Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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  1. I've read about this series a while ago. It was bound to happen. And now we will have a Twilight-like TV series. Success should be guaranteed. :) After all, last year we had only one vampire TV series. There should be two at the same time, at least. :))

    CW network couldn't keep my beloved Reaper on air, but they could start this teenage vampire drama, and Melrose Place remake. Even though they already have at least 4-5 shown aimed at teenage girls and young women.

  2. I've put this piece of news just to provoke your predictable response :PPPPP I like when wise people trash the unnecessary cinematic trends :))) such as vampirism. :)

    And I must admit I don't know what to say about the remakes of MELROSE PLACE and BH90219. Whatever I say it would be a waste of breath :)

  3. Well, as the old saying goes: Nobody is forcing us to watch...

    Every show can find its audience. I'm not angry or disappointed that there exist so many shows like BH90219 or Melrose Place. Some people really like to watch those.
    I'm just sad that there was "no room" for Reaper, which did very well on that TV station (CW). Very well, all thing considered. (time-slot, marketing, station's preference and targeted audience, etc.) :)

  4. Well, look on the bright side, maybe the ultracharming Bret Harrison will now get some new career opportunity, maybe even a bigger project? A shoot into stardom? :)
    He would be nice in Hollywood, but not in some stupid comedies. Something more serious.

  5. I will give this show a chance since it is coming on before one of my favorite shows on television, Supernatural. I really do not know if it will be any good, but you never know.

  6. Yes, I've put this story here in the blog knowing that it's your kind of genre :))
    It could be good if they put in it some interesting choreography, like flying, interesting jumping stunts and so on ... to keep it more interesting.

  7. I've heard that Supernatural is the best show on CW. Maybe I will check it out one of these days.
    I've only watched Smallville and Reaper from CW. I'll probably at least check out Vampire Diaries.
    Good fantasy series are not common on TV, and this one could become good, despite everything. At least it deserves a chance.

  8. I've watched a few episodes of SUPERNATURAL,and as far as I know it was even broadcast on our own AVALA TV, but with rather tragical success :( , while TV STINK (or PINK) managed to ruin two series this summer in less than a month - KANE and CASHMERE MAFIA.
    The main actors are quite cool.

    I see that SMALLVILLE is getting a whole new bunch of villains in the new season. Brian Austen Green (David from BH90219 or better known as Megan Fox's boyfriend) has just signed to play an evil super hero in it.

  9. Smallville always has interesting guest stars. And by interesting I mean young and beautiful. Especially with the female guest stars.
    I think Brian would fit just right in that series.

  10. not as right as Megan would, though :))

  11. Only if Megan Fox gets a role of a "bad girl". :))
    But seriously, Smallville could really use a strong villain. Last season was without Lex, and Davis/Doomsday was more of unfortunate Frankenstein monster then an actual villain.
    I hope Brian get a role of confidant/capable villan character, and not some emo/unsecure could-be or could-not-be adversary.

  12. I watched the show only while THE bald guy was in the top cast (guess it was some egocentric thing with me :))))
    I really loved that actor, what has happened to him? Has he gone missing?