Monday, November 14, 2011


 After directing the epic film of the year IMMORTALS, which just swept box offices earning almost $40 million and becoming the most successful R-rated movie of the year, and after finishing his
take on the Snow White MIRROR MIRROR with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, visual genius Tarsem Singh apparently wants to direct SAMURAI JACK. This was an animated show from Cartoon
Network about a samurai warrior wielding a magic sword who travels a foreign landscape in search of a time portal that can return him to his home time in order to erase some evil from
happening in the future. But this is just what Tarsem wants, in reality he will probably direct some smaller scale drama because he said he wants to escape being typecast as a director of only huge visual master pieces. As you remember Tarsem's previous work
includes THE CELL with Jennifer Lopez and THE FALL with Lee Pace two of the visually most striking films in history. Check out some of the scenes from his films in these pics.

 Today you can check out a gorgeous new poster for China's Oscar contender THE FLOWERS OF WAR in which Christian Bale plays an American in China during Japanese invasion in 1937. Remember the trailer? Heat Vision reports that Universal Pictures has decided to make a movie adaptation of ASTEROIDS video game, in which
players used a tiny space ship to blow up huge asteroids being hurled towards them. The movie will center on two estranged brothers who reunite to try and stop an eminent alien attack. The writer of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN has been hired to pen the script which could be directed by Roland Emmerich. Summit has, meanwhile, acquired film rights on DEADMAIL, a yet to be published novel by Laurie Frankel centering on a computer prodigy who invents a way for people to email their deceased friends and family members. When the woman he loves unexpectedly dies, he must decide whether or not to stay close to her, using his own device.

The good news, people, is that Sony Pictures has acquired rights for US distribution of delightful period comedy HYSTERIA which
means it will hit cinemas soon in USA too. As you know, this super charming and utterly witty comedy is based on the surprising truth of how Mortimer Granville came up with the world's first electro-mechanical vibrator in the name of medical science. This mischievously inspired romantic comedy has quite a lovely cast including always brilliant Hugh Dancy, always funny Maggie Gyllenhaal, always naughty Rupert Everett and Jonathan Pryce. With wonderful story, sets, costumes and cinematography, HYSTERIA will now hit American cinemas too. Check out the trailer I've posted earlier this year.


  1. I am dying to see Hysteria. Maggie, Hugh and Rupert are a dream cast for a film like this. Tarsem's films are all stunning. Too bad J-Lo ruined The Cell for me. She's not a great actress and she was just too boring in the role. She appeared like an incredible looking doll.

  2. yep, HYSTERIA should bring us a new level of delightful :) And I'm glad that IMMORTALS score so good this weekend having in mind it's winter, that it's not produced by one of the major studios and that fanboys prayed for it to fail. It's number one in the world too this weekend, not just USA :) And it had the biggest opening for an R-rated movie ever after JACKASS.

  3. I remember Samurai Jack fondly. I think it could work as a movie.

    And Asteroids...really Hollywood?

  4. Not that I've seen it yet, but I'm surprised that IMMORTALS is doing so well.
    SAMURAI JACK sounds great. Hope it happens.

  5. @Dirty
    never enough asteroids in Hollywood, if you ask Emmerich :)

    It is doing more than well, it earned 68 million dollars around the world this weekend :)

  6. Maybe that will make STUPID Fox wise up and make Die Hard 5 R now, see R can still work if done right, morons..haha...Asteroids?..what next, pathetic..haha

  7. Immortals got $13 of my dollars this weekend. It was good, but I kept comparing the battle scenes to LOTR, which probably wasn't fair. My favorite scene was when the Immortals came to earth to do battle. Luke Evans was very good as Zeus. :)

  8. Wow!! so many movies with great costumes.
    I love that poster of The Flowers of War,One of few movies in my to-watch list for 2012

  9. HI, Dezzy! Sorry I've been scarce. I've been busy trying to finish up my second book. I've also had tons of speaking engagements this month. UGH :(

    Hysteria looks delightful! I'll be first in line at the theater for this one! :D

  10. Hysteria looks hilarious. I might take a few unsuspecting friends to see this one and watch their faces as they realise what it's about!

  11. The Immortals did well huh? Who would have thought it, after getting such poor reviews.

    Shows that all press is good press.

    Hope you are well Dezzy

  12. I had forgotten about Hysteria, need to see it and Samurai Jack will also be another one for me.

  13. I want to watch Hysteria! :D


  14. HA at jamie!
    my cousin once took his super prudish girlfriend at the time to see CHASING AMY, he told her it was a sweet little romcom, and laughed like crazy when he saw her jaw drop. :) she wasn't his girlfriend for long after that.
    deadmail's premise sound's interesting! they could really go places with that concept.

  15. @Pat
    this was a very special R-rated film, though :) It was done in a very artsy and refined way, it didn't have violence just for the sake of violence

    Oooh, I wish I could've come with you :) Glad you liked my dear Luke Evans :)

    his films always have the most amazing costumes

  16. @Sam
    Hi, Sam, nice to see you back from your worldwide travels :) I'm sure you now have lots of stories to tell us :) And you are right that HYSTERIA has that naughty delightfulness like your own writing :)

    that sounds like a very cunning plan :) But don't take your Mom or Auntie :)

  17. @Scott
    bad reviews, Scottie, bad reviews!?! We must live on different planets, then. I've seen nothing but stunning, amazed and super excited reviews on IMMORTALS which keeps getting thrilled marks from the audience, one of the highly praised films this year. But you do hang out a lot with evil fanboys so you might have seen a bad review from them, although I reckon they haven't even seen the film ignorant and unrefined as they always are. They are the cancer of modern film world :(

  18. @Lurk
    check out when it is being released in Ireland, Lurk

    me too :)

    never heard of CHASING AMY but it sounds positively naughty :)

  19. ooo, Hysteria looks awesome. And I think Mirror, Mirror is gorgeous. I didn't know it was the same person who did The Cell, but also gorgeous.

    And isn't it odd the sudden resurgence of the Snow White story. It's everywhere! But I like it! :D <3

  20. Oh my goodness. Samurai Jack movie? Hell yes!

    I hope this turns out good, I miss that show.

  21. Hi Dezzy - HYSTERIA looks like it'll be alot of fun.

    Hope your Monday has been treating you well. =D

  22. Can't wait for HYSTERIA. Also, that poster for THE FLOWERS OF WAR is beautiful.

  23. @Leigh
    Since you liked THE CELL, you must check out THE FALL too if you have a chance, I think you would love that one a lot, Leigh

    glad to see you excited about it :)

  24. @Shells
    it sure will be!
    How is your first day as a published writer going on? :)

    it is a beautiful poster isn't it?

    it sure does!

  25. Good, this THE FLOWERS OF WAR poster is a major improvement from the first one w/ Bale and his 'constipated' expression, ahah.

    Love those collages of Tarsem's movies, Dez!

  26. glad you like the collages :) And the poster really is much better than the first ugly one

  27. A Samurai Jack movie?! This could either be very awesome or very horrible... I've been wary of cartoon-to-live-action film adaptations since Avatar.

  28. oh, I still haven't seen AVATAR or the LAST AIRBENDER, but I heard a lot of bad reviews.

  29. o yes Maggie Gyllenhaale was borne to play that role:D Jonathan Pryce and Rupert Everett-it will be fan:)

  30. and don't forget marvelous Hugh Dancy, he's the best part of the cast! Always delightful and charming

  31. Samurai Jack u reziji Tarsema bi bio stvarno EPIC. Crtana serija je sama po sebi vizuelno remek delo.

  32. da, ali kao sto mozes videti u jednom od narednih postova, izgleda da ipak nece to raditi, nego neki drugi, horor, film.

  33. Videh, ali ko zna sta ce biti jednog dana kada bude poceo da redja uspesne filmove da li ce neko smeti da mu kaze ne ;)