Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's here, it's here, it's finally here :)
The exclusive trailer for the most anticipated movie of the year has been released today. You can see the exclusive teaser for James Cameron's "Avatar" over at my YouTube channel:
I don't know what to say exactly. Although I'm totally sure I will like the movie when it comes out in December, I didn't enjoy the trailer that much. Although the scenes, sets and the visuals are stunning and amazing, I've found the dynamics of the trailer rather boring and if I wasn't a fan already it wouldn't create a hype in me.
But, still I can't wait to see the film. I'm sure it will be an unforgettable cinematic pleasure :)


  1. The movie looks spectacular in numerous aspects. I haven't seen such splendor and level of details since Star Wars.

    I don't know if I the story will be interesting to me, but I'm sure that the movie will be exciting and beautiful to watch.

  2. They keep on erasing and blocking all the AVATAR trailers uploaded at YouTube :)I don't understand it, but let them act stupid as usually.

    It's interesting that most comments all over the Net carry a strong notion of disappointment. Everybody expected more from Cameron. But I think it's just the bad trailer, and the film will be amazing.
    Something that is also being mentioned all over the Net is the fact that CGI is too cartoonish, which makes the alien characters not very original. Many people said that they thought they were watching a trailer for FINAL FANTASY or BATTLE FOR TERA and not for AVATAR.

    But we gotta give it to him, James Cameron is one of the small number of people who would use such a great budget wisely and creatively.

  3. The plain truth is that people are snobbish, and blind to certain facts, and unbelievably subjective. :(

    I've also read the comments concerning this movie (trailer). And most of those comments are not really at fault. It's just their writers/posters who are at fault. Their premises and station generally blinds them, and then their reasoning becomes clouded and unadaptable.

    I mean, you can tell some things only so many times. :) No matter that those are cold hard facts.

    Fact 1:
    - It's ridiculous to base your definite opinion on so little information. You can have your opinion, but you can not defend/elaborate it like it's some known and proven mathematical theorem. Unless you're clairvoyant, simple lack of further information should stop you in your track. It's good to be humble sometimes.

    Fact 2:
    - Different people have different tastes. It's even better to be humble here. You and your group are not the only people in the world.

    Fact 3:
    - Design of aliens will always look somewhat unreal and flawed. Especially to some people. And that's not because of their sharp eye or their professional knowledge of CGI. It's because of their, or better yet humankind's attribute to believe in only those things it sees and knows intimately. (If I had a nickel for every time I tried to explain this...)

    I'll agree that design of aliens (and their world) could've been more different. But it also could've been more similar to human (and Earth). A lot of money and work had been invested in this project. In the end, it was Cameron's (and his designers) decisions for design to be as it were. It's not our place to debate the worthiness of that decision. We can only measure our own likes and dislikes, according to our individual tastes.

    And abut the story/plot of Avatar. Of course it has plenty of similarities with Delgo, Battle for Terra, and similar movies. It would've been strange if it wasn't so. In its core Avatar is SF adventure movie, with emphasis on adventure. Of course we'll have some discoveries throughout the film, but we'll certainly have a lot of well-known and plenty-used plot points. To name a few: unknown land, exploration, unknown people who will latter have your sympathies and support, developing romantic interest, and last but most important - developing of main character, his mistakes, his triumphs, and his acceptance of his new world, people, and his station in it.

    Really, that kind of acceptance through discovery and adventures, it is exactly what some people need. Otherwise they never be able to accept this movie for what it truly is.

  4. You should proclaim this as an official peacekeeping manifesto for all the Internet users :)))

    PS, based on your language, Bels, are you sure you weren't born in the USA or Britain? :)))

  5. Thanks for the praise Dez. :) I've been known to put out a few good thoughts here and there. :)
    Sometimes it even looks decent on paper/screen. But I haven't had any special training/education in English. I image my spoken and immediate English is not on a same level as my (deliberate) writing.

    I've continued to read comments/feeling on Avatar. While the majority of people remain unimpressed with teaser trailer, there is a totally different story with the ones who've been on Avatar Day. It was a 15 minute preview screening on 21 August, in selected 3D theatres around the world. To say those people were impressed would be an understatement. Even the ones who are regulars at 3D screenings. They say that even if you don't like the story or design, it would still be an incredible viewing experience.

    I wish I could've watched that preview in 3D IMAX theatres. Cameron says it is the way it's meant to be seen. One of the major reasons for delay of Avatar's start in theatres was Cameron's decision to wait until enough theatres (around the world) had been prepared for 3D screenings.

    The saddest part was that I didn't know 21 August had also been Avatar Day in Serbia (Belgrade). There had been free screenings in our only 3D theatre in Belgrade.
    At least now I know (almost certainly) that Avatar will arrive in Belgrade on 18th December, just like almost everywhere else. And I plan to see it in 3D. It may not be IMAX quality, but it still is 3D.

  6. Get out of here!!!! There really was an AVATAR screening in Belgrade?????????????

    I'm ultra shocked. We should have gotten the VIP invitations!

  7. We could've applied. :) But I didn't know it in time. Maybe Cameron will organize another Avatar Day in a few months? I'll keep checking just in case. :)

  8. I don't apply, others apply to me :))))))))))))
    I'm too big of a star not to be invited, damn those envious PR people :))