Wednesday, August 12, 2009


OMG OMG you won't believe this! The ultra exclusive trailer for the upcoming horror fantasy "Legion" is out: it's cheesy and spectacular in the same time, you'll laugh and scream in the same time, but it looks sooo glorious you just have to see it yourself. Check it out over at my YouTube channel:
Although it looks like a B-horror movie in some moments, in others it looks like a breathtaking sensational blockbuster. And there are some really memorable scenes in the trailer that could be called legendary already :) I'm surprised and amazed :)
And Paul looks sensational in the film.


  1. The movie looks great. It looks much better than I've hoped. And this is some kind of an extended trailer.

    I must say, "God's revenge" and his "angel army" don't seem all that intimidating. If that's the best he can do, human race is not at the brink of extinction as they claim. Flights of angels, flesh eating zombies/monsters, and some biblical threats like swarm of locusts are not something we couldn't handle.
    True, there is a clear and present sense of danger, and that body possession could be nasty and unpredictable. But still no apocalypse for me.
    However, maybe all they need to do is complete their main mission (as stated in trailer) to achieve their goal. Human army would not be prepared to defend that particular target.
    Lucky for us, we have Paul on our side. I can't wait to see him kick some angel ass. :)

  2. ne mogu da kazem da bih bio na strani arhandjela mihajla, ne verujem da je ljudski rod opet zasluzio nojev brod :D

    poseca me na the prophecy, skoro da je rimejk, gabrijela tamo igra kristofer volkin isto je krenuo na dete koje maoze da spasi ljudski rod, a mihajla igra erik roberts, koji nije toliko zainteresovan za spasavanje ljudi. Vigo morison je odglumio satanu skroz dobro, stvarno jedna od najbiljih interpretacija

  3. Nobody's mentioned the crazy granny from the trailer :)) I almost died screaming and laughing during her scene :)