Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well, the first part of our latest poll is over and THE BEST AGE DEFYING ACTRESSES are Marcia Cross (26% of your votes) and Emma Thomps (22%), followed by legendary Meryl Streep (15%).
It's interesting how Marcia Cross managed to become one of the most popular television actresses thanks to one legendary role in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Her marvelous, refined and deeply intelligent portrayal of Bri Van De Kamp in the popular show has created one of television's biggest female characters in history. And she really did cover all in that job - the look, the stand, the tiniest of emotions, the style, the voice and even the charisma. And the best thing is that she made the audience fall in love with her character in the show, who, even though sometimes naughty and even sinful, always believes in justice and will fight for it without choosing the methods. Marcia, who turns 50 next year, believe it or not, will have to chose whether to continue a TV or a film career after DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES end this season. I hope she finds some great drama and scores an Oscar, because she really did prove her amazing acting skills on TV already, the skills which brought her 3 Golden Globe and 1 Emmy nominations for best TV actress.
When it comes to tidbits about her - she has a master degree in psychology, which could be the reason why she often plays doctors on TV. Thanks to her refined style she is often named the queen of red carpets. I hope that I don't have to remind you that her name is not pronounced as "Marsha" but "Mar-see-ah"! 

Well, I think you will agree that we all love British legend Emma Thompson, not only for her acting skills, but also for her witty and honest public remarks about everything. This 52 year old lady
usually takes supporting roles (I think her NANNY MCPHEE roles are the only lead ones she has, but I'm not sure), but usually makes memorable performances. This is why we loved her in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, back in the days when she and Kenneth Branagh were a happy pair before he left her for Kate Winslet, THE REMAINS OF THE DAY, IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, in SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, in LOVE ACTUALLY, in amazing ANGELS IN AMERICA, and I guess that a lot of you loved her in HARRY PLOPPER saga too. In the future we shall hear her voice in marvelous animated movie BRAVE,
she will play the boss of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in MEN IN BLACK III, and she will star in period drama EFFIE beside Derek Jacobi, Julie Walters and Dakota Fanning.
When it comes to tidbits about her - after divorcing Branagh, she married popular British actor Greg Wise, she definitely is age defying lady since she gave birth to her first kid at the age of 40. She was the first choice for the roles in BASIC INSTINCTS and ANNA AND THE KING, she is the only person in history to win an Oscar both for acting (HOWARD'S END) and for writing (SENSE AND SENSIBILITY).

Now, since we have more ladies who didn't lose their spirit, looks or charms with age, let us move to the second part of BEST AGE DEFYING ACTRESSES poll. The candidates in the second round are: Glenn Close (ALBERT NOBBS), Jacqueline Bisset (NIP/TUCK), Kim Cattrall (SEX AND THE CITY), Michelle Pfeiffer (STARDUST), Helen Mirren (THE QUEEN), Stockard Channing (THE WEST WING), Michelle Yeoh (THE LADY) and Julianne Moore (THE HOURS). You have three weeks to vote as much as you like.


  1. Like both those ladies. And many of the ladies on the right! Tough call between Michelle Pfeiffer and Julianne Moore!
    Beautiful actresses!

  2. Julianne Moore gets my vote for part two. Cross surely deserves the win as well.

  3. @Kelly
    don't vote for beautiful but for more talented :)

    yep, those are two amazingly talented red headed stars!

    you will have to vote again, Lurk, sorry, I had to take down the poll three minutes after I put it on, since I forgot to insert Michelle Yeoh among the names :( Please vote again. There were just two votes when I had to take down the poll.

  4. well, my girl came in second, not bad!

    gotta go with mirren in this one. while a lot of these ladies are just amazing, most of them i enjoyed more in earlier roles, but mirren i know for her later roles... plus, she's simply phenomenal! :)

  5. The only redeeming quality about this post is knowing Vic also voted for Emma Thompson.

    I'm just not a Marcia Cross fan.

  6. I like them both.

  7. I never seen anything with Cross in it

  8. @Vics
    I was thinking whether to put Helen in the poll or not, since most people think she is much older than she actually is (which isn't really age defying then ;) but she is age defying in spirits and braveness, and I think she might win the poll overall :)

    ah, why not, Joshy? I reckon, you haven't watched DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES at all. I always thought writers should watch that show a lot, since it has amazing writing, twists and dialogues and writers can also learn a lot about building up a very strong character. And it's not a female show or a soap, if you're afraid of that :)

  9. @Pesos
    well, how could you possibly not love them :)

    I've bet on 1,000 dollars in my local betting place that you would say something like that

  10. We stopped watching after season 2. I don't remember why, though. Just fell by the wayside to more interesting things.

  11. I stopped after season 3 or 4, since they stopped airing it here, but I still catch myself following the scenes with Bree whenever I run into the new seasons on cable TV :)

  12. I love Emma Thompson's blue dress!
    (sorry, I got distracted)

  13. it is a very beautiful dress, not easy to wear, but beautiful :) But she is missing some nice earrings, though :)

  14. I have never ever seen a single episode of Desperate Housewives. It simply never interested me. Which is strange because I loved Sex & the City. Color me a Philistine. ;))

    I do adore Emma. I think she's absolutely one of the most brilliant actresses working.

  15. Don't you think Bri Van De Kamp is such a great name? 'What's your name?' 'Bri Van De Kamp.' Not one you'd easily forget. And, yes, she must be a great actress for it never even occurred to me the woman behind Bri Van De Kamp could smile.

  16. @Melsy
    that's a huge pity, Melsy, because you would fall madly and deadly in love with the characters of Bri van de Kamp and Edie Scawo, since those are probably the two most powerful and strongest female characters on TV. They both have everything you adore in ladies, and in big quantities, wit, intelligence, kick/ass attitude, and brilliant minds. Yep, you would want to marry one of them :)))))

    It is :) And it is lovely seeing her smile a bit :)

  17. Yayy...for Emma :)
    She is a beautiful and elegant woman

  18. i like the yellow dress, Marcia Cross managed to become one of the most popular television

  19. @Novia
    he he not sure we can call her an elegant woman, since she often says some highly inelegant stuff :) but she is a beautiful actress :)

    that yellow dress really is beautiful and fits her perfectly ;)