Thursday, November 3, 2011


 Well, it seems that we have a new casting pet project in Hollywood: since the production of 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA is moving close, the first rumors on who might get
the lead role in the prequel to the legendary epic blockbuster have starting circling. "Vulture" reports that the first name mentioned for the role of the Greek general Themosticles who lead his army to victory over the Persians in 480 B.C., is Australian actor Joel Edgerton who got critical praise for his role in WARRIOR this year beside Tom Hardy. The prequel fill describe events ten years before the original film following the rise to the power of the famous Persian king Xerxes and the glorious battle at Marathon. I'm not sure I like Edgerton for this role. You?

Deadline reports that gorgeous young people Leslie Bibb (currently stars in ABC's GOOD CHRISTIAN BELLES), Ryan Kwanten (TRUE BLOOD) and Amy Smart (THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT) have joined 7500, a film in which the story centers
on the passengers of Vista Pacific Flight 7500, who come to realize that an evil force is with them on the flight across the Pacific Ocean. Bibb will star as a stewardess, while Kwanten and Smart play a married couple on the flight. Another interesting plot will be seen in THE SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK in which Bradley Cooper plays a man released from a mental institution in which he spent four years, but he thinks it's been only a few months, so he feverishly tries to get back with his estranged wife and to become the man she had always desired. The cast also includes Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro.

It's been quite a dry period when it comes to new trailers lately, but today a second trailer for UNDERWORLD AWAKENING has been released around the net. To premiere this January, the new
movie in the vampire saga will see Kate Beckinsale return to the role of vampire warrior Selena, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of
both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species. The film comes to cinemas in 3D and will not be directed by Cate's husband Len Wiseman
but by Danish filmmakers Mans Marlind & Bjorn Stein. The cast also includes Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy.


  1. 7500 sounds interesting, and i think Ryan Kwanten is a good actor even if i don't like where they have taken his character on true Blood.

  2. I'm good with the Joel Edgerton pick. :))) With those movies, it's all about the physique first. :P

    And you know, I really gotta get with it. I've never seen an Underworld movie. I know!! Where've I been?

  3. @Dirty
    he always had lots of potential, love him in GRIFF THE INVISIBLE

    I'm still not sure what influenced his sudden appearance in Hollywood, he's been working in Australia ever since I know myself :)
    You're not missing much with UNDERWORLD,I myself saw just the first one and it was mildly boring.

  4. what? another 300 movie? why didnt i know about this... thats awesome!

  5. Not a fan of prequels usually but they beat remakes. The 300 one should be good though. And yet another Vampire movie, geez, should have stopped after Underworld 1 if that.

  6. I like the look of 7500. I haven't heard really or seen the previous underworld movies so I'm not sure I'll watch the third.

  7. More Underworld, YES!! You know I love my werewolves, Dezz, and I think Kate kicks ass, which makes her role a great strong one for women. Joel Edgerton does not impress me. I think the role calls for someone much stronger in personality and presence, say our dear Karl. He was awesome as Julius Caesar in Xena. He could so be a Greek king. ;)

  8. I'm just meh about the whole pre/sequel of 300 but I love that picture of Leonidas, at least you didn't choose the image where his mouth is wide open like every sites do!

    As for Underworld, seriously, 4 movies already? Completely unnecessary.

  9. Hmm, Underworld looks good, but in the past all the underworld trailers have looked good but the actual movies have lacked...something. I hope this is better. I will of course watch it anyway ;)

  10. One of my guilty pleasures has always been the Underworld films...shhh don't tell anyone

  11. Really looking forward to the next Underworld instalment, good trailer.

  12. Hmmm...a prequel to 300...and I still haven''t seen 300 yet ;)

    DeNiro is quite busy...he should be grateful, I mean other senior aren't so fortunate

  13. @Toni
    yep, I've been writing about it for two years now :) The start of the production isn't yet scheduled, but it will happen soon

    it should be good, especially since we get such a small number of epics and the original film was such a legendary classic

    it is an interesting setting, isn't it? It's fourth UNDERWORLD film :) But we all lost count :)

  14. @Mels
    ah, don't joke with such things, Melsy, you know that Karl getting that role could give me a heart attack from excitement :) It would've been the fulfillment of my wildest dreams

    I don't like those pics either, I've chosen this one because it looks nice and I needed something blue today :)

    it's not a bad trailer at all

  15. @Lyndy
    yep, it is quite a nice trailer, but I did watch just the first film and none of the newer ones :)

    nobody will know, except you, me and our 2,000 daily visitors :)))

  16. @Lurk
    it is a good trailer, isn't it, very exciting and dynamic

    it's true, not many seniors are so busy :) And you must watch 300, it is one of the very few modern films which will be remembered and watched even 40 years from now. In the future it will be an epic classic.

  17. Another Underworld movie? Wow. But I can think of at least three fellows who are going to be psyched to hear that news! LOL!

    Thanks, Dezzy~ :D <3

  18. Well, in terms of 300, I suppose it isn't necessary to have a face. All one needs is a well-oiled abdomen. :-) Thanks for the updates, Dezz! I actually rather liked 300, so I'm kind of exciting to hear they're making another one.

  19. @Leigh
    yep, boys will like the film, for sure :) But there are cute guys in it for you too :)

    It's interesting that the first film actually had a lot of now famous actors who were then beginners, like Michael Fassbender for example. It's wonderful watching it today and recognizing all the now popular stars.

  20. Hi Dezzy - I'm such an UNDERWORLD/Kate B fan. The trailer is awesome. I love her voice. Can't wait. =D

  21. Ooh, I'm definitely going to watch Underworld Awakening. I've liked most of the other ones. I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for that kind of setting. :-)

  22. I think Tom Hardy would have been a better choice.

  23. @Rashelle
    I love her voice too! Rachel Weisz, Gemma Arterton and Kate Beckinsale alongside Cate Blanchett have the best voices!

    it is a nice fantasy setting!

    you are so right, Joshy!