Monday, August 10, 2009


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  1. Len Wiseman already directed three films I liked quite a lot: Underworld 1 and 2, and last instalment of Die Hard. So I'm willing to jump aboard on any of his new projects.

    As I recall (and it was mentioned on this blog while it was still on Myspace) Len Wiseman was already mentioned for another adaptation of a comic book. It was Atlantis Rising, which I tried to read, but didn't find interesting enough.

  2. Bels, I so enjoy when I catch you Hollywood spying at the same time when the Big Spy, or me, is online :))))

    And plus he is loved by your beloved Cate Beckinsale :)

    Yes, it seems everybody in Tinseltown is hunting for comic adaptations.

  3. Still, I would've preferred if Len Wiseman was involved in some comic book I had actually read (an liked) :))

    And also, I still haven't seen much of those "less popular" comic book films we heard were in the making.
    Almost all of those movies so far were from Marvel or DC (two major studios).

  4. and Bels, I forgot to tell you that somebody has left you a comment over at CAPTAIN BLOOD exclusive :)

  5. I saw that particular comment. But you answered perfectly instead of me. I was talking in general and not absolute terms, and anyone (like I hope this blog's new reader John Smith) is welcome to make such a constructive and informative remark. And polite also.

    I also saw your humorous take on "women on board". :) It's funny, no matter how exaggerated.

  6. Ok, just checkin' :))) Don't want any of my spies to fall of board :)

    We also have two new followers but I've absolutely no idea who they are.
    Some people have told me earlier that they are scared of leaving comments since they believe their comments would look humble compared to ours. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I hear such things. And I hear them all the time.

  7. Yes, people tend to have too much respect for many things (or persons). I'm not like that, as I pointed out a few times. :))

    You should tell people that they can leave comments freely. It's not expected of them to do a followups, or to engage in any discussion that may have inadvertently came from some of their comments.

  8. I told them exactly that every time, all the time, but they're just too scared or to cowardly :))
    We are obviously the boggeymen :))