Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later. A director who hasn't shown much class so far in his career, Barry Sonnenfeld
, has decided to bring an ultimate cosmic clash onto the big screens in DOMINION: DINOSAURS VERSUS ALIENS. Yep, I'm not joking.  He wants to develop both a comic book and a movie in which the story will center on a secret world battle where aliens attack Earth while it is still inhabited by dinosaurs, although the pre-historic creatures have much more intelligence than our history remembers. Are you shocked people?

SHORT HEADLINES *George Clooney will star in HUMAN NATURE which might be directed by Darren Aronofsky. The extremely weird plot circles around a man
who is cryogenically frozen and wakes up several years later to discover that humans are now the pets of a mysterious species.  *Two gorgeous creatures with sinful bodies Amber Heard and Shiloh Fernandez will star in SYRUP, a story about the world of soda marketing in which one man invents a revolutionary brand of soda but his boss steals it from him. *Charlie Hunnam has signed on to star in Guillermo Del Toro's PACIFIC RIM, a futuristic epic in which some terrible and huge creatures appear from the ocean in order to destroy Earth. *Hugo Weaving has been officially confirmed as Elrond in THE HOBBIT.

Ah, here it is, the new trailer for what might be the biggest film in October, REAL STEEL with Hugh Jackman, Evangeline
and Kevin Durand. This sf action is set in the near-future, where the sport of boxing has gone hi-tech, and Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom he decides to build and train a championship contender - the best boxing fighter among robots.


  1. although I can see a standard formula in Real Steel, it still looks cool. Human Nature sounds intriguing too.

  2. Dinosaurs vs Aliens is being written by Grant Morrison who wrote the excellent Zenith comic books - that's some pedigree so I think that this could be very interesting...

  3. @Lyndy
    yep, it kinda looks inviting to watch, although too much metal and boxing isn't something I would usually like :)

    now, that's an expert piece of info :)

  4. I agree with Lynda, the story plot is known but still, it caught my attention. Looking forward to it.

    OML :)

  5. hey, Lurky, nice to see you around here again :)

  6. The Dinosaur Movie doesn't appeal to me at all, sounds really cheesy.
    Liked the Real Steel trailer, looks like a fun movie, anything with Hugh Jackman is guaranteed entertainment , well at least for me ;-)

  7. hey, how come you RA ANGELS appeared here all together at the same time? :)
    And I knew my ladies would like Hugh :)

  8. Hey Dezzy - Red Steel looks good. Gorgeous, yummy pics! =D

  9. I don't even have to guess which pic you find yummy, Shells :P

  10. I was surprised at how fun Real Steel looks. Could be a good movie.

  11. I need to go IMDB Shiloh Fernandez - he looks so unbelievably familiar... or maybe it's just late and I'm tired?

  12. I sat through Shiloh's atrocious performance in Red Riding Hood. He's as bad as can be and I wonder who was smoking what when they decided to cast him. Probably the same thing Michael Bay was when he said Shia the Beef was one of the best actors he's ever worked with. ;)

  13. You are the master of procuring trailers my friend! Well-done!

  14. George Clooney can be my pet any day!

  15. Hey Dez,

    I loved the trailer for Real Steel - I can’t wait for October. I’m a sucker for all thing robotic - and Hugh! (they go hand in hand)

    I’ll pass on the Clooney flick - true confessions - he doesn't stoke my fire! (he’s kind of a pretty face and that’s about it - my opinion strictly)

    Dinosaurs vs Aliens - well, it’ll depend on the trailer - (I was a fan of Godzilla!)
    See…and you thought I was normal! (might explain the Clooney thing!)

    I’m sorry to have not commented lately, but Mother’s Day got in the way - the nerve of some holidays! (and I took a breather after that A-Z challenge)

    Cheers, Jenny

  16. I had no real interest in real Steel before, but after seeing the trailer it looks like it might be better than i thought it would be.

    Human nature sounds like it has potential

  17. OH MY GOSH!! Dinosaurs vs Aliens? WTF?

    I must admit when i heard about Cowboys vs Aliens I thought the same but the film actually looks pretty cool. But this looks like it has money burning flop written all over it!!

  18. Amber Heard looks completely delicio in black and white ;)
    I'm not so excited for Real Steel, looks like a Transformer wannabe to me. I'm more sold to Robo Taekwon but I don't know when will they complete the production.

  19. i'm such a dinosaur fan! but that movie doesn't sound interesting at all.

  20. @Luanne
    yep, it's my reaction too, I didn't expect much, but it looks nice :)

    I haven't seen any of his roles, so I can't help you much, Jen, maybe you saw him in RED RIDING HOOD?

    you know, I did hear a lot of negative criticism on Shiloh's acting, and most call it atrocious :) He does look arrogant to me, kinda like a brat, but I'm sure you understand why the pic was posted :) I need to brighten up the boring week for my readers :)

  21. @MAtty
    thank you, kind sir :)

    I shall tell him that ;)

    it's true, Jenny, Clooney is not much of an actor. I remember quite a few films he ruined just playing charming instead of playing the role. GOOD GERMAN is one of the examples in which CateBlanchett gave her best in the most amazing role of a German woman, while he single handedly ruined the film with his poor attempts in superficial acting

  22. @Dirty
    I had the same reaction, Dirty :)

    I wonder who will fight aliens? Pterodactyls or T-Rex or some other ancient lizards :))

    I knew my boys would like a bit of Amber :)
    I can't say I agree on REAL STEEL, Jaccsy. Unlike TRANSFORMERS which are rather cold and superficial, this film kinda looks like it could have a positive message and some warm tones in it too.

    it surely is an overly crazy idea :)

  23. Human Nature - what an amazing, unique premise!!!

  24. I haven't heard of Barry Sonnenfeld but the movie DOMINION: DINOSAURS VERSUS ALIENS sounds stupid. Could surprise us though.

  25. @Kelly
    glad you find it intriguing :) But in a way we already are the obedient pets of politicians :(

    he directed the MEN IN BLACK films, Clarissa, with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

  26. I have a major soft spot for giant reptiles, so I hope Aliens v. Dinosaurs is as good as the tease.

  27. he he a soft spot for reptiles :)))

  28. At first it seemed stupid, now I have to admit Real Steel seems kinda cool. I'm just now realizing too that the robots are being controlled like that. I didn't realize the handler actually controlled the robot the way this trailer shows. Rather I thought they were just trained/programmed and then did their thing. This could be kinda cool.

  29. yep, that seems to be everyone's reaction including mine. We were all pleasantly surprised by the trailer :)

  30. I'm not even going to comment on the Dinos.

    Real Steel however, is beyond impressive. I was intrigued by the idea before, but now I'm really impressed. This will be one I will definitely have to see.