Saturday, August 8, 2009


You can check out the fresh new trailer for the upcoming comedy "It's Complicated" over at my YouTube channel:
It's a film with an amazing cast in which Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin play a divorced couple who end up having an affair together while cheating on people who got them divorced in the first place :) Meryl and Alec match so perfectly together in this movie that I just couldn't stop laughing while watching the trailer.


  1. Meryl and Alec do look great together. It's a little uncanny how charming and natural they appear to be in only a few minutes of this trailer. And other characters seem charming as well.

    Not my favorite genre, but I'll probably check this out.

    But what about your lack of faith in female directors Dezz?

  2. Yes, Bels, but this is not a female director who puts her nose into a drama :) This is a field of romantic comedies, and ladies are allowed to put their behinds in the directorial seats in that case :))))

    Meryl and Alec look ever so cute in this tandem :))

  3. I myself think that women could direct dramas as well as romantic comedies. I just couldn't imagine them as action film directors. :))

    Alec's performance reminds me a little of his role in My Best Friends Girl. I "liked" his character in that movie. And I guess Maryl is great in whatever role she takes.

  4. Yes? Then give me five good dramas directed by women which are not boring, blank, impassive, motionless and grayish? :)

    Yes, Meryl just cannot be not great :)
    She has her beautiful new movie JULIE AND JULIA currently in cinemas, and I'm very anxious to see how it went at the boxoffice.
    GI JOE has swept the theatres with almost $60 million, which is not that bad, and most of the people liked it and were actually surprised by not being disappointed as they expected because of the evil critics :))

  5. I've just checked it out: JULIE AND JULIA have taken the second spot on this weekend's box office chart storming the cinemas with rather amazing $20 million which is quite good for such a small movie, and plus it competed with GI JOE which, as I've said, won the top spot.

  6. I don't think I could name you even one good drama directed by woman. But I don't really watch dramas as I pointed out so many times. It would be quite a small pool from which to pick that kind of movie (small for me at least).

    $20 mil is a great result for movie such as Julie and Julia. And $60 mil is also good for GI JOE considering all those bad critics that followed it for months now.

    Sommers does make entertaining movies, if not critically acclaimed ones. I think I will at least like his GI JOE. Maybe not as much as Mummy 1,2 and Van Helsing, but that is because I like those genres better.

    I've just seen Van Helsing a few days ago (again). It has over-the-top story, script lines, action, and even acting sometimes. But that still doesn't hurt the fact that this one, as well as his other movies have an almost unique splendor in many things: action, costumes, scenery, camera, etc.
    There are only a few directors who could show us so much (things :))) ) in a single and every movie they make.

  7. Actually you hit right in the centre - SPLENDOR is the word I always use to describe Sommers' style. He makes the kind of films that made you dream and fantasize as a kid in front of the big screen.
    And he has Marishka in Van Helsing, one should never forget that spicy little addition to the cinematic perfection of the movie :))

    JULIE AND JULIA has won another $6 million today, while GI JOE has jumped over $80 million.

  8. Hello Dez,
    I agree, I can't wait to see "Its Compliated"..Having seen "The Holiday", "Something's Got To Give" and others by Nancy Myers, this one looks like THE most enjoyable film. What fun!! Thanks for the trailer!

  9. Hey, Darcy, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, glad to see you here as well :))
    Hope you'll be visiting us often.

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