Sunday, October 20, 2019


Oscar Jaenada plays the lead role
I almost forgot about this one, but our spies over at Costumical World have reminded us of it today! A year or so ago your trusted spy informed you that Mexican Azteca TV is preparing a television saga on HERNAN Cortes, the infamous conquistador, and now we have the first photos and a trailer for the eight part historical extravaganza which will launch in Mexico November 24th and will later on air also in History Channel Latin America and Amazon Prime around the world! This one is, of course, not to be confused with Steven Spielberg's Cortes series also at Amazon which will see Javier
The new series launches in Mexico next month
Bardem playing the man who will destroy the empire of King Montezuma II. That one will have four episodes and we are waiting to hear the rest of the casting for it.
  The Story Of The Series
Marking the 500th Anniversary of Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes’ arrival in Mexico, the series is set in 1519, following the conquest of
The series is considered to be the most expensive Hispanic show ever
Mexico by Cortés and his troops, and also featuring key characters’ perspectives of this tumultuous time in Mexico and Spain’s history. The series
The series will also air on History Channel in Latin America
aims to highlight both the encounter and contrast of these two cultures as well as the human side of Cortes, a skilled diplomat and a military genius who was beloved and despised in equal measure. The story of Cortes is full of
Hernan will air on Amazon Prime in the rest of the world
fascination for an unknown land, of passion for a people he could not control, betrayal within Cortés' own family and an unexpected love for La Malinche.

Who Is In The Cast?
The most expensive Hispanic series in history is led by Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada as the conquistador. The cast also included Víctor Clavijo
Gorgeous Miguel Angel Amor plays the goodhearted Bernal Diaz in the series
(Captain Cristóbal de Olid), Michel Brown (Captain Alvarado), Miguel Angel Amor (Bernal) whose performance in the series is the absolute gem of the whole drama as he plays the goodhearted soldier with deep compassion
Handsome Almagro San Miguel is Gonzalo de Sandoval in the series
and expressiveness, Dagoberto Gama (Moctezuma), Jorge Guerrero (Xiconténcatl), Almagro San Miguel (Captain Sandoval), Isabel Bautista (Marina / Malinche) and Aura Garrido (Doña Juana).


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, if it's historically accurate, it will be a brutal bloodbath.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Hopefully it's not all blood and death. We'll keep an eye out for it on Amazon.

Phil said...

I hope that the scenario will be up to the costumes and the subject ...beautiful and promising!

DEZMOND said...

Sadly, yes.

DEZMOND said...

There will be love as well, but what is love when your people are being eradicated?

DEZMOND said...

The colours seem to follow the setting in the photos.

Jax said...

I will have to look for this on prime, but from the looks of the comments, it’s something I should not watch with the kiddies.

DEZMOND said...

No, not for the kids for sure!

Blue Grumpster said...

Not for the fainthearted, methinks.

DEZMOND said...

Definitely no!

Unknown said...

why is this show only available in Latin America? just watched a trailer and subbed to Amazon Prime to watch this yet it's not available outside of Latin America

DEZMOND said...

It will but probably a bit later on, as Azteca exclusive they probably have the right to air it first.