Monday, August 31, 2009


It's here, it's here, it's here :) The trailer for the ultra sensational TV show "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" is out and you can watch it over at my official YouTube channel:
The show, coming in January 2010, with Lucy Lawless and Andy Withfield, brings the story of famous slave Spartacus using effects, design and visuals which were never before seen on TV.
You should also click on these pictures underneath to see the scenes from the show in their full beauty.


  1. The trailer really got me excited for this. I am definitely fascinated where this one will go so I'm sure to watch it.

  2. :) it is,by the way, produced by Sam Raimi :)

  3. It looks good, but a little static. :(
    Using tricks and visuals from 300 and Sin City may be good enough for comic books/films, but this was supposed to be a real life story (although dramatised). You can lose your grasp of reality if you see too many slow-motions and freeze-frames. Action should be more fluid.

  4. I must admit I'm shocked by your comment :)))
    To me, this trailer was abnormally dynamic explosion of the most amazing action, arena fighting, battle scenes and very explicit love making :))

    And I like the design, I hope they'll stick to it, because if they do it could be a new step in TV production.

  5. Dynamic isn't simply a fast exchange of slow motion action scenes, mixed with dialogs, and thrown in a couple of naked scenes, just for good measure. There also needs to be fluidity, especially in action scenes.
    I'll repeat. A lot of slow-motion and freeze-frames is something these kind of movies seem to use every chance they get. That looks interesting at moments, but in the long run, it gets tedious and repetitive.
    And judging from trailer all arena fights suffer from it.

  6. I'd say it's a matter of taste.
    I think that those "slowmows" and freeze frames are still very innovative and we haven't seen enough of it,especially not on TV. I personally quite like the technique because it shows the gymnastic beauty of choreography.

    The only thing I'm a bit scared of in this show is the possibility of boring plots, since it comes from the producers of HERCULES and XENA which, truth be told, weren't exactly the most interesting of series when it comes to storytelling. But it was many years ago, maybe they got better :)

  7. Or maybe they just decided to borrow trick from 300 and Sin City. :)))
    But lets hope that they really got better.

    And slow motions and freeze frames are very old techniques, even on TV. What we haven't seen (enough) so far is such an extensive use of those in film and TV. That's new. :)

    In the end it all comes down to a matter of taste.

  8. yes, yes, and I myself just can't wait to taste it :)

  9. tv show?
    mislim da ce ovo pre biti mini serija. slazem se sa balsakom, previse kopiraju 300. Ali pogledacu svakako, makar zbog svih onih orgija, onaj kadar sa lucy lawless je i previse hot

  10. da, da bas je serija koja ce ici celu sezonu, nije samo mini izdanje.
    Da, da vratila se Lucy Lawless with quite a lot of LESS :)))