed and thus should not give such serious allegations to people who do not deserve that being the creative hardworkers and the only positive role models in today's show business.

  4. Forgot to put this: :))) at the end of my comment.

  5. I did say Beyonce didn't present herself to diverse audiences - so far.
    I didn't hear (of) anything from her new album, and that may very well indicate that she still hasn't found her way into the hearts of those who don't care about her music.
    And I also wish all the best to Beyonce in her film career. :)

    Maybe for me it will be like what happened with Timberlake. I had even less respect/interest in his music and him in general, when he was just a singer/music_star. And then I saw him in several roles, and I really liked him. Now I look forward to his future films/roles.

  6. I have to admit I'm not a fan of her music, but lots of people are. As for her movies I'm indifferent, I don't mind her in them, but I hated Obsessed, Pink Panther, & Fighting Temptations. Dreamgirls, Cadillac Records, and Austin Powers were ok but I didn't think they were anything special. We'll see how this turns out, but I won't be running to see it anytime soon.

  7. Then you must be deaf because her powerful songs HALO and IF I WERE A BOY were (and still are) the biggest hits of the year so far, and are also the most beloved songs from the charts. And since you obviously don't watch MTV, VH1 and other music channels, don't listen to the radio, don't listen to people's reactions, I just don't know how can you make assumptions like the above ones.

    take a look at this (watch it till the very end, watch every second of it) and then tell me that's she not the BIGGEST:

  8. Andrew and Ryan, thanx for the comments ;)

  9. Marko I've also put HALO video over at my YOUTUBE channel (among favorites), for you to go there and watch the biggest music hit this year around the world and one of the most powerful ballads ever.

  10. Dez, I really can't explain this any more plainly then I already have. :) All the things I said are true. This is not based solely on my opinion but on observations an opinions of (many) other people. Your sources and mine are definitely different. And if mine exist, then yours are not so encompassing as you thought.

    And you're obviously missing the point in my definition of Boyence's and Timberlake's popularity and their appeal to diverse audiences.
    What would be the purpose in mine quote - listening any of her songs more closely, and never actually seeing her perform in any of her concerts - end quote. They (B. and J.T.)had many years to win me over, and many others not necessarily like me. I've heard them many times before. If I take extra special time to study their work, then I would become "preordained" to like their music. People can get accustomed to many things they don't necessarily like at the beginning. And that, I repeat, would but just the thing that stands out of my own definition of word's music star (diverse) appeal.

  11. yes, my friend, but the biggest problem is that you didn't say THEY ARE NOT MY FAVOURITE STARS which would be quite fine with me, but you said THEY ARE NOT WORLD'S FAVOURITE STARS. I don't care if you personally don't like them, but you can't and will not say that the world doesn't love them and adore them, and above all respect them.

  12. However you feel about her music there's really no denying she is one hell of a performer. I don't think you can put on a show like she can and not have SOME potential as an actress. She just needs a good director and a little guidance.

    That being said, I'd rather see her take on a new role and make it her own. I think she'd do herself a favor if she didn't play a performer for a change.(Obsessed doesn't count. Anne Archer did it first, and better.)

  13. I agree Rae, it would be nice to see her portraying some totally new role, to make it her own trade mark.

  14. OK, Dez. :) I've seen (the complete) clip you posted. (Beyonce - Dangerously In Love, live version, if I'm not mistaken.)
    My impressions:
    - I don't like that singing style. I never had, but that's totally independent from Beyonce. I like her voice, like with many others who sing that way, or some totally different way. But I don't like that style of singing.
    - I don't like words/sentences dynamic in this song. I really don't like it. Slow or standard speed, then suddenly acceleration, like 6-7 words must be said in the same amount of time only 2 were said just a moment ago. And it like this for the whole duration of song. It almost seems like some gimmick or some kind of funny talk.
    - Music... This is basically a ballad, so music itself is not tat important. Words, meaning, and expression of emotions are more important. And Beyonce is great at expressing emotions. Not so great at word pronunciation (like many of her peers, but that's under mine complaint about that singing style). And of course, that ridiculous word dynamic hurts song's general meaning and what is it trying to express.
    On the plus side, Beyonce looks magnificent in that dress, commands the scene, and has a beautiful singing voice. :)

    As you can see Dez, I don't do things like this half-heartily. :)) If I never (and not only me) cared about Beyonce's music, that's not because I (and others) didn't hear/see her the right way before. It's mostly because of my preferences.
    There were times before when I came to like something, or someone, I didn't really cared about. But that new-found interest of mine didn't came out of unavoidable repetition, or deeper study of that particular "subject". :) I came to like then/it because of something they did at one time. Something I like that they didn't do before.
    So far Beyonce made no such impression on me. And I really think she never will with her music, to tell the truth.

  15. The real problem Dez, is not that I haven't said "they are not my favorite stars" instead of "they are not world's biggest". :)) That only what you wish to be the real problem. :)

    I still say they are not world's biggest. And if you speak for the millions that adore them Dez, so can I speak for the millions that don't care about them. Do not presume I only speak for myself while you state the unquestionable truth and prevailing opinion.
    They may be most the popular now. So what? There were people who were just as popular before, and now are almost but forgotten. There are also people who are nowadays much more popular than them in different music "genres", or different countries.
    They still don't appeal to many of diverse audiences some other music stars do. And to repeat, that's not my opinion, but the opinion of millions.