Saturday, September 5, 2009


Here are the freshest posters for Roland Emerich's new apocalyptic blockbuster "2012" which is coming to cinemas in November. Click on the image to see the posters in their full scariness :))


  1. Is it just me or do these posters look freakishly a lot like the ones for Emerich's Day After Tomorrow? If that's what he's going for I'll pass, wouldn't mind seeing a return to a more Independence Day flair.

  2. What can I tell you, Emerich is just set on destroying the earth in multiple attempts :)))

  3. Posters do look a lot like those for Day After Tomorrow. :)

    Maybe Emerich is a strong believer in recycling? :))

  4. Since he likes stealing things from himself so much :) I wonder whether we'll see some mammoths in 2012 as well :))

  5. With all the tectonic plate movement, massive land slides, and fissures opening in earth, I wouldn't be surprised if we see some old mammoth bones uncovered. :)) At least as a passing glance, in a midst of all the commotion and running to safety. :)

    Even though I liked the trailer, I'm not so eager to see this movie. Not because Emerich
    only seems to disappoint us lately, but because I'm not really interested in a story. If there is any kind of important story. I know I always repeat that any movie is drama in its core, but this one looks like it has to much of special effect and action (as action without characters involved), than it has time for some story development. I'll much sooner watch Avatar than this. It probably has more minutes of CGI (than 2012 movie) but at least it has characters and not just scenery. They may be blue and artificial, but they talk. They don't just fall down, or crumble, or get flooded...
    I'm even much more interested in New Moon, which comes out around the same time as 2012 movie.

  6. Yes, and they might even find, deep down in that crack in earth, the 10,000 year old fossil remains of our pretty Evolen :)))

    And off course, we know that nobody should expect any kind of story from Emerich :)

    Oh, Bels, you got me scared for a second, I thought you might really be interested in TWILIGHT saga :PPP

  7. I watched two trailers for New Moon. In comparison to Twilight there seems to be more characters, more action, more outdoor scenes, and to me most importantly - more sunlight and warm colours (like yellow and red). It looks better.
    But I'm not so interested in Twilight story. I'll watch it eventually, but it's a little too girl-fiction to me. Still, not worse to me than Harry Potter series (maybe even better). I never understood what's the big fuss about Harry Potter with older audiences.

  8. That was exactly the reason for my shock :) It's not the movie, but the whole buzz around it. And I know you too well to conclude that you're not one of the people who can fall for outrageous marketing and media fuss :))

    I don't get the Harry Plopper fuss either.