Friday, August 28, 2009


Click on the image to see these wonderful new posters from "Agora" in their full beauty. It is a story set in ancient Egypt in which Rachel Weisz portrays a woman lost in a difficult love story in a very difficult era in history.
You can check out "Agora's" final official trailer over at my YouTube channel:


  1. It looks to me like this will be another limited release in USA. And because of that, it would be unnoticed, both by viewers and Academy members for eventual nominations.

    Too bad. It's not like there's an abundance of historic epics. Every one of them deserves attention, and at least respect for hard work invested in making a historical film.

  2. Well, it certainly won't be a box office blockbuster, but I think that it will be noticed. They've just launched their official website and Alejandro Amenabar is widely known in the USA, not to mention that Rachel, as a recent Oscar winner, is in the focus of Academy, especially since her LOVELY BONES are also coming close to their premiere.

    I just hope that her role really is mesmerizing as people who saw this film at the Cannes film festival reported.

  3. True, it could garner attention of a selected audience. But I'm certain that it cannot reach wide audience without wide release in USA. Website and name recognition are not enough in that regard.
    And Agora deserves wide audience because of its genre if nothing else.

  4. I don't know which studio stands behind it. It would ease our dilemmas to know that:))

  5. It doesn't matter which studio has the rights for Agora's distribution in USA. The fact the USA premiere takes place after most of the European ones tells us that USA majors are not so interested in this movie.

  6. The film already had its premiere at the Cannes film festival where people described Rachel's performance as touching and groundbreaking.