Saturday, November 5, 2011


One of the most popular of the younger actresses, Emma Stone, who had a great role this summer in THE HELP,  is in talks to take
the lead in a new romantic comedy HE'S FUCKING PERFECT (wonder if they will change the title) which tells the story of one woman, pessimistic in love, who regularly uses the Internet to research the men her friends are dating, acting as a vetting device for them to weed out losers. Things take a turn when she gets a friend to dump her new guy in order for the woman to steal the man for herself, using her social media savvy to turn herself into his perfect match. Fox has apparently bought the script for $ 1 million!

After Joel Kinnaman took the role of the first knight in the upcoming epic ARTHUR & LANCELOT last week, Warner Bros. now apparently wants Gary Oldman to take the role of Merlin.
But that's not Gary's only possible future gig, since according to "Deadline" he was also offered the role of the Colonel in sf epic AKIRA which could also have Garrett Hedlund and Helena Bonham Carter in the cast. Speaking of Bonham Carter, check out the first crazy picture from the new version of GREAT EXPECTATIONS in which she stars as Miss Havisham. To be released next Fall, the new movie adaptation of Charles Dickens' famous novel also has Jeremy Irvine as Pip, Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch, Jason Flemyng and Holliday Grainger from THE BORGIAS as Estella in the cast.And according to latest news Tarsem's SNOW WHITE project with Lilly Collins and Julia Roberts has been now officially titled MIRROR, MIRROR!

I'm not sure if this plot is weird or not, but "Variety" reports that young Caleb Landry Jones, Banshee from X-MEN FIRST CLASS, will take the lead in sf flick ANTIVIRAL as a salesman for a clinic that replicates celebrity diseases for public consumption.
He becomes obsessed with a celebrity and injects himself with her disease, then must figure out how to cure it before time runs out. The film will also have Malcolm McDowell in the cast. As  I reported earlier this year, young Caleb will also join Neil Jordan's BYZANTIUM, which also has more than weird story with Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan playing a mother and a daughter, both vampires who hunt for their victims together, until Caleb as a teenager dying from leukemia appears in their lives and his struggle with mortality affects the daughter, who, trapped forever in the body of a teenager, begins to question her own immortality.


  1. Helena Bonham Carter looks as crazy as usual.

  2. he he the pic certainly promises a delightful movie :)

  3. Damn it be nice to sell a script for a million bucks haha And yeah the day when they can get away with putting f*** in the title of a movie is that day when things really go to hell. That's like the only thing they can't do as of now.

  4. I love Helena Bonham Carter. She is one crazy woman, and she'll make a great Havisham. I need to read Great Expectations again, though. I think I've forgotten most of it.

  5. Antiviral does sound weird...but that doesn't mean it can't be good.

  6. That picture of Carter is crazy! I like it. I want to see the Dickens movie.

  7. I loved Emma Stone in Superbad.

  8. Can they release a film with the title He's F******* Perfect? It is a terrible title anyway and should be changed before release but Emma Stone is lovely so it'll be worth seeing for those that like that sort of thing.

    Gary Oldman in anything is well worth seeing. :)

  9. @Pat
    it's totally beyond me why would anyone put the effing word in the title of a movie. I know immature fanboys get their orgasms to such titles, but how about some standards and ethical principles in the showbiz?

    isn't she positively crazy :) Have you notice her look in the pic? Only she could pull of such delightful craziness :)

  10. @Jessie
    it is I'm not joking with you!

    I reckon it could actually be quite good, love the satire in it!

    it is charmingly crazy, isn't it? :)

  11. @Adam
    haven't seen that one, but I know many people love her

    she is :) It is strange how she doesn't really have lots of good photo sesssions even though she is rather lovely. I always have difficulty finding a nice pic of her for the posts

  12. @Interwebs
    he has certain charm of his own!

    it is a terrible title, hope it's just a marketing catch to attract attention. But they might change it, like ABC changed the brilliant title of GOOD CHRISTIAN BITCHES into GOOD CHRISTIAN BELLES or something. But that is, off course, not the same thing.

  13. Carter is going to be Miss Havisham??? Oh I"m SO geared up to see this!

  14. he he isn't she just wonderful? :)

  15. Yeah, can't see them keeping that title. And ENOUGH with the Merlin stuff. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

  16. Don't worry, it is possible that the new film won't stick to the old legend, but will have modern setting. It's very confusing in the news, so I'm not sure. I want the epic off course not some modern film.

  17. I wouldn't be surprised if in 20 years we saw news articles with stories similar to Antiviral.

    People are crazy.

  18. I'd give it much less than 20 years, DWei :) Especially with the lack of basic intelligence of modern pop stars whom teens see as role models. I wouldn't be surprised if we all turn into apes in the future in some backward evolution :)

  19. Dezzy - Helena Bonham Carter is awesome! Love the pic. And the title cracks me up. Can't wait to see what they end up doing. =D

  20. I love Emma Stone. She's very funny and personable during interviews and she has a nice screen presence. HBC looks crazy gorgeous in that pic. I just adore her wild style. She is definitely unique.

    Caleb definitely has some interesting roles coming up. My interest has been high in Byzantium ever since you first reported on it.

  21. @Shells
    she is, isn't she? :)

    I haven't seen her in anything so far, but I'm planning on seeing THE HELP some time soon. I generally don't like the type of films she stars in (that type of comedies) but she is very pretty.
    Helena is crazy and we love it :)

  22. bonham carter has loads of talent, but she's just way too young to pull off a great havisham!

  23. Gary Oldman as Merlin? Enough said.

  24. @Vics
    I think she is above 40, maybe even 45 or something, which doesn't make her old of course, but still .. :)

    hope he won't go psycho like Joseph Fiennes in CAMELOT and ruin the film.