Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've recently mentioned a whole list of fairy tales that are going to get their movie adaptations in the near future, and we have two more upcoming films with the same subject.
Ron Howard will produce the adaptation of the graphic novel "Legends" which shows popular fairy tale characters in a very dark aspect: "Legends" begins when the remains of Pinocchio are found. Red Riding Hood, now a noted wolf hunter, and Jack The Giant Killer partner to discover who is murdering the creatures of folklore. Along the way, they are assisted by characters such as Goldilocks, re-imagined as a mercenary, and Hansel & Gretel, now psychic exterminators.

On the other side, David Yates ("Half Blooded Harry Plopper") will probably direct "Fables". It's still not sure whether it will be a Warner Bros. film or ABC mini-series based on the graphic novels. "Fables" deal with various characters from fairy tales and folklore, referring to themselves as "Fables", who have been forced out of their Homelands by "The Adversary" who has conquered the realm. The Fables have traveled to our world and formed a clandestine community in New York City known as Fabletown. Fables who are unable to blend in with human society (such as monsters and anthropomorphic animals) live at "the Farm" in upstate New York.


  1. Interesting! First one sounds wicked. Think these will appeal to a very niche audience, but fortunately, it's my niche! Hope parents aren't dumb enough to take their five year olds to see either of these, but I'm sure it will happen.

  2. Fables sounds okay, but the Legends movie sounds awesome. I love the darker reimaginings of fairy tales, and this one looks to be a winner. I need to get my hands on that graphic novel!

  3. @Alex and Jamie
    yes, I agree that children should not see this. Most people know how I'm strongly opposed to all movies which use children in inappropriate genre or which show violence against kids. Such things and movie infuriate me indescribably. That's why I feel these two shouldn't be shown to kids, they need to retain and cherish their innocent hearts and souls, and they don't need to see their iconic fairy tale characters in aggressive or violent settings.

  4. I am not a big fan of the Fables graphic novel but the Legends one sounds sweet. I can't wait!!

  5. on 'the farm' in upstate new york. sounds like a cross of district 9 and x-men. but then again, fantasy stories have lots of cross-over themes. sounds cool. both of them, but especially fables.

  6. YAY!! Kick ass female leads are soooo up my alley!

  7. @Avalon

    @Ed Pilolla
    yep, those Fables characters probably hang out with X-Men in their free time :))

    Kick-Ass Goldilocks is a very unusual combination :)

  8. 'Legends' sounds interesting and agree it should be directed to adults and not children.

    OML :)

  9. OOOH! I've never read Legends but that sounds fantastic!
    Fables, is excellent. Let's hope that translates to the screen

  10. @Lurker and Falen
    glad you like it girls :)

  11. These should be way fun. I've started the Fables series but never picked up Legends...I'll have to take a look.

  12. Then it will be interesting for you to watch the film if you've already read FABLES :)