Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, there's nothing better than to start your week with some lovely movie news, and these are really good: as "Total Film" reported this weekend, delightful English rose Rachel Weisz has
joined one of Britain's lead actors Colin Firth in powerful and epic WW2 drama THE RAILWAY MAN. Colin Firth is going to play Eric Lomax, a second Lieutenant in the Royal Corp of Signals who was captured in 1942 by the Japanese army in Singapore. He was forced to work on the 'death railway' with hundreds of other prisoners of war. The true story will be based on his life as a POW and his mission to seek revenge years later on those who tortured him. Jeremy Irvine (WAR HORSE, THE GREAT EXPECTATIONS) will play the younger Lomax, while Rachel will play Eric Lomax's second wife. The film will be directed by talented Jonathan Teplitzky who helmed the amazing film BURNING MAN with Matthew Goode.

In other good film news, we have famous French director Jean Pierre Jeunet, the author of famous films AMELIE and A
VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT and some truly crazy visual masterpieces like DELICATESSEN, THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN and MICMACS, who has a new project! According to "Deadline" he will adapt THE SELECTED WORKS OF T.S. SPIVET by young writer Reif Larsen, which follows the exploits of the flamboyantly named Tecumseh Sparrow Spivet, a twelve-year-old cartographer struggling to cope with the failure of his parent’s marriage and the death of his brother. Seeking solace in intellectual pursuits, he goes on an adventure after receiving a call from the Smithsonian Institute informing him that he has won a prestigious prize. The 3D film should be released sometime in 2013.

I swear I screamed and laughed like crazy watching the latest clip from the upcoming part of the most successful animated franchise ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT! It features poor sabre-toothed squirrel Scrat in his search for the infamous acorn. The
quest takes him deep bellow the sea in some hilarious transfer, and then he ends up at the surface again being captured by some highly unusual and unexpected primordial pirates :) As you know, due to continental drift (caused by poor Scrat in the previous trailer),
Manny, Diego and Sid will get separated from the rest of their group and use an iceberg as a makeshift ship in the fourth installment of the beloved animated saga.


  1. Hey Dezz - How you doing over there? You made my day with your visit to my site - I'm still smiling!

    As to Colin Firth (love love love this guy - loved him in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice - I am forever watching it) and Rachel Weisz (an extremely talented gal) teaming up for this movie - I can hardly wait!

    As always, something yummy, for everyone, can be found amongst your lovely green flowers.

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Oh my gosh!! ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT! Gorgeous! Soooo looking forward to seeing it.

  3. @Jenny
    I think I officially don't know a single lady who isn't into Firth :)
    Glad you enjoy the smell of green flowers :)

    isn't the video absolutely hilarious? :)

  4. Dezmond.... The Railway Man will be good!!! By the way I saw The Muppets this weekend..... Awesome!!!!

  5. Scrat is just the craziest. ;) What howling good trailer.

    Rachel and Colin's project sounds wonderfully intriguing as does the selected works of T.S. Spivet. I've seen both Amelie and Very Long Engagement. They are incredible films.

  6. cant wait for ice age

  7. Liked the first Ice Age, the rest were okay not bad, just not as good. Another war movie, their are as many of them as remakes..haha..might be good though, who knows.

  8. You know of my weakness for Colin Firth . . . I love ANY movie that he's in. Looking forward now to "The Railway Man." Thanks for the advance notice!

  9. I love the Scrat shorts! They're the best part of Ice Age. I wasn't that keen on the look of this sequel, but now I know there are pirates I may have changed my tune :)

  10. ICE AGE for my little one!!! done!! i have made up my mind!! thanks a tonnnnnnnnnnnn for this post!! great help!!

  11. I hope the Ice Age will be good, when you attach more a number more than 3, it always feels like they are seriously milking it too hard.

    Also I call Colin Firth as "Darcey" more often than not.

  12. heheh I loved that clip from Ice Age too Dezzy!! My girls are very much looking forward to seeing that one

  13. Two things I like about the new Colin Firth/Rachel Weisz film - one, the pairing of the actors, and two, the fact they're making another WW2 film.

  14. @Steve
    I bet you had great time watching Miss Piggy and the company :)

    oh, Melsy, I think you MUST watch Jeaneut's earlier films. AMELIE and A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT are part of his more tender side, but his earlier work was bizzare and quirky, which means you might love love love it :))) I especially think that you might adore DELICATESSEN, which is a wonderfully crazy and sick film :) Trust your Dezzy :) AMELIE was nice, although it had its flaws and I don't like Audrey, but I didn't like ENGAGEMENT at all, except the visual side of it.

  15. @Peeps
    me neither :)

    it's true that the first ICE AGE was the best, but it's also true that even the sequels were better than most other animated films, thanks to really wonderful characters

    it should be a great film, it will be interesting to see if Colin can act suffering, since he usually plays gents and nobleman :)

  16. @Jamie
    the crazy pirates were an utter surprise :) Especially the crazy skunk which acts as their flag on the ship :))))

    be welcome, I'm sure you and your family will love the film when it comes out

  17. @Rgers
    the part about milking is usually true, but you must also bear in mind that ICE AGE films have always had great stories too even in the sequels.

    I'm sure Daizy and the little one will love the film, and that Dad might love it even more :)

    I agree on both things - great pair and great genre of the film

  18. Hy Dezz thanks by the video, love it:)
    I love Colin Firth:) you have a nice and interesting bloh, gloria

  19. Oh man, they're really beating the horse with the Ice Age series aren't they?

    Also, did your avatar change color? I'm pretty sure he used to have a green shirt...

  20. I agree with DWei Ice age was funny for like 2 movies now they are heading into land before time irrelevance territory

    nice blog followed

  21. it's just amazing to me how they keep making those Ice Age movies... but I love me some Colin Firth (fourth? first?). I know I'll be checking out railway man~ :o) <3

  22. Another ICE AGE? It feels like this franchise has been going since the ice age.

    I'd love to see Jean Pierre Jeunet make another Hollywood film again, though I don't think he'll do it, even though he was meant to make 'Life of Pi'.

  23. you're a child at heart, aren't you dezmond?

  24. @Gloria
    thanks :) glad you liked the news and the blog, drop by any time :)

    yep, I've put some violet colours on me :) It's my other trademark colour beside the green one

    thanks for liking the blog and following ;)

  25. @Leigh
    yep, they keep making them and they always have a certain quality which is the best thing

    yep, with Ang Lee, PI will probably be a borefest :(

    I guess I am :)

  26. @Chip
    she is indeed!

    we love her too!

  27. I love the Ice Age movie! (:

  28. thanks for stopping by Dezz Im glad you love my blog too. Im following:)

  29. @Interwebs
    me too :)

    be welcome, I'm a cake baker myself, among other things, and I love food blogs :)

  30. Ice Age 4? I think I'm behind a couple...will check those out before the next one opens~

  31. you should, Lizzy, you will have great fun watching them.