Monday, August 3, 2009


Paul Bettany is dealing with religion again :)) Here's the first poster for his adventure/horror film "Priest", a story about a cleric who turns his back to church in order to go hunting for vampires who kidnapped his niece.
The film is out next summer, and stars charming Cam Gigandet as well.


  1. Vampires are back in spotlight. :)

    I don't think there will be much more films/series about vampires, just that those films (and series) will garner more attention then similar movies a few years back.

    Last time was with Underworld and Van Helsing (2003-2004, also with Blade 2 and 3)). Before that it was 1992-1994 with Coppola's Dracula and Interview with a Vampire.
    And last years success of Twilight and True Blood brought upon a new popularity to vampire fiction.
    True Blood and Twilight movie(s) are still forerunners of the genre. But producers (and audiences?) think there is room for more vampires.

  2. Yes, and poor them, everybody's hunting them :)))
    But, I have to admit I was always a bit puzzled with the obvious question: why aren't people obsessed with angels and fairies instead of vampires? There aren't many movies about good magical beings, kindred spirits and ethereal elves. Just the bloodsucking creatures and nasty monsters.

    I would never encourage my kids to watch vampire movies, until they grow old enough to be able to see it just as an entertainment.

  3. About angels... There is a simple reason way there are only a few movies about them. Problem is, contrary to vampires, many people actually believe angels exist in some way or another. You can thank christian dogma for that. And as with anything in christian dogma, you must tread carefully when telling stories about thing that concern religion. Lest you risk to offend someone's religious feelings or beliefs.

    And about fairies and other good-hearted magical beings... Different problem, but similar cause. Again we should look at religion, christian religion to be exact, as a culprit. In this case, Christianity states that all magical beings and effects are evil in its nature. Centuries long campaign to "outlaw" anything that doesn't stem from God and his doings left a deep trace in christian population.
    Of course, nothing is absolute. Not even in Dark Ages. And especially not in recent century or so. People came to except something other than what Church serves them. But still, magical beings (good ones) are reserved for fantasy tales for children. Adults in some way, perhaps subconsciously, still believe that magical beings are malevolent. If something fantastic/magical appears, chances are no good will come out of it. :)
    And of course, reasonable adults know that there are no magical solutions, and magical wish fulfillment doesn't come without some nasty drawbacks (as seen in genie stories) :)

  4. Pah, no wonder nobody notices my magic, then :)))
    By the way, I also love to blame the Church and organized religions for everything :)))