Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It seems that Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom will work together again after ELIZABETHTOWN. According to "MovieWeb"
they will join Clive Owen in CITIES. The international thriller, to be shoot in New York, Mumbai and London, is a cautionary tale about greed and ambition that takes place in the exuberant months leading up to the Dow Jones all-time stock market high. Fortunes, both big and small are put at risk as people around the globe gamble that the financial market’s meteoric rise will continue. In New York, a hedge fund manager (Owen) has everything he wants – money, sex and power, but he wants more. In London, a young couple just want to buy their first home, but it seems impossibly out of reach. In Mumbai, a cop fights against corruption between property speculators and his villainous colleague.

As "Deadline" reports, Paramount will make a science fiction thriller ABDUCTION in which the story centers around an alien abduction of a group of average Americans who decide to take on
the aliens and battle their way off the extrarerrestrial craft. The story will be written by the screenwriter of CLASH OF THE TITANS and EAGLE EYE. And in TV news, FX has decided to order the 2nd season of their brand new hit show AMERICAN HORROR STORY with Dylan McDermott which quickly became the highest-rated first season of any series ever on FX, and the same thing might happen soon to ABC's new fantasy show ONCE UPON A TIME, which also has amazing ratings and has become the breakout broadcast drama hit this fall. Speaking of ABC they have just picked up a new untitled sitcom which will follow a normal family who moves into a condominium complex to find out that everyone else living there are aliens.

I wrote about this one almost two years ago, but it seems the things are moving on now finally: according to "Deadline" James Mangold will direct the movie adaptation of super popular and
widely beloved novel JULIET by Anne Fortier. After he directs WOLVERINE 2, Mangold will shoot this one for Paramount with a story  about a twenty something woman who learns she is a descendant of one of the feuding families made infamous in "Romeo and Juliet". She travels to Italy and discovers that the 600-year-old curse is still in effect and her fate is tied to literature’s greatest lovers. The book has had a huge number of readers so far, and I can confirm that my previous (very beautiful) post on this project is still one of the most visited ones (it is also one of the top items in Google's image search).


  1. Well, Juliet is going on my list. Sounds charming. :)

  2. it does :) Gotta love those modern movies on Shakespeare :) And Anne is also a very lovely lady.

  3. I didn't mind Elizabethtown so much, Cities might be decent who knows. Abduction sounds like it's right up my alley and never watched the fairy tale show yet, always wait to see if it gets picked up for a season 2 before I watch. And bring it on, my traps are in full affect for your zombie attack..haha

  4. I just love Clive Owen( Mancrushhhh)

  5. Juliet sounds intriguing to me! :)

  6. Juliet sounds like a truly extraordinary film. I would absolutely love to see it. I am so happy Once Upon A Time and American Horror are hugely successful, I love both shows very much.

  7. I love Clive Owen, too ;D Cities sounds good.
    Juliet should have quite a following!

    Beware of Zombies ;D

  8. Anne Fortier is a-mazing. She wrote a blurb for my book and is just super nice all around. Can't wait for the Juliet movie!!!!!! :)

  9. That untitled sitcom sounds amusing... And Once Upon A Time sounds great but it might be a while before it comes to Oz...siiigh.

  10. Dude; you had me at Orlando Bloom *sighs, pants, fantasizes* but Kirsten Duntz is pretty cool also.

    I had to go through your last several posts - so much awesome with the Immortals. Excuse me, I gotta get a towel . .

    Dezz, I'll fall asleep with you on my mind . .


  11. I remember going to a theater to see Romeo and Juliet, I fell asleep. The only highlights was a gun shot (don't know what scene), Juliet falling out and waking up for snack after Act 1.

  12. You know I once had a very rude dream about Miss Dunst. I couldn't watch a film of hers for years after hehehe

  13. I'm in the Abduction camp even if Orlando Bloom is in it.

  14. Kirsten Dunst is looking all grown up. I still remember her from ER when she was so much younger.

  15. Juliet seems like a real interesting movie.. thanks for sharing the info with us

  16. never heard of that particular juliet before, but it sounds very interesting!

  17. @Pat
    you don't have enough traps for all my zombie armies, mister!

    I heard that before ;) He is a manly man :)

    I bet you would like the book if you read it :)

  18. @Melsy
    you would probably enjoy JULIET if you read it ;) And I'm also happy for ONCE UPON A TIME. I haven't seen it yet, since nobody broadcasts it here,but AMERICAN STORY starts next week on FOX LIFE here in Serbia so I might check it out if it doesn't clash with my THE WALKING DEAD Monday time :)

    yep, so many readers loved JULIET, so I'm sure the film will be a success too

  19. @Sam
    ah, I remember how excited I was when Anne wrote a blurb for you! Such an honour, and I know many new writers would be privileged to now have your blurb in their books :)

    I know, here in Serbia nobody broadcasts any of the new shows, we can sometimes watch them only on some of the cable channels

    glad to see you so excited in this cold Autumn days, sister :)

  20. @Rgers
    Rogers, I reckon you are about 13, yes?

    please do tell us all the details :)

    it does sound like a cool sf film!

  21. @Suzy
    this is a very old pic of her :) I chose it because it's orangy and rather hot, for my boys :)

    glad you liked it :)

    be sure to click the link in the post to read the old post too :)

  22. Well, thank you, Dezzy for the pic of Kirsten. Looooking gooooood!

    And looking forward to getting a look at American Horror Story - the first series airs on FX here in the UK this week (I think). The trailer looks awesome.

  23. it's an old one, but I knew my boys would love it :)
    AMERICAN HORROR STORY stars in Serbia next week too :) Not sure I will be able to watch it since it will be aired the same evening as THEWALKING DEAD :(

  24. I hope Abduction turns out to be something unique as opposed to the generic alien types of movies we've been seeing lately.

  25. ABDUCTION sounds really silly. Didn't Hollyood already make that kind of film in FIRE IN THE SKY. At least the latter was more lo-fi and dramatic, whereas ABDUCTION will be stupid fanboy action to the max I bet.

    K. Dunst looks amazing in that pic. I'm gonna be a sad bastard and save it to my desktop.

  26. Juliet sounds like a great read...and I'll keep my eyes out for the movie~

  27. @DWei
    we shall keep our fingers crossed

    you can find that pic in bigger resolution around the net for a convenient wallpaper :)

  28. @Tonkow
    the girl is just thirty something

    I'm sure you would enjoy the book too :)

  29. Great reviews! I want to see some of them!
    Following :) Love the blog!

  30. Wow, Kirsten sizzles in that pic, heavily photoshopped though. That Juliet project sounds lovely, if only it would star that gorgeous ballet dancer as Romeo :D He looks like Henry Cavill a little, yowza!

  31. @Dora
    thanks :)

    it is a very old pic of Kirsten, kind of a classic among the wallpapers :) And yes, that dancing guy with the yummy bottom should definitely get some kind of role :)

  32. I wasn't a huge fan of Elizabethtown but Kirsten Dunst has had a bit of a renaissance lately so hopefully it'll be another hit for her.

    ...that is an old, old picture of Kirsten, Dezzy. She must be about 18 there! She's nearly 30 now.

  33. I know it's old, Danzel, I mentioned it in the comments above :)

  34. How have I not heard of this book before?! Sounds good.

    And thank you for the Kirsten Dunst shot. Mmm...

  35. it is a lovely boook, and Anne even wrote a blurb for our dear Sammy Sotto's BEFORE EVER AFTER book!
    I knew my boys would find that pic intriguing :)

  36. I swear that first picture made me meow!

    1. did you notice how her tits point in different direction? They have minds of their own :)