Sunday, January 1, 2017


Before I leave you till Monday so that you can enjoy your New Year's Eve festivities and wild parties, hoping next year will bring us many brilliant new movies and TV series, I shall let you check HOLLYWOOD SPY'S 2016 MUSIC TOP 25, our traditional song list, and you can tell us below what were your favourite hits that you loved last 12 months. Given how crappy music has become our list is largely international, so this is your chance to find some wonderful new songs from around the world!

1. SIA & SEAN PAUL - Cheap Thrills
I'm absolutely sure you will agree with me that this was one number one song this year that made you smile and shake your bums! I bet it was the most played song around the world as well!
2. LADY GAGA - Million Reasons
We did not get a lot of quality ballads this year, especially not as emotional and powerful as this one is!
3. MARKUS FEEHILY -Sanctuary
I admit that I could not stop singing this one all year around, mellow, loving, gorgeous, tender, strong, with beautiful video, it comes straight from Ireland.
4. HOZIER - Better Love
This would also be the best movie song of the year, spectacular and deeply moving ballad from The Legend of Tarzan!
5. X AMBASSADORS - Unsteady
Another outstanding movie song of 2016, it was  the lead song in one of this year's best movies Me Before You! It better get an Oscar nom!
Seanzy really was active this year! Dance anthem of the year!
Just listen to Nicole's operatic singing! Divine! 

8. AKCENT - Serai
My number one among oriental dance songs this year! Comes from Romania!
9. LP- Lost On You
Love the song, love the voice, 2016 biggest breakthrough!
10. JOHN LEGEND - Love Me Now
11. SERKAN - Imdat
Another one of my fave oriental songs this year!
12. SHAWN MENDES - Treat You Better
Sean is definitely the singer of the year!
13. SKIN - Renaissance
Not only it is an amazing song, coming from Italy, but it also comes from the best epic show this year Medici: Masters of Florence!
14. OLYMPE - Si Demain
Don't forget to check out this French cutie's version of Born to Die at YouTube!
16. CHARLIE PUTH - We Don't Talk Any More
17. TIANA - Me
The best song this year from Empire show!
18. SELENA GOMEZ - Kill'em with Kidness
19. NICK JONAS - Close
20. AURYN & ANASTACIA - Who Is Loving You
Definitely a duet of the year, glad to see Anastacia back again!
  21. KYGO - Raging
22. SLIMANE - Paname
Another brilliant French song!
23. MIKA - Hurts (Remix)
One of the most loveable singers ever did not disappoint this year either! 
24. MIKE POSNER - I Took a Pill in Ibiza
 25. DAMI IM - Silence
  One of the best voices of the year, coming from Australia! The green links will lead you to the videos!


Sharon said...

Unsteady is a great song!

DEZMOND said...

and it fits the movie so amazingly!

Phil said...

What a multicultural and multinational selection Dezmond, nice!!!! I think Lost on you is my favourite...Happy New Year!

DEZMOND said...

many people loved that one!

Kati said...

Man, I loved that Sia and Sean Paul song!


DEZMOND said...

it is definitely the hit of the year

Sheena-kay Graham said...

This is quite a list Dez. Happy 2017!

Flora Fallue said...

A ver nice collection!

Happy New Year and all the best!

Greetings from Germany!
Love, Janine

DEZMOND said...

Hope you liked some of the songs from it :) Happy Happy!

DEZMOND said...

Glad you think so! Happy Neue Jahre, Flora!

Weaver said...

That's quite the selection. Happy New Year, Dezzie!

DEZMOND said...

to you as well!

cleemckenzie said...

This was super, DEZ! It started my musical 2017 off just right. Thanks. Have a great year tapping your foot in time to the tunes and sharing those fabulous new films.

DEZMOND said...

glad you liked it, hope the new year brings us at least some worthy hits and singers :)

Blue Grumpster said...

And of course I don't know any of these songs. I'm so out of touch...


Blue Grumpster said...

P.S. Why does Wendy say her eye's not even there? It's there'it's there. It's always been there.

DEZMOND said...

that is why Dezzy is here to widen your horizons!
I have not spied any eyes myself before like two hours ago.....

Theresa Mahoney said...

I do like Unsteady, but would like it even more without that God Awful crackling/static noise in the song. Someone even called the radio station and told them they must have got a bad copy because it sounded like crap on the radio lol.

Cheap Thrills was definitely my favorite of the year. We do that one in my hip hop class and it really does get your bum moving! Sia had a few good ones this year.

Shawn Mendez had a hot year. Fingers crossed for more good tunes from him in 2017.

DEZMOND said...

They do sometimes ruin songs with effects or back vocals, like Lady Gaga's new song Joane, the back vocals are so irritating that I always want to yell at the screaming wench.

Cheap Thrills is number one in my fave radio station's yearly chart too :)

I reckon Shawn should give us a new video, he hasn't had any from the new album after Treat you better

Blue Grumpster said...

Bottom (no, not that bottom) row, smack in the middle. Hello!

DEZMOND said...

well, now yes, but was it really there before.... ? :)

Travel Gourmande said...

This is such a great post. I am enjoying listening and discovering tunes I have missed here where we are. Happy New Year to you Dezzy!

DEZMOND said...

glad you like it, Arni, don't forget to click on the green links too if you want more music :)

Blue Grumpster said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

DEZMOND said...

if you say so.... missy