Saturday, November 26, 2011


I really don't get the trend of film stars moving to TV in regular shows (we've seen it this year with James Caviezel, Patrick Wilson, and Ashley Judd and Paul Bettany will get their shows next year), but this is a really shocking example: one of the most beloved movie actors Ewan McGregor is also moving to TV.
According to "MovieWeb" he will join HBO's THE CORRECTIONS, in his first regular role in a TV drama. This will be an adaptation of the acclaimed novel of the same name by Jonathan Franzen in which the story traces the lives of a Midwestern couple and their three adult children. Ewan McGregor will play the middle child, a Marxist academic who loses his tenure position after indulging in an affair with a student.

One of the producers of AMC's mega hit THE WALKING DEAD is preparing a new show. It will be AREA 51,  based on Annie Jacobsen's book "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's
Top Secret Military Base". "Deadline" reports that the show will revolve around two men working at Area 51, who uncover a vast government secret that could jeopardize both their lives. And speaking of THE WALKING DEAD, which is breaking records as the show with the biggest number of countries (more than 130) in which it is aired within the same week, the hottest gossip says that one of the lead cast members wants to leave the show! Nobody knows who it is, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's sheriff's horrid wife! The catch is that the cast member changed their mind in the meantime, but it is apparently too late to reverse the granted release.

One of the biggest pieces of movie news in the Thanksgiving aftermath is the latest one from SKYFALL, the latest installment in the James Bond franchise which started shooting this week
directed by Sam Mendes. Apparently, the latest addition to the cast which already includes Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem is young Ben Whishaw whom we mostly remember from his outstanding role in the famous PERFUME. He will now play Q, the head of the armory division of MI6 dubbed Branch Q, who comes up with all of those crazy gadgets for Bond. Not only that he will be the first Q younger than Bond, but he will also be the first Q in almost ten years ever since John Cleese played the character back in DIE ANOTHER DAY. Before that, the character was played for amazing 36 years by Desmond Llevelyn.

And the winner of Samuel Park's bestselling novel THIS BURNS MY HEART in our exclusive giveaway is Melissa Bradley! Congrats, Melsy!


  1. Congratulations to Melissa! Facebook Twitter

  2. Congratulation to Melissa :)

    Hmm...I wonder why they move to TV. Maybe the payment is better ;)

  3. Yeah I also hope it's his wife, never liked her in Prison Break and don't like her now. Was so glad when they chopped off her head, but oh no couldn't stick with it.

    Why they are all going to tv? Because it's actually original stuff more often then not, on place like HBO and stuff like that. CBS is still cop show after cop show. All they get in movies is crap remake after crap remake after crap remake. Maybe of that could just be me.

  4. yep, most of the characters in THE WALKING DEAD are super irritating from Andrea and Shane to Hershel, but sheriff wife beats them all in being horrid.

  5. That's great news! I'm actually excited to seeing McGregor on a weekly basis and can't wait to see the new Q! I'm going away for a week and won't have access to internet but I'll be back soon.

  6. Ewan McGregor likes challenging roles and this one sounds very deep and conflicted.

  7. Me?!! Thank you so much, Dezz. This rocks. :) Sam's book is a female centric story right up my alley and he's a fellow Chicagoan. Whoo Hoo!!

    I hope it's Laurie leaving WD as well. I can't stand her and think she brings Rick and the rest of the group down. It had better not in anyway shape or form be Darryl. I would be hugely upset if he were gone. If it's Laurie, I hope they feed her to the walkers like Shane did Otis (I think that was the poor guy's name).

  8. OK Dezzy; this is the fourth comment I've tried to post. Blogger keeps kicking me out.

    So; I was here . .


  9. @Interwebs
    she sure is :)

    yep, it will certainly be nice seeing Ewan as much as possible :) Have nice trip, and bring us souvenirs :)

    that's true, wonder who will get the other roles in the show, they must find some equally big and popular actors

  10. @Melsy
    I'm sure you will love the book, although it has no monsters nor sex (at least I think so) :PPPP Sam has sent your address to his marketing department :)
    If Darryl is the one in question, the show is doomed. Whom shall we watch without him, stupid Shane or equally stupid Andrea? And Glenn can't carry the show on his own.

    ah, sorry to hear that, everything is working well on this side of the line.
    Hope my buttler at least served you some tea and cookies :)

  11. Is that Ewan McGregor showing off with his bike in a tropical paradise somewhere? I'll forgive him since Beginners was so good!

  12. that's my favourite pic of Ewan, taken from Davidoff's add :) I think they wanted to depict his adventurous nature and his trip around the world on his bike :)

  13. From what I've heard the walking dead is supposed to be a pretty nice show. Nice to hear about Skyfall too, hope it will be good.

  14. Mmm the new walking dead series sounds like one not to miss.

  15. @Simon
    one of the best ones to come out in recent years

    for sure

    thanks, glad you like it

  16. congrats to her!
    saw "in time" last night with justin timberlake...feel like i need to rewrite it. hopefully these shows are better!

    Just want to let you know I've nominated you for a blog award : )

  17. thanks on the award, Galaxia :) I shall put in under my AWARDS button above :)

  18. It better not be Darryl or Dale or Glen dammit. I guess not Rick, either. And as painful as it is to say, Shane's the anti-hero and necessary, no matter how much he annoys me. Andrea or Lori can go, though. Everyone else is fine.

  19. after watching last night episode, I'm hoping they didn't mean Sofia, since she is gone now, but then again, she really wasn't one of the main characters in the cast. Since they were giving Shane ideas of leaving the group with Andrea, I reckon it could be one of those two.