Monday, June 7, 2010


Few weeks ago HOLLYWOOD SPY gave you the names of young actors who got into the final circle of potential lead stars in the new "Spider Man" reboot, but now, according to "Bleeding Cool" young British actor Jamie Bell has become the studio's final choice. The studio hasn't yet confirmed the news, but talented Jamie seems to be a great choice as a gifted and profound drama actor who could bring something new to super hero movies. The other contenders for the role were less known actors Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane, Andrew Garfield and Josh Hutcherson. It generally appears that Jamie Bell is getting more and more popular, and he could be one of the big stars in future years, since he already has roles in the upcoming epic "The Eagle of the Ninth", Spielberg's and Peter Jackson's future adventure "Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn" and the romantic adaptation of "Jane Eyre".


  1. I'd actually be interested in seeing this. I think he has enough strength and charm just to pull it off, even though I;m totally against re-booting this series.

  2. He is obviously a good choice as superhero flicks have gone the 'thespian' route of late (i.e. Thor). Even though Peter Parker is quintessentially American, no doubt the British Bell is up to the task as far as accent work goes. His Southern American one in Undertow was impressive, plus we know this young actor can act. I'm just ok about the whole Spidey franchise though, but I'm excited for his next two projects: Tintin and Jane Eyre. Hope his star continues to shine brightly in Hollywood.

  3. Should I know who he is?? Gosh I feel so out of the loop!

  4. I'm sceptical about this for a couple of reasons;

    - I remember when it was reported 'Logan Lerman Is Spider-Man!' and even though this looks likely, we haven't had official confirmation yet.

    Assuming it is true...

    - Can he do an accent? I've not seen Undertow but his Jumper one is an awful mish-mash of his native Geordie and... something else.

    - Tween appeal. Wasn't that the whole point of this reboot? Has he got it? He's not exactly Zac Efron.

    - Acting ability. I'll accept Billy Elliot but I didn't like him in Jumper, Defiance or King Kong. Can he actually lead a film?

    Complaints from the anti-sceptics department can be sent through Dezmond!

  5. I really like Josh Hutcherson, but let's hope Bell can do a convincing American accent.

  6. @CMrok93
    hey, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, hope we'll be seeing you here often :)

    I'm also extremely glad a true talent is being recognized in Hollywood. Jamie Bell really is a talented actor.

    yep, you need to watch more movies and read more HOLLYWOOD SPY :))

  7. @FilmIntel
    oh, yes, we also had a story ALMOST OFFICIAL: LOGAN LERMAN A NEW SPIDERMAN :)) but I must emphasize the word ALMOST in the tittle of that post :) I wouldn't mind a British speaking Spidey :) Jamie has pumped up his muscles for THE EAGLE OF THE NINTH and is now a real magnet for teen girls and all other beauty loving fans :) Spielberg and Peter Jackson obviously think he CAN act if they gave him the lead role in TINTIN :)

    @Discount coupons
    Hey, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, hope we'll be seeing you here often with some discount coupons as well :)

    Oh, we loooove Josh as well :)